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  • posted a message on The -=OFFICIAL=- Azurilland Chatterbox Topic v.53~!
    This makes me want to meme Mark for his birthday even more. >:D
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  • posted a message on ♔ Quintessence ♔ Starry Skies, Starry Eyes ♔
    Quote from QueenMerfairy »
    Hey, don't know if I need to redo the quiz or if there's space, but can I come back?
    Welcome back, Athena! I'll put you in Amanzi once more. :D

    June exams are always lurking, reminding me that I will have to do work at some point. Uhhhhhhh back to procrastination.
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  • posted a message on Why are video games so expensive?
    I'm such a cheapskate. If I talk about only the games I have bought and ignore everything my brother owns, then League, Overwatch, and Pokemon SoulSilver are tied at $40. League could have broken the tie if I had thrown another $20 to gift skins to the crew for Christmas, but I never got to doing that rip.
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  • posted a message on ☄ The Space-Time Rift v5 ☄ ~ Rule Number One Is That You Gotta Have Fun ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    Feel better soon, Mochi!

    Yikes Colin, at least you made it to Chicago in the end. Hope everything goes well there!

    Week 2 of being mostly a hermit irl is still going strong. Once this presentation and report are over, I won't have thoughts of distillation of ethanol constantly in my head.
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  • posted a message on ☆ Azusa's Drawing Gallery ☆
    I still can't believe you drew that Milotic with a mouse. Smudging is difficult, but full-on drawing is a whole other animal.

    Your drawings are lovely, Michelle. I don't have any criticism that comes to mind atm, so keep up the great work!
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  • posted a message on Team Apple v Team Android: Fight!
    Apple because that's what my entire family is on lol. I have had experience with Android though, and it wasn't bad either.
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  • posted a message on What 'Dere' type are you?
    I'd probably seem most like a kuudere when I first meet others. It takes a lot to get me to talk to most people comfortably. People tend to say that I look aloof as if I don't want to deal with social interaction.
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  • posted a message on The -=OFFICIAL=- Azurilland Chatterbox Topic v.53~!
    ok mark looks like i know what to get for your birthday :)
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  • posted a message on WE HATE YASUO ~ A League of Legends Club - Preseason Not So Hype
    I don't have the confidence in my play to do my placements and end up somewhere at least slightly decent. Plus it requires logging in to play those ten games in the first place, which I currently don't have the motivation for. :(

    If I decide to do placements after all, I'd probably want to wait until the ladder has settled a bit so that strange matchmaking is less likely to occur.
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  • posted a message on What is the strangest food you ever ate?
    Throwback to Azuricast 7 omg.

    Though if we're talking about simply strangest and not grossest, it's escargot (snails) for me. Surprisingly, it didn't taste bad at all. I've also tried takoyaki, which is basically a Japanese deep-fried octopus dish and probably one of the only types of octopus I'll eat.
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  • posted a message on WE HATE YASUO ~ A League of Legends Club - Preseason Not So Hype
    I mean, since I haven't played at all in 2018, I wouldn't want to do ranked for at least a few months if I get back into the game. I'm too much of a filthy casual to really pour in the time that climbing would take.
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  • posted a message on SotM January 2018 - Music - Voting Phase (Ends 1/22)

    Entry 1

    Entry 2

    Entry 3

    Entry 4

    1. 1
    2. 4

    Last voter: Solar (post #7)
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  • posted a message on SotM January 2018 - Music - Voting Phase (Ends 1/22)

    Welcome to the SotM Voting Phase! This is the thread where you can vote for your favorite entries that were submitted during this month's Entry Phase.

    This month, you have 1 vote!

    Voting Criteria:
    The following are the criteria that you should consider when placing your vote:
    -Relevance to theme
    -Overall appeal
    -Technical difficulty (how much effort was put in)

    What to avoid judging by:
    -Render choice (the character displayed)
    -Style (smudge vs. c4d, etc.)
    -Presence or absence of text

    1. The number of votes that you are allowed to have changes depending on the number of entries. The calculation that I'm using is total entries divided by 5 (rounded up).

    2. Please don't try to influence someone else's votes or rig the competition in any way. Keep things fair!

    3.Once you vote, that's it. You may not edit your vote or post more than once while voting is still going on unless you are adding a vote in months when more than one vote is issued.

    4. You are not allowed to vote for yourself.

    5. To be eligible to vote, your account must not have been created at the time of the voting stage. This is to prevent cheating with alts. Even if your alt is eligible, remember that I can check your IPs if I feel that any vote is suspicious!

    6. Cheaters will be punished as seen fit depending on the degree of the offense.

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  • posted a message on Count as High as Possible before A Mod/Admin Posts V11
    Let’s make hard mode a little harder. Enjoy. :)
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  • posted a message on ♢ Clarion: The Last Light ♢ The Power of Eight
    Stage 2: Flow
    Cenzo blinked, accustoming his eyes to the bright light that washed over him. He found himself inside what seemed to be a laboratory of sorts, except the walls were made of the same dark stone as before. To his right, three fountains bubbled with clear liquids. To his left, a vast array of chemicals and tools lay before him. A clean sink and laboratory bench took up much of the space in the middle of the room. On top of the table was a pair of gloves, a lab coat, goggles, and a piece of paper with what seemed to be a set of instructions. An unlocked door awaited on the other side.

    Curious about his surroundings and welcoming any possible help, Cenzo made a beeline for the piece of paper. As soon as he picked it up, a voice boomed from above, reading what was on the paper.

    "Being adaptable requires that one must take the necessary means to adjust to change," the voice read. "Therefore, you must choose which of the Three Waters you wish to drink. Take your time testing the properties of the Water of Destruction, the Water of Happiness, and the Water of Tranquility. Do not let any of these names fool you, however. Without the proper antidotes, each of these Waters will kill anyone who ingests it. Additionally, tasting any of the Waters in this room will result in instant death as punishment for your impatience.

    "When you have made your decision, proceed to the next room with your antidote. You will then drink the Water you have chosen and the antidote you prepared before opening the door to a third room.

    "May your efforts not be in vain."
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