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  • posted a message on WE HATE YASUO ~ A League of Legends Club - Preseason Not So Hype
    Quote from Vayatir »
    Jarvan is fun but man I'm tired of him being everywhere in the meta, his base damage is too high and his ult is so oppressive to immobile champions. I think it's time for him to exit stage left, he's had his time this year.
    a couple days ago we were on a 10 game win streak in normals because we banned jarvan every game

    I came up with a discussion topic after talking about Ekko with Mark yesterday! My question is: for your main champions, how do you feel preseason has affected them with the addition of runes reforged? do you like them better now or think they're more healthy?

    Ekko: I have a lot more to say about Ekko than anyone else. I think he's healthier for the game now. If you were unfamiliar with Ekko in the past, the strategy with him was to take AP in quints, glyphs, and 2 AP marks or seals. If you started Dorans Ring/Dark Seal and also had Double Edged Sword in runes, this made you hit a benchmark where your rank 1 timewinder could kill the caster creeps with two casts, provided you hit the throw and return of it. Ekko is not a good early laner, however this let him bypass his weaker early game and get all ins early since he always had wave priority and level 2 first, I think the only champion that could outshove him was Aurelion Sol. Now if you do this you miss all your farm. So now, you have to play like Fizz and Diana and other melee assassins level 1, you have to play like a ***** until level 3 when you get rank 2 in Timewinder where you can shove again. This isn't a straight nerf however, because aside from missing the ap setup and attack speed reds, new runes were very kind to Ekko in most other ways, which help offset the loss of those huge components. Electrocute does so much freaking damage now, and he loves being able to go Domination + Sorcery and get sick Ultimate Hat or Manaflow Band and Transcendence to round out my usual 30% CDR build. Overall, he's probably at the same spot power wise with a playstyle that is much healthier for the game imo. My only complaint is after the initial change at the end of last season to assist jungling, it's really hard to do that now. But if you manage his **** early game, Dark Harvest is great on him!

    Aurelion Sol: I haven't played him too much. He was really struggling at the start, so they buffed both him individually and Phase Rush. His best keystone is Phase Rush since he loved Stormraider's Surge, but even after buffs Phase Rush is still really lackluster. That being said he LOVES runes like Celerity and Waterwalking, so I don't think it's all bad even if he got nerfed a bit.

    Kayn: Kayn loves Electrocute so much. Both forms of Kayn. I find Blue might be better than Red now; I find it's way easier to get fed on this champion now, and with the state of lethality being pretty good at this moment blue Kayn can just nuke anyone at will. Red Kayn still good though, though I think he liked Fervor more than he likes Electrocute.

    Jhin: Jhin misses the OP Deathfire Touch a lot still, but he was doing alright with Warlord's Bloodlust. The replacement for Warlord's Bloodlust, Fleet Footwork, isn't that bad post buff. But he works a lot better with Arcane Comet. He works much better with the Sorcery tree as a whole, actually. Getting the path bonus of attack speed from precision when he doesn't even like any of the runes in there isn't great. Meanwhile in Sorcery he loves Comet, Manaflow Band, Celerity, and Scorch, not to mention an AD path bonus. He's trailed back to a Lethality build, which I don't love but I never minded the two lethality into 50% crit build. He's pretty good right now.

    I'm interested in hearing how you all feel about the state of your champions after a good month to sit on it.
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  • posted a message on Everyone is Mafia!!1
    legit micromanaged tall lizzy this whole game she owes everything to ME

    congrats lizzy! I’m glad you ended up winning!
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  • posted a message on NFL 2017-2018
    DEN vs IND
    CHI vs DET
    LAC vs KC
    MIA vs BUF
    BAL vs CLE
    CIN vs MIN
    NYJ vs NO
    PHI vs NYG
    ARI vs WAS
    GB vs CAR
    HOU vs JAX
    LAR vs SEA
    NE vs PIT
    TEN vs SF
    DAL vs OAK
    ATL vs TB
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  • posted a message on Which of the Seven Deadly Sins best represents you?
    despite what I am told by others, I don't think sloth applies to me; I certainly don't think I hesitate to act when needed, and things I need to get done will get done.

    The one that applies most to me, is probably envy or lust.
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  • posted a message on NFL 2017-2018
    NO vs ATL
    IND vs BUF - no taylor no win
    CHI vs CIN
    GB vs CLE
    OAK vs KC - the spiral will end this week, because I think everyone has lost faith in them at this point. which is why they'll win.
    DET vs TB
    MIN vs CAR
    SEA vs JAX - Jax got a great defensive front, and while against any other qb they'll mess him up, I can't see them being able to keep up with Russell "MVP" Wilson.
    SF vs HOU - i beliv in jg
    NYJ vs DEN
    TEN vs ARI
    WAS vs LAC - we're going to win this game precisely because we're all but out of the playoff race now
    PHI vs LAR - very hard game to call
    DAL vs NYG
    BAL vs PIT
    NE vs MIA
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  • posted a message on Everyone is Mafia!!1
    tbf he said that was the deadline, not night was ending then

    that was definitely intentional
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  • posted a message on WE HATE YASUO ~ A League of Legends Club - Preseason Not So Hype
    Feels like new Varus lore is a bit shoehorned in. I don't like it, feels like they made kai and vai gay just to have openly gay characters. I also don't like that he's another Darkin. I think there's a lot of potential with Darkins but I feel like he's another Kayn.

    Since Friday my computer and only my computer has had horribly inconsistent ping. It's unplayable without dcing multiple times during the game. So I've had to play on my laptop, the god tier 30 fps on lowest settings machine. It also drops to 10 when Elder Dragon is on my screen, so I'm barely a champion in those fights. Playing the game as it is for me is barely fun, and I don't have a solution in sight until monday xd
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  • posted a message on NFL 2017-2018
    this sport is a bad sport

    thoughts on mvp: throw russ wilson into that mix
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  • posted a message on ❄ Azurilland Awards 2017: Nomination Thread ❄
    hey man I know that just ignore them

    I think I have one non repeated nomination.
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  • posted a message on Everyone is Mafia!!1
    this is the one I get excited over

    Quote from Diarkia124 »
    Apparently there's no day phase like regular mafia this game so I guess I can join this.
    its barely anything like mafia
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  • posted a message on ❄ Azurilland Awards 2017: Nomination Thread ❄
    Sugar and Spice <3 (Nicest Member): Merushii
    You Just Crack Me Up like an Egg! (Funniest Member): Bossvelt
    Take a Right on 1st Street (Most Helpful Member): Thundawave
    Perfect Powas (Favorite Staff Member): Vayatir
    The Cat’s Alive and Dead… until We Check It! (Most Intelligent Member): Vayatir
    Truly Friggin Poetic (Best Mafia Player): Ardent, Cleb
    $9,999,999 (Most Likely to Become a Millionaire): bluejay100
    Rainbow Rocket (Most Likely to Take Over the World): Bossvelt
    Ash and Pikachu (Best Friends): Shhmew and Solar
    6-0 gg (Best Competitive Battler): Awesome_Typhlosion

    i do the nomination thing
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  • posted a message on NFL 2017-2018
    WAS vs. DAL I'm pretty sure we're going to win out and miss the playoffs at 10-6 anyway.
    MIN vs. ATL It's gotten to the point where I have to start rooting against my boy Zach's team...
    NE vs. BUF
    SF vs. CHI
    TB vs. GB
    HOU vs. TEN
    DEN vs. MIA so I'm going to the Broncos @ Redskins game in Week 16 and I'm pretty hyped about it because we got blown out in the other one I went to (week 1 vs Pittsburgh in 2016) so it's pretty hype that I'm not going to have to worry about that this time
    CAR vs. NO i share Zach's sentiment that carolina sucks but their record is so good that they have to beat two gimmes in the bucs and packers and beat one of the saints falcons and vikings to be in for sure, and they can still be in if they don't win those three anyway. **** you Jets you could have actually made them have to worry.
    KC vs. NYJ this is a super tough game to pick
    IND vs. JAX
    DET vs. BAL i would be so ecstatic if the beltbros won this for me come thru i need detroit to lose even with their piss easy schedule
    CLE vs. LAC
    NYG vs. OAK
    LAR vs. ARI
    PHI vs. SEA
    PIT vs. CIN
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  • posted a message on WE HATE YASUO ~ A League of Legends Club - Preseason Not So Hype
    Don't mention assassins around mark, or top lane fighters for that matter either. You will be sorry.

    Jarvan's cool, but I prefer playing other bruisers when I wanna do some broken ass cleaver titanic build (kled). When I play him I just play full tank jungle.
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  • posted a message on Mafia: Back to Basics - Mafia and Jester win
    yeah I’d agree that this game was a result of everyone playing badly and then Cleb was able to take advantage of it. Silver clearly had a strategy of appearing uninterested that worked, but I wish that that didn’t work and that people ignored meta and history of playing more. :v

    Chris is totally right that he didn’t blow it and I think he does deserve credit for that. So good job, chris!
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  • posted a message on Mafia: Back to Basics - Mafia and Jester win
    Franciscosta - Godfather
    Silver - Janitor
    Type_Null - Consigilere
    Cleb - Mafioso
    Bossvelt - Jester
    Awesome_Typhlosion - Serial Killer
    Sooty - Sheriff
    Vulture_13 - Doctor
    Resolute - Dancer
    SetsunaFSeiei - Mayor
    Keejot - Bodyguard
    Ardent - Tracker
    Bolin - Citizen
    Royale - Citizen
    Paradox - Citizen
    Pendraflare - Citizen

    here is all the night actions

    thoughts on the game

    This game went so, so, well for the Town. I actually cannot believe that the mafia won this. Like, this went SO ridiculously well. After the first night, town had a 9-3 town to mafia ratio. town blew a 3-1 lead. And that was before the lynch of Type_Null on Day 2, as well.

    Town: It was actually pretty good at the start! Even though it was spearheaded by Cleb throwing him to the wolves to clear himself, I'm confident you guys would have lynched Type_Null anyway; he was way too suspicious. I feel the same about A_T: there was too much going on there to not lynch him. So your early game would have remained the same, I think. However, I think a lot went downhill after the death of Ardent. At that point, Town started doubting itself. I think the biggest mistake town as a whole had was not lynching Cleb on Day 3 with the Tracker result: that was all WAY too convenient. You shouldn't have let him off the hook so easily. So the game proceeded up until this point, and then Cleb was finally lynched. Despite previous butchering, Town was doing pretty well. And then... no one EVER considered lynching Silver. Like, why? "He was confirmed" was absolute crap. That "slip" was completely spun by Clebby and held absolutely no water at all, if anyone ACTUALLY looked at it. When you lynch a town leader and they turn out to be mafia? You go back over your posts and you begin to doubt everything they ever said. I'm disappointed in the supposed experienced players left after Cleb died (Lizzy, Regine) for not even trying that. And then there was the meta crap by Lizzy in the last couple days. Like... why? I have not seen worse application of meta in a long time in this game. Especially when you consider that if you looked at Silver's posts, you would see that he did absolutely nothing the whole game and that his confirmation was bogus. But no, instead let's pursue Scott for posting irregularly, or Bolin because he wasn't online. Anyway, Town threw this game, plain and simple.

    Mafia: Not really much to say here. Francis died Night 1, which is sad because I was pretty impressed by his first game as Godfather and wanted to see him do it again. Type_Null got himself killed Day 2. Unfortunate but as someone new to mafia maybe he'll learn for next time. Silver did absolutely nothing the whole game despite the town seeing him as a confirmed player the entire time. And then Cleb basically carried his entire faction.

    Neutrals: I don't agree with how Boss played. But it worked. I'm not personally happy to see town waste a lynch on someone who's just trolling, but I guess he knew who he was working with and it worked. Not much to say there. Meanwhile, Awesome_Typhlosion kinda didn't do anything right. On Day 1, he thrust himself into the spotlight unnecessarily, which made him scared. Because of this, he didn't kill on Nights 1 and 2. Which, is extremely contradictory to your win condition, because you need to be the last one standing and all of that. This screwed over himself and the Mafia (but I guess they won anyway). As a Serial Killer, you need to try and contribute and scumhunt to the point where you are not suspicious by town, and not seen as worthy to kill by the Mafia. He immediately violated the first one, and then didn't kill. Aside from killing Ardent in the jestered roleblock night, he didn't do anything.


    MVP: No one! Mentions to Ardent and SetsunaFSeiei, who I thought actually played well for the town. But, Ardent died too early to impact the game too much, and by nature of Sets' role he needed to stay in the shadows until he revealed. But he was right about a lot of things (cleb being mafia, boss being neutral and not worth lynching)

    Evil Genius: Cleb! This one's pretty obvious. He solo carried the game for his faction, and when there was so much evidence against him, he still managed to talk his way out of it and maximize his life span, and then set up his boy Silver for effortless victory. Splendid game all around for him. He deserves this no contest for willing mafia to victory against great odds.

    Best Night Actions: Keejot. She killed a mafia on night 1. Like, I was hoping we didn't have to give this to her? But no one else stood out. So congrats to Keejot for winning this off one night action.

    Derpiest Night Actions: Awesome_Typhlosion. I already talked about this, but don't be the Serial Killer who doesn't kill.

    Best Day Play: SetunsaFSeiei. This would be Cleb, but we're not doubling up on awards here. Sets played Mayor beautifully. Stayed in the shadows, contributed (said a lot of things that were right, too), and revealed and did things when it was needed of him. I wish he didn't buy into Cleb's plan to lynch Sooty at the end there, but that's the only thing I think he did wrong this game. Well played to him.

    Worst Day Play: Type_Null. Sorry man, you got yourself killed and almost screwed over your team by opening your mouth. Hopefully this is a learning experience for you!

    Meta Scum: Royale. So, we added this award for Lizzy to make a point. Her use of meta was actually horrible. Her focus on Scott in early days due to his posting style wasted time that could have been spent scumhunting elsewhere. And then in the final hour of the game, rather than looking over posts, she chose to try and break the game and failed once again. Like, not only does looking at when people were online break the whole premise of the game, but at least be GOOD at it. Don't lose your team the game doing it.

    Jeff Award: Bossvelt. my name jeff
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