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    posted a message on From Elf, to Siren, to Mix, to Princess.
    Aw, this was a nice read. I will say, I'm glad I could be a dedicated friend of yours for as long as I have! Love you dearly, and I look forward to seeing you on the new forum. <3 Always best wishes for you in the future!
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    posted a message on ~The 100 Song Face-Off V7~Black bird, black moon, black sky, black light, black, everything black!!!
    Lost Memory: +3
    Luv Letter: -3
    You Say Run: +1
    Crystalline: -1
    Everything Black: 0
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    posted a message on Azurilland Plays: Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver
    Alright, so because Kanto can be pretty unexciting in these games and it's easy to go through them fast, I decided to just cram Kanto into one big update.
    Lt. Surge:
    As I led off with Sprout against Raichu, it paralyzed me with Thunder Wave as I went for Petal Dance to do just over half with the Miracle Seed backing. He used Quick Attack for less than 1/5 before another Petal Dance finished him. And two team members gained 666 EXP because of the Exp. Share.
    Then he had an Electrode, which decided to be a **** and use Double Team, causing my Leaf Storm to miss before I ended up confused. He then used Screech, and despite paralysis, confusion AND evasion I hit through with Leech Seed!!! He used another Screech though, and I did 1/4 to myself in confusion because of that. I switched in Poena, and he used another Double Team before hitting me with Charge Beam for a light hit and causing me to miss. Then he was at half. And used another Charge Beam to get me near half. And missed with Headbutt. And then he got me into the red before I finished him with Headbutt.
    The Electabuzz was next, and finished me with Shock Wave. I tried Sprout, only for him to use Light Screen and leave my Petal Dance to barely do anything. I was then knocked below half... But then I scored a critical hit to say screw you to that Light Screen!!! HA!
    Magneton was next, and I switched in Tambora as he used Double Team. Flamethrower was having none of that, though.
    Lastly was another Electrode. As he paralyzed me with Thunder Wave, I used Blast Burn… And completely forgot about the Light Screen. Which then wore off as he used Double Team. After two more Shock Waves, I hit with another Blast Burn to close it out.

    As she began with Golduck, I started with Rugby and went for the Thunder, which got the dinger and OHKO'd it with ease.Quagsire was next, and I switched Huddle into an Earthquake for a bit over 1/4. My Earthquake did over half as she used Amnesia. Another Earthquake and she was busted. And Rugby grew to Level 50.
    Then we had Lapras. Got in a quick Earthquake against that for less than half before Ice Beam finished me. I tried Fafiriraf, and went for Psychic, which got her rather low before Ice Beam did over half. She healed, and I went for the Thunder, which missed. So I brought in Tambora, and as she used Water Pulse, which did narrowly under half. I got in a Flamethrower for less than half as she used Sing, only to miss. I then went for Blast Burn, which got the KO.
    Lastly was Starmie, who immediately finished me with Water Pulse… Or not??? Lived with 8 HP but ended up confused. I then sacked off Fafiriraf to an Ice Beam. I then used Sprout, who was met with a Confuse Ray… And hit myself in confusion. I took another Ice Beam and hit myself in confusion again. She used… Water Pulse?!?! And I was left with 1 HP. And I hit myself in confusion a third time and was finished. I then used Poena, and took an Ice Beam for 1/3 before getting in a Glare. I used Headbutt, which didn't do much at all but got the flinch. Another got her to half before she used Recover. After the next hit, she used Confuse Ray. I hit through it and used Thunder, which hit, but got her to her Sitrus Berry as I took an Ice Beam for over 1/3. I snapped out of confusion and used Roost, and she hit with Ice Beam for less than half my remaining health. I used another Headbutt, and got the flinch. I used another Thunder, which finished her for the win. Whew! And Tambora grew to Level 50.

    As he opened with Graveler, I began with Huddle. Earthquake got the OHKO.
    Next was Omastar. I switched Poena into a Brine for slightly less than half. Glare missed, and Brine got me into the red. Thunder did just over half and paralyzed him before Brine finished me. Huddle finished him with Earthquake.
    Kabutops came after and I let Fafiriraf in for that. Aqua Jet did over 1/4 before he…was faster and Rock Slide got me into the red. Thunder hit though, and OHKO'd. Not bad.
    Onix was after. For that I decided to stay in and use Psychic to OHKO.
    Lastly was Rhyhorn. Who was also OHKO'd with Psychic for the win.

    Finch at Mt. Moon:
    As he started with Sneasel, I led with Tambora and easily OHKO'd him with Flamethrower.
    Feraligatr was next, and for that I brought in Sprout. He would use Waterfall for over 1/4, and then Ice Fang got me to 1/7 but I slammed him with Leaf Storm.
    I let it fall to an Air Cutter from Golbat, and Rugby slammed him with Thunderbolt.
    Alakazam came after. I tried Pin Missile, but two hits barely did anything. Yeah, that was a mistake, lol, especially as he used Reflect. Thunderbolt then beat him (I did have the Magnet, for the record).
    Gengar was nearly OHKO'd, but hit with Confuse Ray and I switched Fafiriraf into a failed Shadow Ball. He wasted his time with Mean Look and was easily bested.
    Magneton took half from Psychic despite resistance, and used Thunder Wave… And Discharge OHKO'd with a critical hit. Tambora finished him.

    She started with Crobat as I…unfortunately led with Huddle. I switched out for Rugby who avoided a Supersonic (wtf?) and easily OHKO'd with Thunderbolt. Weezing was OHKO'd with Thunder. Huddle took care of the first Ariados despite Scary Face and then Psychic doing not even 1/4. Venomoth used Double Team, but I hit with Rollout and took a Sludge Bomb for big damage but was forced to switch after a miss. Poena paralyzed her, and ironically, her Sitrus Berry got her out of healing range and she flinched before being finished. For the second Ariados I used Roost and failed to 2HKO, but after she healed, Headbutt scored a critical hit and I burned through two more Full Restores on her end before Poena finished her.

    As she began with Jumpluff, I had Fafiriraf up front, but switched Poena into a U-turn that barely did anything as she brought in Victreebel. She missed with Leaf Storm as I paralyzed her. Headbutt did less than 1/3 and she flinched. I brought in Fafiriraf again as she hit with Leaf Storm this time…and OHKO'd. Tambora beat her with Flamethrower. Tangela was also OHKO'd.
    Bellossom was next and I used Blast Burn… Which got the OHKO and Tambora grew to Level 53.
    Jumpluff was last and she used Leech Seed as I recharged. I brought in Poena again as she used Sunny Day. She used Leech Seed again as I hit with Blizzard to get her into the red. Leech Seed healed her some, but it got her out of healing range as she used Giga Drain. I hit with another Blizzard and finished her.

    She started with Espeon as I began with Sprout, who had the Choice Specs. She used Skill Swap for some random reason, as Leaf Storm OHKO'd.
    Mr. Mime came after. I stayed in as she used Light Screen, so my Leaf Storm didn't do much at all, around 1/4. I then used Huddle as she went for Mimic, but that did nothing. Psychic did over half as I got in the Earthquake, which finished her off.
    Alakazam was last and I let Huddle get sacked to an Energy Ball. I then used Fafiriraf, who had the Choice Scarf, as Crunch did over half but got her to her Sitrus Berry. And she used Reflect before the Light Screen wore off. I then switched in Sprout again as she used Energy Ball for not much at all. She then used Skill Swap again for whatever reason as I used Petal Dance, which finished her. Sprout grew to Level 52.

    He began with Magcargo as I used Tambora. After a missed Focus Blast, he used Sunny Day and my Flamethrower did decent while his Rock Slide did under half. Focus Blast then finished him.
    Magmar was next and took a big Flamethrower, for just under half. Confuse Ray came in, and Poena came in to get OHKO'd by Overheat. Lol. But it wasted his White Herb before the sunlight faded. Tambora came in and another Focus Blast finished him.
    Rapidash was last. He used Bounce and avoided my SmokeScreen, and Bounce did just under half my remaining health but got the paralysis as I then got in another… Only for that to undo his White Herb. After another Bounce, I got in another SmokeScreeen, and Quick Attack finished me. Huddle had the Choice Scarf and Earthquake got the OHKO. And grew to Level 55.

    This took three tries. First try I should have won but two hits in confusion and a low-end damage survival courtesy of Machamp left me unable to get the last jump on Arcanine, considering I forgot to take the Choice Scarf off of Huddle. Second try, Focus Blast missed against Rhydon and I ended up restarting. Anyway…
    I began with Tambora against Exeggutor, and Flamethrower got the OHKO. Not bad.
    Rhydon was next. For that I chose to stay in and use Focus Blast, which hit and also OHKO'd. Thank you, Wide Lens. And Tambora grew to Level 56.
    Next was Gyarados. I switched out for Rugby, and even after switching in on a Dragon Dance, I was still faster. Thunderbolt OHKO'd with ease.
    Then he had Machamp. I switched Sprout into an Earthquake for 1/4… And the Quick Claw activated, and Leaf Storm did a bit over half. Fafiriraf finished him with Psychic.
    For Arcanine, I stayed in and…took a Flare Blitz into the red as he took like 1/6 in recoil damage. Choice Specs Psychic got him into the red, forced him to heal, and another hit got him below half. ExtremeSpeed finished me. Huddle, who still had the Choice Scarf, finished him with Earthquake.
    Pidgeot was last. Unfortunately, I had to switch, and brought in Poena. He used a pointless Mirror Move, and then Return did less than half before I used Glare. Headbutt scored a critical hit for over half and got him to his Sitrus Berry, and a flinch. Another Headbutt got him below half and scored the flinch once again. I switched Tambora into a Return for ONE POINT below half. Blast Burn got the finishing for the win.

    With that done, I had training to do before Red. Here's how it was done!

    Huddle: Got him to Level 70 off of Picnicker Liz on Route 32 (6836 EXP per battle). Easy OHKOs with Earthquake once he was at a high enough level.
    Tambora and Fafiriraf: I did some training for them off of Ace Trainer Jamie on Route 26, but not as much as I would've liked. They both reached Level 64 off of her. Fafiriraf I took from there pretty easily thanks to Hiker Anthony on Route 33 (after his EVs were maxed). I would've trained Tambora up the same way but that area has rain so that would've been a no-no. He did get the rest of his levels off of Youngster Ian and Camper Todd while I was getting some for Sprout (more on that later).
    Poena: This one also got her EXP against Hiker Anthony as well in the midst of that. I was initially intending to stop with her at Level 64, but once she was actually able to take his Machamp by 2HKO'ing with Silk Scarf Headbutt, she was able to handle him on her own most of the time and get full EXP (5308 EXP per battle). I got her to Level 70 off of him.
    Sprout: He got a ton of EXP off of Camper Todd on Route 34. He reached Level 65 off of him, and the last five levels were off of Hiker Kenny on Route 13.
    Rugby: This one was the last to reach that point. I gave him the Exp. Share while Sprout was mooching off of Hiker Kenny, and he reached Level 64 in that time period. The rest I did off of Fisherman Tully on Route 42.

    Then I used some Rare Candies and taught some moves to get some finishing touches, and everyone was Level 72. I made my way up Mt. Silver, where Red was, and it was time for battle!

    As he began with Pikachu, I started with Huddle, who had the Choice Scarf. Earthquake OHKO'd (and scored a critical hit just to show off).
    Lapras came after. I switched Fafiriraf into a Blizzard that almost OHKO'd, and hail damage brought me to 1 HP!!! I used Rain Dance to get rid of the hail as he used Brine, which scored a critical hit just to show off, haha. I brought in Rugby, and went for Thunder, which had the Magnet backing, and Thunder didn't OHKO, but he missed with Blizzard. I made him waste a Full Restore, and Thunder once again got him into the red. The next one finished him.
    Next he used Blastoise, which was weird. But no matter! I stayed in and used Thunder, which got the OHKO. Beautiful job! Unfortunately, the rain stopped.
    Then came the thing I was the most afraid of here, Snorlax. I brought in Poena, who took a Crunch for JUST shy of 1/3 before my Leftovers. I used Stealth Rock to prep for Charizard, and he used Blizzard for a moderate amount before Leftovers got me right near half. Headbutt didn't do much at all, but it got the flinch and Leftovers got me above half. I used Roost, healed to full, and Blizzard did 1/3 before Leftovers. I used Glare to paralyze him, and another Blizzard hit decently. After another Roost, Blizzard had me near half. I used Roost once more, and he used his last Blizzard for over 1/3 before Leftovers. I used Roost, and he used Crunch for 1/4 and a Defense drop, then I decided it was time to bring in Sprout as he got fully paralyzed. That allowed me to get in Leech Seed before he went for a weak Shadow Ball. Leech Seed actually healed 1/5 my HP right there. Grass Knot did a mediocre amount, and Giga Impact missed before Leech Seed got him low. Grass Knot got him into the red, and he got fully paralyzed and Leech Seed finished him!!!
    Charizard came after, and took half from Stealth Rock. He immediately OHKO'd me with Flare Blitz, but no big deal. It got him short of the red, then I brought in Huddle, and as he healed, Rock Slide 2HKO'd.
    Lastly was Venusaur, who took some Stealth Rock damage and then a Rock Slide for an okay hit and a flinch. I got him below half, but it wasn't enough, as Giga Drain...left me with 8 HP?! It didn't heal him to full, and Rock Slide got another flinch. Twice. And then I scored a critical hit that almost killed him, but he finally hit with Giga Drain for the finish. He used his Full Restore, but I went for Eruption. Which had the Charcoal. And got the OHKO and completed the game!
    Typhlosion (M) "Tambora", Level 72
    Eruption, Flamethrower, Overheat, Rock Climb

    Dunsparce (F) "Poena", Level 72
    Glare, Headbutt, Roost, Stealth Rock

    Sandslash (M) "Huddle", Level 72
    Earthquake, Rock Slide, Rollout, Sandstorm

    Sunflora (F) "Sprout", Level 72
    Grass Knot, Grass Whistle, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed

    Jolteon (M) "Rugby", Level 72
    Sand-Attack, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave

    Girafarig (M) "Fafiriraf", Level 72
    Light Screen, Psychic, Rain Dance, Thunder
    Might refine this post more later but just wanted to get this last post out. Thanks for hosting this! ^_^
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    posted a message on Pendra's Azurilland Adventures
    So I was initially gonna make this a longer shout out post to multiple people with long answers, but there are so many great memories I've had with so many members here and can't think of just one for multiples. But I'll leave you guys with one thing:

    I know I've made a lot of mistakes with people on these forums, and said/done things to them that they aren't always satisfied with. I get criticism that can be hard to stomach. But I do want to use the negativity I can receive to grow on the new forum, and in real life for that matter. From here on out I do want to be the best person I can be, and always make people feel safe and happy. This place has affected me positively, even if my experiences with others haven't always been positive themselves. I don't want to cause problems for people, I want to be a person that people will always look forward to hearing from. People have told me I'm special, and I want to bring out what makes me special and leave lasting impressions for the better. I don't try to do things just for attention, but I feel like what I do is justified (I mean otherwise I wouldn't do those things). Still, I will continue to develop, even when I'm deterred by bad experiences with other people.

    And I could give the shout outs, but I don't want to leave anyone out. Everyone here is important to me and always will be. Thanks again for reading, everybody! ^_^
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    posted a message on Throw me for a spin! (Pendra's AMA)
    Quote from Neb »
    What’s your favorite thing about Scolopede?
    Well, I always liked the gigantic, fast megapede design that it had, but when Gen VI came and gave it Speed Boost, that was when I REALLY adored the thing. It also has some neat moves, I mean what kind of megapede gets to use Superpower, Aqua Tail and Rock Slide?! Yeah, that goes for it.

    Favorite place you’ve traveled to?
    That's a good question, not an easy answer. Well, I've beeen to New York, North Carolina and California, those were all exciting. But Hawaii too, went there in 2011 and that was crazy. Just to name some!

    What got you into sports?
    Well, living near Philly we've always liked our teams and have enjoyed watching them even if they haven't always been great. It was definitely solidified when we won the Super Bowl in February, and our other teams got on the upswings, and I've since enjoyed learning a lot more about sports history. So there's that! My dad and brother have always been into it too which helps.

    Kilza's questions I'll answer on the new forum because he reposted them there.

    And Lyc, sorry but I'm not good with "Match Azurillanders as _______" questions :C So, I'm gonna lock this, that'll be it. If you want to ask me more, it's open on the new forum! Thanks, everybody. ^_^
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    posted a message on ~The 100 Song Face-Off V7~Black bird, black moon, black sky, black light, black, everything black!!!

    Everything Black - Unlike Pluto: -3
    Praying - Kesha: +3
    Fire Flies - Gorillaz: -1
    All Too Well - Taylor Swift: 0
    Human - Christina Perri: +1

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    posted a message on Best and Worst Experiences At Major Games Reatailors?
    I just don't really go to GameStop much anymore for my gaming needs, I just find superstores and retailers easy to use. I know that when I went online to pre-order the Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon dual pack at the Best Buy near my work, getting the games there was no hassle at all. I even remember going there in March 2014 and got a discounted copy of Y for $10 because of some special promotion or something like that. That was pretty cool. So yeah, that's where most of my purchases in that regard tend to be nowadays.
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    posted a message on NFL 2018-2019
    OAK vs SF - Eh. Who cares for this one.
    DET at MIN
    PIT at BAL
    NYJ at MIA
    KAC at CLE
    CHI at BUF
    TB at CAR
    ATL at WSH
    HOU at DEN
    LAC at SEA
    LAR at NO
    GB at NE
    TEN at DAL
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    posted a message on Count as High as Possible before A Mod/Admin Posts V11

    Eh, I think you both could do it if you wanted to. hmm
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    posted a message on Count as High as Possible before A Mod/Admin Posts V11

    I have a ways to go before 11,000. :thisisfine:
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    posted a message on Hello, my name is Kaity. It's nice to meet you!! (2012-2018)
    Good read! I'm glad that I could be a person to have stuck with you and watched you develop for all these years. Thanks for having me be one in charge of TSI, enjoying hearing from me, and liking what I have to say for myself and share. ^_^
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    posted a message on Last to Post wins

    Howdy y’all! Keep it coming, eh?

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    posted a message on Wandering
    Another good read. It's great that these forums could be something to have such a positive effect on your life! I hope you always remember that you've been a big part of the creative boards and made a good presence there for people to enjoy. Seeing you around has always been a delight. I really hope you know that. Thank you, Michelle! happy
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    posted a message on ~The 100 Song Face-Off V7~Black bird, black moon, black sky, black light, black, everything black!!!
    Layla by Eric Clapton: +3

    Chicago by Sufjan Stevens: 0

    Crystalline by The Midnight : +1

    Hurt: Johnny Cash: -1

    Parousia by xi: -3
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    posted a message on *~The Southern Island Version 3~* I wanna let you know, I'll never let this feeling go. This love has no ceiling I cannot deny!~
    New site. Much hype. So awesome.

    But it will be sad to say goodbye to all that's here.
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