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AKA Ben, A_T Gender ♂ (Male) About Myself

^gifts from lovely Azurillanders^
-- Y Friend Safari: Dark Sandile Mightyena Absol
-- Pokémon Showdown! account: Eternal Instant
-- My AMA (feel free to revive)
-- Latias Proud member of The Southern Island Latios
There, that should be all the important stuff. I know it's not pretty, but thanks for taking the time to drop by and check out my profile. Feel free to PM me anytime for a battle, a chat, or some help; I'm always happy to oblige! Have a great day, and see you around!
For battling, I am passably good in the following tiers: Ubers OU UU RU NU PU LC Monotype (all types) 1v1 OU Doubles UU Doubles Any Random format

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FC 2724-0144-2557 IGN Ben Favorite Pokémon Typhlosion Pokémon Interests
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That Pokemon Professor badge will be mine!