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Hi! My name's Shhmew, or Katey. It's very nice to meet you! If you're looking for someone to contact about an Azurilland issue, I'm probably your gal. On top of being a forum administrator, I also happen to be the one who overlooks the site as a whole. I do my best and I'm always happy to help! So please feel free to contact me about any Azurilland issue or question you have and I'll assist you as best I can (or direct you to someone who can).

Although, please note that I have very little power over the technical side of the site. Most of that stuff is out of our hands and up to Curse or Twitch. Sorry about that.

Currently, I'm living in the biggest little city studying Graphic Design. Art and design are my passions (so yes imma sucker for pretty things ok), though I also love writing and psychology.

I do my best to look for the good in all things. I'm a little shy, but I absolutely love receiving PMs from people, so feel free to message me for whatever reason, even if just to say hi :3

I've been playing Pokémon since it came out in the US, and it's still a huge part of my life. I've played at least one version of each main series game, and am in love with the Mystery Dungeon series. I also watch the anime series!

I'm playing through Ultra Sun right now and really enjoying it!! I love replaying older games every so often, too. Currently doing an Eeveelution only run in HeartGold and a Scramble versus in Emerald with my best friend.

Some of my fav pokemons: Mew Mimikyu Eevee Flareon Alolan Vulpix Skitty

Thank you very much for stopping by! I hope we run into each other on the forums. n//n

✧ Current friend list: clicky<3
✧ Ask me anything here!
✧ -> My Treasure Box <- This is where I keep the things people make me!!
✧ Clubs I'm in: The Eevee Clan, Palette Town, Rainbow Connection, The Drive-In, The Southern Island, Quintessence, Peace of Mind, Lonely Hearts, The Chorus Line
✧ Skype: Shhmew | Discord: Shhmew#5016


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