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    posted a message on ☄ The Space-Time Rift v5 ☄ ~ Journeying for Internet Points ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    am HYPED for the new site
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    posted a message on Azurilland's Photo Sharing Center! ✧ Show off your beautiful self!
    I was basic last week
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    posted a message on October 23rd, 2018: New Administrator!
    Hey everyone,

    In the midst of the excitement and apprehension surrounding the forum move, we are happy to announce a staff promotion. This user has displayed endless drive and energy throughout their time as staff. Their technical knowledge and willingness to learn will be instrumental in setting up and improving our new site.

    Please congratulate seaturtle on his promotion to Administrator!
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    posted a message on Azurilland's Sunset, and the Dawn of New Opportunities
    Quote from bluejay100 »
    -Would staff jurisdiction be limited only to the forums? I can only assume that Marriland would have content of his own to feature on his website, but presumably we would have nothing to do with it?
    Trusted individuals (probably admins and some mods) may have access to his content site, where walkthroughs and guides will be posted. Nothing changes here except for him making sure quality is good and accurate. This isn't an issue. However, if we were ever to split from Marriland, content that we write on the site would ultimately stay on his site.
    -Exactly how much control over the forums would the staff (and perhaps coders) have? I am unfamiliar with the capabilities of Xenforo; what does Xenforo allow administrators and moderators to do (and not do)?
    Admins will have complete access to the coding of the forums while mods would not. Permissions on other fronts (banning, etc.) are more customizable.
    -Will activities such as the social media posts, Azuricast, and other methods of branching activity outside of the forums be continued? While it's been great to see these activities going (kudos to the staff for continuing to manage these), they may not be completely necessary (or might even come in conflict a bit) with the Marriland brand. On the other hand, it certainly would be possible to keep them going. Back in the phpbb3 days (circa 2010-2011) there was a brief moment where a Youtube channel named specifically after the Marriland Forums was made, with the intention of featuring content from forums users. It didn't last, but Marriland himself didn't seem to have an issue with its existence, from what I can remember.
    Marriland has given us permission to use his name in our projects (e.g. "Marricast"), and I can assure you that I'd want to start Azuricast once more when the new site launches. However, we must respect if he wishes for the name of one of these types of projects to be changed. The rest of the staff have been thinking over the events they want to keep - which ones are necessary and which ones could be dropped.
    -What would the costs be of running a forum and/or website on our own?
    It would be affordable. I've been in touch with an admin from Lake Valor about the technical aspects of running a new forum system. They run on Xenforo and pay roughly $12 per month in costs.
    -Are there any other forum systems that have been considered?
    We've considered Simple Machines, IPS, and vBulletin as well. Simple Machines would probably be our second choice if we ran by ourselves because it's free, and IPS also has potential for a lot of freedom. The LV admin advised against vBulletin, however, because of the archaic design and tendency to experience bugs.
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    posted a message on The -=OFFICIAL=- Azurilland Chatterbox Topic v.53!
    Tfw I probably can’t inflate my post count by marking reports as resolved and writing a bunch of usernotes anymore. New forum will probably be too smart for that. pensive
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    posted a message on Azurilland's Sunset, and the Dawn of New Opportunities
    I'd be against any sort of Azurill line theme. It's time to think outside of that and become our own site.

    A theme I've been sitting on since yesterday (when we all heard the news) is Volcarona/the Relic Castle because of Volcarona's lore. The Pokemon was a replacement for the sun when volcanic ash covered the sky.

    Anyway, while this wasn't necessarily surprising, it's definitely putting us on a time crunch. Please fill this thread with whatever suggestions you can!
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    posted a message on Pʟᴀɴ ᴡɪᴛʜ Mᴇ: A Bᴜʟʟᴇᴛ Jᴏᴜʀɴᴀʟ Pᴏʀᴛꜰᴏʟɪᴏ
    Did this at 1 am, but it’ll be worth throughout the week. Took inspiration from an older AmandaRachLee spread.
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    posted a message on ♡ The Lonely Hearts Club ♡ - I Don't Wanna Feel Blue Anymore~
    More friendos out of the friendzone! Congrats to you guys!

    As always, no update from me. Still don’t know what boys are. :P
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    posted a message on September 20th, 2018: Graphics Lounge Merge
    Hi everyone!

    Due to the changes in activity levels in the Studio area, the Graphics Lounge has been merged into the parent Studio forum. The Beginner's Guide to GFX will remain a pinned thread in that forum, and the Graphics tag has been added to the Studio.

    Thanks for reading, and keep on creating!
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    posted a message on ✰ Azuricast Banner Competition: Season 3 ✰
    Sorry for the long wait - busy schedule and the forums not cooperating can really delay things. The winner is keejot once more, now with 100% less Arceus head!

    Thanks also to Cursebreaker for creating an entry. It was super cute, and we enjoyed seeing your creation too! Both entries will likely appear on the Instagram at some point, so keep an eye out for that.
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