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  • posted a message on Mafia V12: An Arms Race to Destruction ~ Town and Amnesiac Win.

    Here now. Sorry for being late . . . Again. v_v 

    Anyway, I'm cleared because of results as Raven said earlier. So yeah, sorry for not contributing more to the game and I didn't anticipate being so inactive close to finals. Once more, i apologize. 

    Also if the lynch isn't locked on test closer to the end of day, I should be able to get on to help lock it then. 

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  • posted a message on New Hall of Fame

    Quote from Shhmew »

    Hi everyone! Sorry for the topic not being updated in a while, but I went ahead and took the time to edit in all the completed challenges posted here! Yaay~!

    I also fixed up some colors and fixed any usernames that have been changed.

    It took ages-- WYSIWYG is a pain haha. If I missed anything/messed something up, please let me know!

    And CONGRATULATIONS to each user who has completed a challenge! You guys are so amazingly dedicated! <3

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Shhmew for updating this while I've been busy irl. So thanks so much Shhmew. ^_^

    Also, I've only got 3 more days of exams and theN I'll be back to normal activity and I can update this regularly again as well. 

    Thanks again Shhmew and congrats everybody who finished their challenges. 

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  • posted a message on Mafia V12: An Arms Race to Destruction ~ Town and Amnesiac Win.

    Quote from Rhize »

    Quote from Jill_Valentine »

    That just makes me think your mafia tbh.
    Your asking us what to do? If your really a Citizen, you would do what you want with theories and contributing to the conversation. You don't say, "What do I do to not look scum"

    People are questioned all the time for switching their votes so often like I did.

    You aren't thinking about what would happen if I didn't ask and I just voted. Then you would have called me out for not being able to stick to one idea.

    People won't question you for switching votes often if you provide a reason behind it with the post you're voting them. If you just post things like "/vote user he's mafia" or "/vote user /unvote user /vote user I changed my mind" than it obviously sounds scummy.

    Quote from Rhize »

    Eh, who am I kidding? I can't lead Town. I can barely manage to get 3 people to vote someone else for hardly ever posting.


    /unvote Bri

    At least he posted.....




    This brings up another good point. Earlier you all were filling the thread with "oh you Marriland citizens" and "who's the most inactive Citizen", which I honestly don't think is fair. Obviously I'm biased in this opinion, but what could the Citizens have done earlier that you, yourselves could not? Citizens are there for their meatshield and aggressiveness in day chat. With the mass claim that y'all had, all Citizens lost their meatshield capabilities (Mafia can just go for them hoping they'll be bussed with a PR) and we can still be aggressive in the day chat, but so can you all now that you've claimed. Everyone always says "don't claim if you're Citizen" and it's obvious why you're not supposed to do so.

    I also wanted to reply to one of Setsuna's posts, but I think this post will be large enough without another, so I'm not going to quote it. He said something about me defending AJ's Doctor claim.

    @Setsuna: Did the idea of two Doctors not sound plausible back then? Back when we thought that there was a high possibility for Twins, making it 3 kills a night if they were released? I think it'd make perfect sense for there to be 2 Doctors with that kind of chance of people dying. If you think I'm wrong in that regard (and I mean specifically in my reasoning for defending his claim, completely disregarding what role he was), please let me know.

    Also, Idk if there's a claims list on another page or something, but I cba to look right now, so I think that the people that are Citizens are Pearl, I, Nic, Min, TEST, Frags and . . . . . did I miss anyone? I believe Colin claimed Citizen as well, but I'm not 100% on that because as I've said I've mostly been skimming this day.

    Anyway, I hope you guys find this post "contributive" since apparently all my other posts were explicitly my excuses for not posting, but I think that's all I have to say right now. I'll read back later and see if I have anything else to say and will vote Vantas and the end of the day if the lynch isn't locked by then (obviously scummy since she hasn't posted since yesterday I think?).

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  • posted a message on Mafia V12: An Arms Race to Destruction ~ Town and Amnesiac Win.

    Quote from Raven »

    I have been bussing Frags because I know he's scum, likely twin, so I've been trying to get him killed and possibly release the other twin who at the time I though was Daiki and now is probably Nic so we could lynch that day and avoid the Twin kill. Frags was also mostly a backup lynch, so I figured I might as well try to kill him since he is confirmed scum.

    And what about you two? You haven't claimed yet. I suppose it's a bit pointless seeing as all unclaimed townies have to be citzen, bu it would be nice to hear.

    Also I have Tracker, Watcher, and Jailor evidence supporting me, so it's not just Frag's frantic excuse confirming me.

    Can you not be a Kidnapper? You'd still be performing the same actions then. And frags has been scummy the entire game. He could easily be in the same mafia as you trying to clear you. 

    Also, this isn't the "post after work" I was talking about considering I'm still there. XP

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  • posted a message on Mafia V12: An Arms Race to Destruction ~ Town and Amnesiac Win.

    Yeah I'm here now. Nothing happened to me last night. 

    Also, I gotta love how Mafia are determined. It's by the least active or least posts or who has the little green dot on their picture and doesn't post in the thread. Addressing that, I leave my account logged in on my phone and Ipad because I cba to log them out. I know I'm the only one who uses them so I just don't log out. 

    I really haven't read everything yet, I've just skimmed and seen the part where Frags was "hiding" his bus claim. And we're really going to believe Raven as BD#2 with that kind of proof? C'mon guys. 

    I have more to say but I'm at school right now and can only use my phone to post. After work tonight I'll be able to use a computer. 

    I might as well roleclaim while I'm here as well. And as Sly guessed a while back, I am a Citizen. If I was a better role, than I'd most likely be more invested in the game. But with the Citizen role and exams/projects due, I've barely held on here and irl. And @Rhize: There was no need for me to ask for a replacement, as I was able to post at least once a day, the requirement. I could have posted many posts repeating information if you wanted, but instead I just didn't post when I didn't have anything new to add or was meeting the requirement. 

    I will post again later tonight after work. 

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  • posted a message on Mafia V12: An Arms Race to Destruction ~ Town and Amnesiac Win.

    Personally, I believe AJ's claim. Does it not make sense for there to be two Doctors in a game with two Mafias and an (almost confirmed) pair of Twins? 3 Kills a night and 2 chances to stop them seems like exactly like the kind of roleslist that TS and Thunda would go for. 

    And really @Frags: Could you just claim Twin already? You either blatantly ignored what i said earlier or only read the current page of the game (Which is what you seem to do every other time). 

    Also, lynching the Twins might be a good idea. I believe that they can't win unless both of them make it to the end (then they'd outnumber the remaining Town). Personally, I think it's kind of a broken role because of that. If I'm not seeing something obvious there, someone please point it out. 

    In the morning if i have time, I'll put together a list of claimed roles and then it might be good for just a mass claim, but that should be decided later I believe. 

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  • posted a message on Mafia V12: An Arms Race to Destruction ~ Town and Amnesiac Win.

    Nothing happened to me last night. 

    Personally, I think the way that Frags is so adamant that there are no Twins 100% almost confirms him being one. If I was a Twin, I'd most certainly want the Town to focus on the Mafia and let me and my Twin live until the end so that one of us can kill off the remaining Town. (and don't take this the wrong way) That coupled with the fact that he seems to not want to contribute to actually finding the Mafia makes me believe that he's almost certainly one of the Twins. 

    /vote Frags

    This may come off if I get the reads I asked for earlier. Yes, life is busy, I get that. But you didn't have time yesterday, so how about today? I took about 30 minutes typing up mine,so I think you could do the same, no?

    Also please note that I don't mean this in a disrespectful way or anything, it's purely game-related. 

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  • posted a message on Mafia V12: An Arms Race to Destruction ~ Town and Amnesiac Win.

    Quote from Frags_Bunny »

    Well, I'm actually starting to help you a little, aren't I? This is going more and more exciting and I'm glad that I am actually talking with you this time. I believe I'll be able to do more useful contributions in the future rather than just simply throwing away my vote.

    I appreciate it and I hope so as well. ^_^

    Would you like to post reads as well while you're here?

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  • posted a message on Mafia V12: An Arms Race to Destruction ~ Town and Amnesiac Win.

    Quote from Pokemonuser2013 »

    Hey Bri, now that you've read everything, do you mind giving reads please? c: Also hope that everything gets better~

    But Linda, how would we know exactly for sure who the other Twin is, if there are any in general?

    Sure and thanks. ^_^


    2. Pokemonuser2013 - Not too suspicious of him atm. The posting while reading did get a little messy, but he's agreed to stop, so no issues here. I doubt he's just a Citizen (though I could be completely wrong).
    4. TESTSUBJECTC27000 - I can't remember many of his posts, for which I apologize. But I believe a lot of the early ones were just restating things, so that's probably why I missed them. Unsuspicious as of now.
    6. xXLindaXx - Sheriff, no point in a read.
    7. Pearl_Marble - Pearl plays a more reserved game and it always leads me to believe that she's some kind of important role even when she's not. Tbh I've never been able to read her, but I don't think she's a Citizen either way.
    8. Lugialord - Obviously a little suspicious since (iirc) he hasn't posted as much as he usually does in games (but that's to be expected near exam times so no issue). I have to think that TS wouldn't make a mafia composed of SG, and starpika without one of the more skillful players to balance it out. I'm not saying that Lugia is definitely that person, but I think it could be a possibility.
    9. Slypenguin - Right now, I'm thinking Bus Driver. I doubt that he's Mafia because usually in two Mafia games the Mafias get different roles to play with. I'm betting that the Dancer is Mafia aligned rather than Town. There is still a chance that he's the Kidnapper, but since he's helping Linda I'm leaning toward Town for now.
    10. Kaity - Haven't seen much of her, but when she does post, they're pretty good posts. I'd like to see a little more before I read her though.
    11. ZaneHallow - Posting a lot less than usual (but exams again so no issue). He also doesn't seem as invested in the game as usual, but that's to be expected if you have exams, I guess. Not sure on him.
    12. XxOshawhatxX - Clearly not a Mafia or Neutral role because he wouldn't think "this game isn't interesting" if he was one of them. Any time I've seen Osh quit, he's always been Town. I doubt he's a TPR either because that would "make the game more interesting" for him and he wouldn't want to quit. He's likely just a Citizen, but I hope I'm wrong in this.
    13. SarasaKat - She's posted way less than usual in games and I don't think that her posts have even been very constructive. Tbh, I'm thinking Mafia just from the way I know she usually plays. Disregarding what the CL said about her here.
    14. 337N39n3 - Please don't joke around in your posts. It's fine once or twice, but every post the other day is ridiculous. I doubt his Survivor claim and am really leaning toward the Twin possibility.
    15. ArcanineMaster2 - She's played . . . odd this time. At the beginning of day I was thinking she may be the Executioner after me, but now I'm starting to believe that she only wanted to make sure I wasn't Mafia and got away with not posting. The Executioner is obviously still available iirc because it's not like she could claim it to disprove 337's claim imo.
    16. Applejack - Pretty productive member. I'm thinking Town for him, but I'm not sure. I think that having him on the Blue mafia as the balancing player would be plausible, but I'm not sure since the people given the roles weren't handpicked.
    17. Tamashiii - I might've skipped over most of his posts, but there's not much I can remember of them. Not sure of any allegiance yet.
    18. _Sinister_M_ - Proactive player. Seems to be working with AJ quite a bit in the day chat. Dunno if that's something of note or not, but meh. Atm I'm thinking Town.
    19. SetsunaFSeiei - Haven't seen enough of him to comment.
    20. Minrocks - See Setsuna.
    21. bridog77 - me.
    23. Wiggler - He has an odd playstyle, but I'm kind of leaning towards Mafia with him. A while back he was Town and made a couple derpy posts, but he's been completely focused on this game. Not sure if some Mafian friends told him what to fix or if he's actually really invested in it.
    24. Star11Pika - Dead Mafian.
    25. LightMagistrate - Haven't seen much of him either, but I completely understand what he means about not having anything to say so not posting. Reading through the first two days with all that repeated information was awful. Not sure on him.
    26. Frags_Bunny - Already expressed my sentiments about him being a Twin. Also, his unwillingness to read back is kind of astonishing. I believe it's been two times now where he's pretty much admitted to not reading back which is ridiculous. If I can read back, I would think he'd be able to as well. Also his policy of "Citizens can only help with their votes" sounds like BS imo. There've ben many times where I've been Citizen and done more than had people point me where to vote.
    27. Nictherat - Has he posted more than me? I'm not even sure. Not enough posts to go on.

    And there they are. Not sure how accurate certain facts are because I'm incredibly tired, but I hope this helps a little bit.

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  • posted a message on Mafia V12: An Arms Race to Destruction ~ Town and Amnesiac Win.

    Finally getting a second to post something.

    Anyway, I have been reading as much as I can and I'm finally caught up. As for the thing about 337 and Frags being the Twins, I think it sounds right. There was something off about the way that they went back and forth the other day and it would be oh so convenient for one of them to claim Citizen and the other to claim Neutral since those are the two spots Twins take up on the roleslist. This has probably all been said before, but I'm just throwing down thoughts I have at 2:30am. >.<'

    As for the roleslist, here is the list filled with roles people claimed (assuming all are true ofc):

    Team Flare Scientist
    Team Flare Scientist
    Team Flare Scientist

    Team Galactic Boss/Cyrus
    Team Galactic Commander
    Team Galactic Commander
    Team Galactic Commander

    Hidden Neutral
    Survivor - 337N39n3

    Sheriff - Linda
    Bus Driver - SlyPenguin
    Hidden Town Role
    Hidden Town Role
    Hidden Town Role
    Hidden Town Role
    Hidden Town Role
    Citizen - Frags

     2. Pokemonuser2013
    4. TESTSUBJECTC27000
     7. Pearl_Marble
    8. Lugialord
     10. Kaity
    11. ZaneHallow
    12. XxOshawhatxX
    13. SarasaKat
     15. ArcanineMaster2
    16. Applejack
    17. Tamashiii
    18. _Sinister_M_
    19. SetsunaFSeiei
    20. Minrocks
    21. bridog77
    23. Wiggler
    24. Star11Pika (dead mafia, blue iirc)
    25. LightMagistrate
     27. Nictherat

    It feels like there have been more claims than that, so if anyone sees something that I missed, please fill it in.

    We also know that AJ isn't part of the Red Mafia because they tried to attack him, but that doesn't mean he's 100% cleared. I doubt he's mafia though because he's actually been really helpful and contributive.

    And I believe someone had a list of all claims made in the game (busings, RBs, etc.) Maybe someone could bring that up again and we could try to figure out who Hydriegon bussed or who was lying about their bus claim on the first day (if any).

    Also @AJ's read: Naw I wouldn't use irl excuses for not posting if I was Mafia because that seems like a completely wrong way to play imo. It just seems kinda immoral to me.

    Well that's all I have for now and I believe day ends soon, iirc.

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  • posted a message on Mafia V12: An Arms Race to Destruction ~ Town and Amnesiac Win.

    Alright I'm here now. Sorry for not posting more but i really cant help it. Exams and projects at school and other life **** prevent me from coming on the forums often recently.  It'll get better in a week or so though because school will be out.

    Anyway, nothing happened to me last night and @linda: if you were waiting for me to post to give out your results, well here i am.

    There's not much for me to say because i realize that I'm at fault for my lack of posting. This will likely be my only post of the day if we don't get that day extension as well because of the holiday. I hate to be "that inactive" but I'm not sure I can help it currently. I'll try my best to post more though.  

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  • posted a message on Mafia V12: An Arms Race to Destruction ~ Town and Amnesiac Win.

    Nothing happened to me last night.

    And there's not much to say without repeating things, tbh. The only thing I find irritating is the fact the MB doesn't try to defend himself. It just seems like he ignores the people that are suspicious of him.

    Quote from ArcanineMaster2 »

    /vote Bri
    This is just a pressure vote. Bri only posted once yesterday and while he said he would be more active, he doesn't appear to be staying true to his word.

    It's only 5 hours into the day I said I'd be more active in. (._.) Sorry I don't know what time GMT 6 = in EST so I can be here at the start of day though.

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  • posted a message on Mafia V12: An Arms Race to Destruction ~ Town and Amnesiac Win.

    I'm here now. Sorry for not posting earlier but I was reading up in my free time and whenever I checked back I got further behind. D: I still have about 5 pages to read, but I'll do that in the morning. 

    All I'm going to say now is that I was bussed last night as well (putting the count at 4 I believe). 

    And now I'm going to to sleep because reading this exhausted me tbh. I'll contribute much more tomorrow. 

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  • posted a message on Friend Code Exchange Corner

    While this seems like a good idea, there are a couple flaws with it.

    1) People won't want to check a thread for someone's FC. People are innately lazy, so they'll just want people to post their FC where they can see it (in a PM for example).

    2) We already have a similar topic in the X and Y boards regarding Friend Safaris. It serves the same purpose as this but it offers people a chance to get new FSs more than this one will.

    3) It's much easier to just have your FC in your sig where everyone can see it if they need to rather than a "random thread" like this one.

    Because of those reasons, I'll be locking this. Please don't unlock it unless you'd like a harsh warning. Thank you for your cooperation.

    *locks topic*

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  • posted a message on Anyone need Pokemon from Fire Red's Pokedex?

    Moving this to the Wi-Fi Trading forum since this is a trade and that's where those are conducted.

    @Manutjee: While you are able to transfer your Pokémon from lower gen games to BW/BW2, you cannot transfer from BW/BW2 up to XY because it uses the new thing called Pokémon Bank. And because Pokémon Bank isn't out yet, no one can transfer Pokémon up to the 6th gen yet. Hope that helps.

    *moves topic*

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