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    posted a message on A Coup d'Etat
    Part 2 - Misty-Eyed
    The King


    Smuddy (Level 29) @ lolitems
    Current Stats: 64 / 57 / 62 / 55

    - Thrash
    - Horn Attack
    - Bubblebeam
    - Double Kick

    Performing pretty well so far, though I'm pretty sure that his attack DV is trash-tier. Having a hard time getting the OHKOs I need with Thrash.

    The Story so Far

    "Are you looking at me?" Er, no lady I'm just trying to- er, or fight me, I guess that works too.

    "I like shorts! And beating you up!" Great. Is everybody here out to murder me and my partner?

    "I don't even remember what I say anymore but I'm going to fight you!" Right, you do that. Go ahead and die to a tidal wave of Horn Attacks like all those before you. Though at least you've allowed my SMUDDY to evolve into a Nidorino.

    Entering a giant mountain, I've decided that I'll just go for it. One step... two steps...

    "Zubat!" Screw this, running.

    Right, let's try this again. One step, two... three...

    "Geo! Geodude!" Urgh. That was fast.

    Welp, take three. Step, step, step, step, step,


    And thus I continued through the mountain, dispatching a few other battle-minded sociopaths and fleeing from pretty much every encounter I had every five steps or so. I picked up a Moon Stone at one point. May as well, I thought, then stabbed my Nidorino with a rock, causing it to become extremely powerful. It started thrashing about within a battle or two as well, which seemed to be an effective way of dealing with all of my problems in life.

    "Hey kid, want a nugget?" Er, right, I just got into town and explored a bit north but... uh... I guess I'll give it a shot if he's handing out gold... "THEN FIGHT ME *****"

    Jesus, I swear everybody in this Mew-damn world wants to fight me. Well, after finding out it was a recruiting scam, I went off to help some terrible failure of a scientist regain his body (of course, there were a few more sociopaths in the way) then went back to town.

    Misty was rather pathetic. All it took was Smuddy thrashing about for three turns. She handed me a TM, which I used to torture Smuddy into learning how to blow bubbles out of his mouth.

    That's all for now!

    Fun Fact of the Day

    I mentioned DVs earlier, so I suppose I'll explain that. People who are a bit better-informed on modern-day Pokemon know that there are things called EVs and IVs that determine stat growth. A Pokemon has inherent IVs from 0-31, then uses EVs to determine additional growth. Well, it was slightly different in Gen I. In Gen I there were instead DVs as a counterpart to IVs to determine stat growth. These ranged from 0-15. It is extremely rare to find a Pokemon with a perfect 15 DV in the wild, and literally impossible to find a Pokemon in the wild with 15 DVs on everything. I mentioned that my Nidoking didn't seem to have a very good DV in Attack as stat growth is very predictable in Gen I and thus I was able to check how much damage I was doing on certain enemies to dtermine that it was not enough. My guess would be somewhere between 3 and 6 as that DV.

    That's all for now! As usual, let me know if you knew this already!

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    posted a message on A Coup d'Etat
    Update 1- What a Brock-en Game

    The King
    Nidoran M
    Smuddy @ Nothing (Duh)
    Current Stats: 23/19/22/19
    - Horn Attack
    - Double Kick
    - Leer
    - Tackle

    The Story

    (Doing bullet point format this time)

    • Acquired Potion from my terrible computer which does absolutely nothing.
    • Acquired Pikachu from my terrible Professor who does absolutely nothing.
    • Delivered Oak his package (ew).
    • Got the **** out of my small *** town.
    • Walked past the previously uncooperative old fart.
    • Caught a Nidoran, named it Smuddy (reference to a speedrunner, credit if you know who)
    • Flipped the bird at my Pikachu and deposited it in the PC.
    • Trained up Smuddy a bit.
    • Took on my overly arrogant rival, defeated him with ease.
    • Walked through a forest, becoming enraged at Yellow having an encounter rate six times that of Red/Blue.
    • Beat up a guy at the Pewter Gym, corrected him on his measurement failure.
    • Beat up Brock.
    • Acquired the Boulderbadge and a useless TM (31, Bide).

    Fun Fact of the Update

    I'm going to be putting some random interesting Gen I fact in here each update.

    This one is about badge boosts! Some badges give you an innate bonus (9/8 approximately) to their respective stats. This happens whenever stats are recalculated. This seems insignificant, but has a lot of meaning in Gen I- let's say that a Weedle uses string shot on you. That means your speed needs to be recalculated, and thus your badge boosts are applied. If it uses String Shot again, the boosts are applied again. This happens infinitely whenever stats are updated, and lasts until you either level up, switch out, or the battle ends.

    Let me know if you already knew about this or if it's new for you!

    And that's all for now folks!

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    posted a message on How to Earn Azurilland Badges + A List of Qualified Users

    Oh boy. Hopefully it doesn't matter that I qualified for a bunch of these things a while ago :P

    EDIT: Other things I noticed (not in the spoiler) are: Also earned Evil Genius in Mini V13, there's no Unfortunate Victim badge, etc. Oh, and did Smash Camp, but that was 2-3 years ago so make of that what you will.

    Familiar Face, Azuriversary, Regular, Marrilander, Pre-Curse User

    Fancy a Discussion (I'm sure I have but I'm not digging them all up lol)

    Challenger, Challenge Champion (in previous Hall of Fame Threads)

    RP Creator (Rise to the Challenge)

    Badge Count Badges up through 5000.

    Will have to spend some time figuring out about the club member ones later :P

    I think I earned Team Rater back in Gen V.

    I love questions in my AMA I believe.

    Mafia Evil Genius (War of Concurrence)
    Maybe another there but I"ll have to check later... again...

    There might be a couple more but that should be most of them. At least, those I remember off the top of my head.

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    posted a message on Unexpected, Even to Me

    Yeah, I do still remember the Place. That was... interesting.

    And, er, I may have had to go check the thing with name changes to find out who a few people were, but I'm doing pretty well with remembering people so far :P

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    posted a message on The Manipulator (PG-13)

    Chapter 1- Arrival

    It was a dark summer night. The air was slightly cool and crisp. A plane landed at a very busy airport. It was an ordinary Boeing airliner, with a large amount of people. To the unwary eye, a relatively inconsequential flight. But to a certain client, it was a very valuable flight. It had someone they desired dead on it.
    A fairly young teenage boy of about sixteen was one of the people to come off the plane. Strikingly ordinary, he was of average height and build with brown hair and brown eyes. The only thing even slightly unique about him was the way he was carrying himself. As he exited the gangway into the open airport his eyes swept the area in front of him. Finally they settled on two people. One, a teenage girl of about his age, fairly tall and with blond hair, typing something on a smartphone. The other, an older man in his twenties with a business suit reading a newspaper. Without taking any extra time to examine the two the boy walked vaguely in the direction of the younger girl. She finished typing on her phone and fell into step slightly behind the boy as he passed.
    “You’re still alive,” she muttered just barely loud enough to that the boy could hear. He shrugged. “We’re expecting another attempt tonight.”
    A slight smile crept across the boy’s face. “I’m aware,” he muttered, again just barely loud enough that she could hear. He stopped at a convenience station nearby and pretended to look at some pairs of sunglasses. He picked up a pair, put in on, and looked in the mirror supplied to confirm his suspicion. “They’re already here.”
    The girl was looking at something else a short distance away, avoiding making direct eye contact with him. She had to conceal a reaction at the boy’s last statement. “How do you know?”
    The boy put the sunglasses back and purchased a water bottle, placing it in the side pocket of his backpack. He walked out of the convenience store and past the girl, replying quietly with, “Last week’s paper” as he passed. The girl glanced slightly back at the man in the suit who had attempted to follow them unnoticed before nodding slightly and following the boy’s path. They progressed in silence for about two minutes before the boy stepped off to the side, close to a bathroom. Recognizing his intention, the girl finally stepped to face him. The boy took the time to look at her face for the first time that night. “Margo?” She nodded. “Good to see you again.” He glanced past her briefly and saw the man in a suit speaking into an earpiece. “Time to part for a while already.”
    Margo nodded. “You know where to find me.” She pulled out her phone and sent a quick message before entering the women’s bathroom.
    The boy quickly checked his own phone. Seemingly satisfied with whatever he saw, he looked over towards the man in the suit. They briefly made eye contact. They stared at each other for a moment before the boy raised his right wrist upon which there was a watch and tapped it three times before pointing towards the bathrooms. The man in the suit could not help but look over there.
    Suddenly the sound of a loud explosion came from inside the bathrooms. The man in the suit was startled into watching smoke come out of the bathrooms for a few seconds. Remembering the reason he was sent there he looked over to where the boy had been standing. But he was gone.

    The boy smiled to himself as he entered the mall connected to the airport. Margo did quite well. Losing the man had been relatively simple with the diversion. He entered a clothing store, scanning the area. Another girl around his age approached him from his left. She was shorter than he, with curly brown hair.
    “I received the message. I was closest by,” she said, drawing even with him. “The area is clear. We did a sweep before you got here.” She indicated behind her, where the boy noted another boy a little older than he. “I’m Roni. That’s Michael.”
    The boy nodded in acknowledgement. “Shall we?” Without waiting for a response he moved through the clothing store towards the exit. The three moved in silence with the other boy trailing behind until the boy reached the back of the store. The boy passed through one door, entering a small welcome area of sorts, and waited for the other two to enter. He then went to open the other door.
    It was locked.
    Two audible clicks could be heard behind the boy. One was the sound of a lock behind locked. The other was the sound of a gun’s safety being disabled. Raising his hands above his head and crouching down on to the ground the boy slowly turned around and saw the older boy removing a key from the door they had just passed through and the girl pointing a five-seven pistol at him.
    “Lay down your bag,” the girl said softly. The boy did as instructed. “Listen carefully. We are not killing you yet. For that you should be thankful.”
    “You’ll have to forgive if I’m not brimming with gratitude,” the boy responded.
    The girl made a noise of annoyance. “Just sit down and wait. I could still change my mind.”
    The boy sat down. The three of them stayed that way in silence for about a minute. Then the boy reached to pull the water bottle out of his bag. “You don’t mind, do you?” he inquired.
    The girl glanced back at the older boy, who shrugged. “Fine.”
    The boy unscrewed the cap of the water bottle, judging its contents. A liter. That should be sufficient. He looked at the other two. The older boy seemed rather indifferent, but had a knife now visible at his waist. The girl, of course, was still holding a gun at his head. “Care for some?” the boy offered, pointing the water bottle towards the older boy and looking at the girl. The girl said something profane that caused the older boy to smile. The girl briefly pointed her gun slightly lower.
    Suddenly the boy raised his other hand and the water from the bottle was sucked out into the open air, forming into a hovering condensed sphere of water. He made a sharp gesture with the same hand towards the older boy, and the sphere hit him in the chest with enough force to send him flying through the glass doors back into the store, where he landed on the ground unconscious.
    The girl very rapidly pointed her gun back at the boy’s head and pulled the trigger. Or rather, that was her intention. The safety had somehow come back on. She disabled it and attempted to pull the trigger again. Yet the safety was on. She looked at the boy, who had just risen to his feet, and, with something that resembled an expression of fear, continuing the cycle of attempting to fire the gun but finding the safety reactivated. The boy walked right up next to her, looking down straight into her eyes.
    “Never forget who it is you are trying to capture.”
    The boy pulled another key for the door from her breast pocket and unlocked the door to the outside while the girl continued to struggle with her firearm. He then turned back. “I’d help your associate if I were you. He’s in a difficult situation.” He gestured into the store and the sound of many light bulbs simultaneously exploding could briefly be heard. “I hear mercury is bad for your health.” And with that the boy exited the building, leaving the girl standing in shock.

    Outside of the building the boy found Margo waiting, leaning against a nondescript car parked just outside of the doors. “Didn’t want to help?” he asked her as she tossed him the keys.
    “You seemed to have it well under control,” she replied with a slight twinkle in her eyes as she climbed in the passenger side with the boy taking the driver’s seat. “But you did take a while.” She looked at him for a little bit while he started the car. “Are you sure you want to do this?”
    The boy paused with his hands on the steering wheel before starting moving. “I am. It has to be done.”
    Margo continued looking at him, with a mixture of pity for him and anger at the reasons for his situation. Nobody should have to live through this.
    The boy started the car moving, setting his face in determination. It must be done.

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    posted a message on The Manipulator (PG-13)

    Dreams are interesting things. Often they are quite random, with one dream having little to no correlation with the next dream you have. But sometimes they string together well, in such a way as to make for an interesting story.

    That is what happened to me around February this year. I had a string of dreams that was so interesting to me when I woke up I immediately grabbed a pencil and wrote down as much of them as I could remember. And later that day, I started writing.

    I've already written a little bit of this (in my absence) but I hadn't finished it. Doing this here should provide me with some incentive to keep working.

    The Manipulator
    He seemed to be an ordinary boy, descending from his plane. But upon his arrival it was clear he was anything but ordinary. This boy had extraordinary abilities, that could save or ruin the country and even the world. Yet this boy does not seek to do either; he simple seeks peace. However, with a mostly unknown enemy constantly sending assassins after him, the boy realizes that he does not have that option. And so he now seeks only one thing- to atone for a past sin before he runs out of time.
    Things to Note:
      THIS STORY IS DEFINITIVELY PG-13. Death, cursing, the whole nine yards. Also, if you're a person who may be particularly sensitive to having people die, be forewarned that this story has a lot of death.
      I'm aiming to have updates up at least weekly, possible more often if I end up with the time.
      The first couple of updates are pre-written (the first three or so), so the plot isn't going to change based off of viewer suggestions. However, I am a BIG fan of input when it comes to my writing, and I'll likely go back and edit things slightly based off of what viewers say. After the pre=written updates, viewer input will be considered even more heavily. The plot is already mostly decided- I do want to stay true to the dreams, after all- but any input will be considered.
      Speaking of, PLEASE COMMENT. A LOT. As a writer my greatest joy is typically seeing people react to my writing, and my greatest aid comes from those who provide constructive criticism for it. So do me the favor of never shutting up if you're enjoying the story.

    Eventually I will link all the parts in this post when there are more.

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    posted a message on Unexpected, Even to Me

    Hey Regine! Yeah, I'm excited for Sun and Moon, but I've also been avoiding spoilers as much as is possible. Hope to see you around again!

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    posted a message on Name Changes: Apply for a New Username Here!

    Yep I think I'll bite.

    Current Username: AlphaStorm

    Desired Username: Zeta

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    posted a message on A Coup d'Etat

    Sorry for not having the accent in the title.

    A Coup d'Etat- Nidoking Solo Nuzlocke
    So fun fact: despite owning multiple copies of the game (English cart, Japanese cart, English 3DS) I've never actually beaten Pokemon Yellow. I've decided it's time to change that, but because I can never do such thigns without making it at least a little bit difficult for myself, I'm also doing this as a Solo Nuzlocke. Basically what the Nuzlocke part adds is that if I die, it's game over.
      All the standard rules of the Solo challenge.
      If my solo Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and I lose the run.
      I can only use 3 healing items per battle.
      No X Items. As easy as it would be to X Accuracy --> Horn Drill everything in the E4, I don't want to allow myself to do that.
      No glitches. This game is insanely broken and I know how to exploit that, but I won't.

    Additional Things

    • I'll be trying to write a little bit of a story since I feel like flexing my creative muscles in preparation for writing something bigger in the future.
    • Updates will be approximately after every Gym (though I may update more or less often depending on when I feel is appropriate)
    • Okay so technically the Poke Doll on the Ghost thing isn't considered a glitch but I'm not doing that either.
    • That's about it!

    So, let's go give Oak his package (ew) and grab ourselves a Nidoran to bash a few things with and I'll see you all in the first update!

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    posted a message on Unexpected, Even to Me

    Hey there... Azurilland.

    So I've been gone for a fair amount of time now (I've actually forgotten how long exactly, but let's say this forum's name is quite a surprise to me) and in that time I've been quite busy with various life things. Now I'm in my senior year of high school and I've been taking the time to look back at some old things I've done and reminisce. And one such thing? My extended tenure on these forums.

    In doing so I was reminded of the fact that I absolutely loved this forum and the people on it, and that I had an incredible time. I've spent the last several days reading through old PMs, reading all of the old mafia games I participated in, looking at things I had worked on that are now dead... It's been a fun time doing so, and I keep being reminded of how much fun I had.

    I had not considered returning to this forum until, say, an hour ago. I still do a lot of the things that originally brought me to this forum and it still has appeal. And remembering all the fun times I had in the past? It's convinced me to give this another shot.

    I don't know how many people remember me, or furthermore, how many people would still be interested in knowing me, but I'm going to be trying to do some things on here. I'm going to start by just doing a few things here, but if I get involved in the community again (which would be fun!) I'd consider doing things like getting on Skype for the first time in a while and such.

    Well, that's it for this post. I'm interested in seeing if anyone here wants to have a conversation, so let me know if the answer to that is yes. And also I've just realized that I'm in WYSIWYG, so I need to go switch to BBCode. And then I'll start looking around at this place again.

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    posted a message on The Official Leaving & Returning Thread. *SEE FIRST POST!*

    Surprisingly although I'm posting this after a long period of inactivity it isn't a promise to be more active- quite the opposite.

    Although Marriland was a good fit for me when I was younger it's now separated a bit from what it used to be and also my personality. My life has changed quite a bit since i joined/left/came back/left/came back/etc., so now I'm announcing what I will call a very permanent departure.

    The reason I came to post this at all is because I know some people knew me around here. If you want to keep in contact I'll check my PMs on here maybe once or twice more in the next day or two. I might also check my old Skype once or twice. If you're interested in keeping in contact, those with my phone number can text me or use one of those to get it.

    So this is the official end. It's been quite the interesting ride.

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    posted a message on ☄ The Space-Time Rift v5 ☄ ~ Journeying for Internet Points ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    Woohoo, right when I thought things would get easier school has been keeping me somewhat off the forums and such lol. Should be fine now that I'm back with decent habits and all that though.

    I have some experience in competitive battling though I haven't done much since 6th Generation and I'd be a bit rusty still. I could probably shape up a little bit if nobody else is doing the tournament but don't expect any miracles if that does happen.
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    posted a message on Humor
    I like pretty much anything funny. People who know me well, however, know that I tend to favor especially bad puns. Other than that I do like the occasional meme (though they very rarely make me actually laugh) and some of the long stories that end with one punch line (yes, intentionally left with a space for those who know that joke) so basically just tell me a joke and I'll be happy.
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    posted a message on The Official Mafia Chatterbox
    Quote from Legolintheelf »
    Ok, I'm sorry if I'm intruding here, but how do you play Mafia? It looks fun but I have no idea what to do as I'm new to this...sorry again:)

    Hey there :) Good to see you taking an interest. I'd recommend taking a look at this thread for a brief introduction to mafia and also reading up on some past games to see how it's played. People will recommend various games for you to read. Personally I'd say to check out Main Mafia V6 to see some examples of good evil play but other than that just read through what's interesting to you. Have fun! :)
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    posted a message on ☄ The Space-Time Rift v5 ☄ ~ Journeying for Internet Points ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    Welcome! I'll hold off on the e-stabs for a while since I'm in a good mood :)

    And happy birthday Regine!

    @Messy: From what I've seen from most schools it would be more surprising if you didn't procrastinate for Science Olympiad 8D
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