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    posted a message on THIS IS HALLOWEEN, THIS IS HALLOWEEN! (Let's talk about Halloween!)
    I actually kinda wanna do something on Halloween since I happen to have the day off. But I'm not one for parties... and my roommate will be working and going out to some event alone sounds weird... maybe I'll just binge some scary movies at home.
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    posted a message on ~The 100 Song Face-Off V7~Black bird, black moon, black sky, black light, black, everything black!!!
    Lost Memory 0
    In The Night +1
    Graffiti -1
    El Dorado -3
    Plume +3

    top 2 were difficult, since i jam out harder to weeknd but i feel more connected to kubbi's little gem. the others were easy placings
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    posted a message on 🌵 Cacnea Compound - sup
    so anyone else freezing their booties off lately
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    posted a message on "Do you wish to marry this woman?" "Nope."
    just acquaintance but i've enjoyed seeing you around!!
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    posted a message on The -=OFFICIAL=- Azurilland Chatterbox Topic v.53!
    it's just weird to me like 0 is hella cold and 100 is hella hot ok it just works. so when people talk in celcius and they're like, "ugh it's like 35 degrees out." im like. what does that MEAN. have to google just to figure it out cuz it won't stick in my head
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    posted a message on *~The Southern Island Version 3~* I wanna let you know, I'll never let this feeling go. This love has no ceiling I cannot deny!~
    back in 2005 i had just turned 74 those were my golden years i remember it well
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    posted a message on Inktober 2018
    hey thanks, my motivation has slipped already tho lol, also that shaymin is way too precious♥
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    posted a message on ~The 100 Song Face-Off V7~Black bird, black moon, black sky, black light, black, everything black!!!
    Beautiful Killer by Samsaruh
    7/10 | It is a nice song, i REALLY love what she does with her voice in the chorus, but the rest is relatively boring and even the chorus only hit hard the first listen or two for me, overall still goodu tho

    The King Beneath the Mountains by Clamavi de Profoundis
    1/10 | i dont care

    Good Bye by FM84
    10/10 | I want this song to hug me tight and tell me everything gonna be ok and tuck me in bed and tell me a story about space and love and how everything is meaningless and we are powerless and how that actually makes everything more reassuring because we shouldn't feel all this pressure in life we need to just chill out and live every day to the fullest and remember that many things are beyond our control and that is perfectly fine because no matter what everything will work out one way or another.

    4th Dimension by KIDS SEE GHOSTS
    6.5/10 | huh. actually intrigued me. it was short but i felt like that kinda added to the charm somehow

    Parousia by xi
    6/10 | what a MESS. certain sounds I did not like, other sounds were ok, ??? i dont know man it was overall fine i guess but those weird squishy wubby noises rly brought it down for me
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    posted a message on *~The Southern Island Version 3~* I wanna let you know, I'll never let this feeling go. This love has no ceiling I cannot deny!~
    oh hey dude I totally missed your message. Welcome back!!

    It's so funny to think I've been here for a long time now. This site was my life for the first few years I was on it :/
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    posted a message on AMA: Shhmew ♥
    Quote from Pemderp »
    Have you ever caught a shiny? If so, what is the favorite one you have?
    yis!! i have caught so many shinies!

    it is hard to list them but i will try -

    random encounter (very roughly chronological order):
    shiny doduo from safari zone in Firered
    First random shiny ever. I was screaming and going insane so terrified it was going to run from me. Just threw a ball and got lucky. Used it on my team. Transferred it up to Diamond and started a new game without trading it anywhere cuz I was dumb.

    shiny gulpin in Sapphire
    My sister caught this when she was playing around on my sapphire. She didn't know why it was blue, and she was very young, so she caught it and named it "BUBLE" trying to spell bubbles. That one is very precious to me and I still have it somewhere.

    shiny rotom in diamond
    This one was so cool, found it just trying to reset to catch the damn thing, but I started a new game and lost it same way I lost shiny dodrio.

    shiny Graveler in crystal
    Totally random in victory road while replaying crystal, i didn't even bother catching it cuz what could i do with it, this was way back in a cartridge before it was on virtual console lol so couldn't even transfer it anywhere

    shiny wigglytuff in black
    Hell ya. Totally random and i LOVE wigglytuff.

    shiny quagsire in X
    Named her Miss Jelly and used her on my team.

    shiny plusle?? in X
    found it while trying to encounter some hidden ability or something in horde battles.

    shiny Trevenant in X
    again, totally random in a horde

    shiny geodude in X
    Also random in a horde. Hordes OP for finding shinies

    shiny kricketot & shellos in platinum
    Found these both during a Platinum Wedlocke. I was astounded. i forgot about them and restarted tho, lost them both

    shiny Spheal in Emerald
    Found while preparing for my honeymoon run with Solar. She knows how lucky and special that is for me.

    shiny Zubat in platinum
    found him in separate run while with Mira. lol

    shiny wurmple in platinum
    Yep. found in yet another run, when with cheryl. My cartridge is definitely blessed. But this was the only shiny I ever failed to catch. So it makes me very sad to think about. Cheryl just murdered it and with the pokemon I had out first, there was no way I could have gotten it. ugggghhhh

    shiny Staravia in platinum
    found this in the same run as wurmple lol. I was wondering if maybe my cartridge was hacked or something

    shiny Corsola in X
    Most recent random shiny was playing through X for the azurilland playthrough. Corsola is one of my fav pokemon so I was ecstatic. Was also planning on using Natural Cure but this one had Hustle, which was quite a different experience. I love him.

    I don't know if I've ever found a random shiny in Gen VII?? Maybe I'm forgetting. In fact I feel like I'm probably forgetting a few in general I've found throughout my time in Pokemon.

    Masuda method (I used to be way into MM):
    -Froakie (X / gift)
    -Buneary (X)
    -Ralts (X)
    -Snivy (X)
    -Cyndaquil (X / gift)
    -Pumpkaboo (X / gift)
    -Alolan Vulpix (Su)

    to be honest I've masuda method'd quite a few I am likely forgetting some. But these are the most notable to me. I wanna go for a shiny Mimikyu some day (among others lol) but I have zero motivation to play Gen VII games anymore.

    another notable shiny is the shiny Pichu I got in my virtual console crystal game from the odd egg. Even though getting a shiny from the odd egg has a higher chance, getting a shiny pichu specifically was about a 1% chance according to bulbapedia, so I feel at least semi proud for soft resetting until I got one.

    My favorite random shiny I've ever found............. probably that spheal. Not just because of the emotional attachment, but i LOVE that purple color, and spheal is already so heckin cute!!!!!!!
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    posted a message on AMA: Shhmew ♥
    hoi thar
    omg hi thank you for questions!!!!

    Who are 5 Azurilland members, past or present, that you wish you could have gotten (or want to get) to know better?

    Do you think you'll ever get back to making avatars? (as an aside, I still very much love the one you drew for me so thank you yet again!)
    I don't know, my desire to draw comes and goes and I don't know how to change that... I thought having a constant reason to do it (aka, the shop) would keep my booty goin, and while I was motivated when it started, the passion still faded real fast especially when I didn't feel especially proud of what I was doing and many people didn't seem to appreciate them any more than I did (would just ask for another avatar as soon as the time limit I put in place was up, for example, or just not use them for more than a day or two). It started feeling a little pointless. I still feel that way, it's very hard to keep myself feeling ok with creating these days. It's very sad.

    I'm really happy you still love yours, though, thank you for sharing that

    What is the best non-Pokemon game that you've played?
    I haven't played many, but ones I put most time into include Diablo II (and III to some extent), Overwatch, and Harvest Moon (I only played FoMT and Sunshine Islands, I miss them). Also special shoutout to Undertale it was a very special game. I have not had a desire to play big titles, but I've watched playthroughs online for the story, and I've seen some REALLY good stories, like Danganronpa and Yakuza.

    Has working at Wal-Mart changed your future plans?
    Actually, it's gotten me thinking. I work in the bakery/deli department and it's gotten me thinking how passionate I am about food and how much I would LOVE to pursue a career in cooking/baking or something related. I mean, Walmart is very bare bones when it comes to this stuff, there is no soul in the things we bake/cook we just throw frozen stuff in ovens, fryers, etc... but it almost makes me MORE passionate, like got dam I wanna do this except BETTER and with MORE SOUL.

    My college even offers a short culinary program, with an emphasis on baking if I wanted. But the thing is I'm still in the middle of this graphic design degree that I've already taken all these classes for. I don't know if I want to finish it, or start something new. i am old and wanna just finish something already like jfc.

    Life is hard lole

    What is it like being 24?
    p similar to all my other 20s years so far
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    posted a message on Inktober 2018
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    posted a message on What is the last thing you bought?
    other than lunch today and also cupcakes for my 2 days off, i also bought 2 packages of pumpkin cookies, because someone I work with accidentally mislabeled them as a different flavor so we couldn't sell them to the public. I love these cookies so I was like hey let's not let these go to waste lol.

    o i also bought my roommate gas this morning since he been driving me to work most days. only seemed fair
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    posted a message on ~The 100 Song Face-Off V7~Black bird, black moon, black sky, black light, black, everything black!!!
    Love Me Dead by Ludo
    3/10 | the scene relationship anthem. loved this song when i was like 15 but it doesn't do anything for me now in fact the lyrics kinda bug me

    Hurt by Johnny Cash
    4/10 | this song has always been a massive BUMMER it's not bad ok johnny cash is great don't hurt me i just don't enjoy this song much personally. it's just melancholy and depressing that's all i've ever gotten from it it's not even fun or powerful to listen to anymore.

    Overgrown by machineheart
    9.5/10 | This song is ridiculously beautiful, it just keeps changing and getting better and better and better and BETTER

    Golden Liar by BRADIO
    8.5/10 | 👏 bradio is always a super fun time his voice is just so unique and GODDAMN this song is so out there but sooooooooo fun i was jammin

    Statues by Foo Fighters
    5.5/10 | i got so bored but some bits were ok
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    posted a message on Cursed Images
    where is the dislike button
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