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AKA Thunda, Regine Gender ♀ (Female) About Myself

Cyclone ~ Collab with rebornfx

When 0s are holding onto all the 1s who stay
No line of code lets me go through, all the same
As our hearts fall into waves

I am currently a college student majoring in Chemical Engineering.
Outside of academics, I enjoy dancing (ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary), singing, and graphic design.
I am involved in Greek Life at my college, and I'd be happy to share my experiences with anyone who's interested!
I have played Pokémon since I was ten years old. My first game was LeafGreen.
Other than Pokémon, I also play osu! and League of Legends semi-regularly. Feel free to message me if you want to add me on either platform.
My favorite music genres are pop, alternative, and EDM. I am also a huge fan of Vocaloids.
My favorite colors are pink, light blue, and purple, as you may be able to tell from this profile. 8D

Cyber-connecting what we could be
Unison fantasies to phantasmal dreams
With distortion to pass every moment that lasts
Searching for contact

I have been a member of the forums since July 2012, a Moderator since April 2013, and an Administrator since January 2018.
While I am more than able to moderate almost any section of the forums, my strong areas are Clubs, all Creative Boards, and Games and Other Randomness. I am least familiar with Competitive Battling.
I am the main point of contact for the Azuricast (co-hosted by Bijou and Solar), our community's official podcast. Please give us a listen!
I am currently the leader of The Space-Time Rift and The Lonely Hearts Club . I am also a co-leader of Quintessence (led by Karolina).
I am also a member of Cacnea Compound (led by Bossvelt and shhmew) and WE HATE YASUO ~ A League of Legends Club (led by Vayatir).
I run the Adopt a Graphics Newbie program, where you can learn how to make graphics, alongside Azuviin.
I host the Signature of the Month competition in the Contest Hall. Check that forum every month for entry and voting!
I own a graphics shop named Thundaffix , where you can request avatars, signatures, or anything that needs GFX. Don't be afraid to also support me by checking out my portfolio and deviantART.
I currently run a roleplay called Clarion: The Last Light . While I am no longer accepting applicants, feel free to read to your heart's content!
I have recently hosted or co-hosted games such as Mafia, Coconut Beach, OTP HnH, The Endangered, and Gun Show.
Current friends list: [x]

All these synthetic words try to make it hurt
When Im not ready to let it go
All the data Ive stored from before will evermore
Be pulled by the undertow

Mismagius Togekiss
Espeon Primarina Gardevoir
Milotic Aegislash Oshawott Meloetta
Tsareena Absol Bewear Lilligant Salazzle

With flooded circuits Im torn into bits
Take me from the wreckage now
Its cybernetic, were cybernetic
And this is it, were going to drown

Cybernetic - Yunosuke x Circus-P
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