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AKA Thunda, Regine Gender ♀ (Female) About Myself

Cyclone ~ Collab with rebornfx

Beyond the endless ocean
Beneath the deepest seas
Has anyone been looking?
They all have yet to find me

Although I have been waiting
Almost a thousand years
I think I found the courage
To bring me past my fears

I am currently a college student majoring in Chemical Engineering.
Outside of academics, I enjoy dancing (ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary), singing, and graphic design.
I am involved in Greek Life at my college, and I'd be happy to share my experiences with anyone who's interested!
I have played Pokémon since I was ten years old. My first game was LeafGreen.
Other than Pokémon, I also play osu! and League of Legends semi-regularly. Feel free to message me if you want to add me on either platform.
My favorite music genres are pop, alternative, and EDM. I am also a huge fan of Vocaloids.
My favorite colors are pink, light blue, and purple, as you may be able to tell from this profile. 8D

And all this time
I have gone everywhere
Swimming from each shore to tide
To try and find

Another kind of
Different anywhere
Floating from the port to shore
And wanting more

I have been a member of the forums since July 2012, a Moderator since April 2013, and an Administrator since January 2018.
While I am more than able to moderate almost any section of the forums, my strong areas are Clubs, all Creative Boards, and Games and Other Randomness. I am least familiar with Competitive Battling.
I am the main point of contact for the Azuricast (co-hosted by Bijou and Solar), our community's official podcast. Please give us a listen!
I am currently the leader of The Space-Time Rift and The Lonely Hearts Club . I am also a co-leader of Quintessence (led by Karolina).
I am also a member of Cacnea Compound (led by Bossvelt and shhmew) and WE HATE YASUO ~ A League of Legends Club (led by Vayatir).
I run the Adopt a Graphics Newbie program, where you can learn how to make graphics, alongside Azuviin.
I host the Signature of the Month competition in the Contest Hall. Check that forum every month for entry and voting!
I own a graphics shop named Thundaffix , where you can request avatars, signatures, or anything that needs GFX. Don't be afraid to also support me by checking out my portfolio and deviantART.
I currently run a roleplay called Clarion: The Last Light . While I am no longer accepting applicants, feel free to read to your heart's content!
I have recently hosted or co-hosted games such as Mafia, Coconut Beach, OTP HnH, The Endangered, and Gun Show.
Current friends list: [x]

To wait
To say
To wait and say your name
To say your name

Mismagius Togekiss
Espeon Primarina Gardevoir
Milotic Aegislash Oshawott Meloetta
Tsareena Absol Bewear Lilligant Salazzle

I will go wherever
No matter the endeavor
So I can be with you and
Live forever

If this world is breaking,
We could try escaping
We could run far away and
Be together

- Crusher-P
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