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McDavid Avy
(credit to Thundawave)

Hi, I don't really know why you're looking at my profile, but I made this account forever ago for Smash Camp and didn't start using it until February 2017.

Kilza Facts:
-23 years old
-Proud Canadian hailing from Edmonton, Alberta
-Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree, Specializing in Computing Science from the University of Alberta
-Huge Edmonton Oilers fan. Favorite player is Connor McDavid.
-Also a Tampa Bay Lightning fan.
-Voted Most Boring Member 2017
-My top 5 favorite games are here
-I also have an AMA for some reason
-Yep, that's all I got

Mafia Records:
Clarion My Wayward Son: Tracker (Tidus) - Win - Co-MVP

SS3 Mafia: Super Saint - Win
Everyone is Mafia: Mafia Motivator - Lost (Died N1)
Everyone is Mafia - Duos: Mafia Motivator - Partner: Curry - Lost (Died N3)

Time Zone MST (UTC-7)


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