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My name is shhmew, my real name is Katey/Katelyn. I'm just a lady who is on the internet a lot. Please note: I'm no longer on staff here so if you want to contact someone about something related to Azurilland, please refer to the current staff list.

Right now, I'm living in the biggest little city jus trying to enjoy life as best I can... I work in a bakery / deli and I'm very passionate about design (yes imma sucker for pretty things as you can probably tell), art, and food. I've been slowly working on a Graphic Design degree but have also toyed with the idea of pursuing baking as a career instead. Who knows where life will take me? that's what makes it fun.

I don't really know what else to say here. About Mes are weird

I've been playing Pokémon since it arrived in the US, and it's definitely still a part of my life. I especially love replaying through older games every now and then, and I also love the anime series.

My favorite pokemon game EVER is Explorers of Sky, I've researched every detail about the game, written guides on it, and I can talk about it forever

Some of my fav pokemons: Mew Mimikyu Hoppip Eevee Flareon Alolan Vulpix Skitty Butterfree

Thanks for viewin my profile I gues, maybe I'll see ya around. n//n

✧ Ask me anything here!
✧ -> My Treasure Box <- This is where I keep the things people make me!! (NVM IT'S BORK I CAN'T EDIT IT ANYMORE ;; )
✧ Clubs I'm in: Cacnea Compound, The Eevee Clan, The Drive-In, Lonely Hearts, The Southern Island, Quintessence, Peace of Mind
✧ Discord is shhmew#5016 i'm always on there!!


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