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    posted a message on Emotional Music Tag 2018

    Song for how you feel lately: Defying Gravity - Wicked [x]

    This song has been one of my favorites for a while now. Just feeling like it's time for me to move past what others want and pursue what's best for me. The sky's the limit, y'know? I define myself, I can do anything.

    Song for how you want to feel tomorrow: Titanium - David Guetta (ft. Sia) [x]

    Even though I've been optimistic for the future lately, I'm still in kinda a rough place. This song makes me feel strong, powerful, and steadfast.

    Song you loved as a child and still do: Return to Pooh Corner - Kenny Loggins [x]

    This was my mom's lullaby for me when I was a baby. I don't listen to it often, but it makes me cry whenever I do.

    Song that made you feel something as a child you couldn't yet describe: Viva la Vida - Coldplay [x]

    There's not a ton behind this one, I just remember really distinctly that this song played during the curtain call for my 4th grade play. That feeling I had then kinda just attached itself to this song, and I've loved it ever since.

    Song that makes you feel romantic: Rewrite the Stars - The Greatest Showman [x]

    This is my favorite song from this movie, and it's just... amazing. It's beautiful, happy, sad, just my kind of song I guess.

    Song that got you through heartache: In My Blood - Shawn Mendes [x]

    This is... a powerful song, for me at least.

    Song to cry to: Roaring Tides (From CLANNAD) - Jeremy Ng [x]

    There are other arrangements of this song that I like a lot too, this is just one of my favorites.

    Song to dance to: Sparkle (English Version) - Kimi no Na wa [x]

    This song never fails to lift my spirits. It's full of energy and meaning, and it makes me want to get up and move.

    Song for being on an airplane: 50 Ways to Say Goodbye - Train [x]

    Don't ask me why I chose this song for this choice. I don't know it just fits, ok?

    Song for being in a car: Africa - Toto [x]

    Great song to jam out to with other people.

    Song to fall asleep to: Marry Me - Train [x]

    Just a very nice and peaceful song.

    Song to wake up to: Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield [x]

    Just a really good positive and uplifting song! Great song to get Positive Vibes™ from.

    Song you have a funny story tied to: Akbar - Jeffery Dallas [x]

    This song itself is a joke just listen to it lol.

    Song you have an emotional story tied to: If Only (Quartet) - The Little Mermaid [x]

    This song would be performed right before I went on stage every night when I was in the school musical, and I got to watch it every night from the house because of how I would enter the stage. It has a special meaning to me for a lot of reasons.

    Song for your crush: Such As It Ends - Ludo [x]

    I'm not sure if/when you'll read this, but today was a good day for me because of you, and I'm happy and excited for my future and everything that means for me. Life doesn't always work out how I might want, but endings are always a new beginning. Thank you for always being there for me when I need it.

    Song for your family: Let Her Go - Passenger [x]

    Lots of meaning in this song choice.

    Song from the worst time in your life: Safe and Sound - Capital Cities [x]

    I first heard this song when I was in a really, really rough spot.

    Song from the best time in your life: Finale - The Little Mermaid [x]

    Nothing really compares to the closing night of a musical, especially during your senior year of high school. The director/stage crew left the curtain open for a lot longer to let us get our last view of the sold out auditorium, and it's one of my favorite memories to this day.

    Song to play when you die: One More Light - Linkin Park [x]

    This choice seems kinda self explanatory, but there are some hidden and personal meanings in this song that make it special for me.

    Song to play as you live: This Is Me - The Greatest Showman [x]

    This song is really similar to the first song I listed for this. I'm me, I'm awesome, and I'm going to rock this world. That's how I want to live my life, and how I want to make a difference for other people- by being myself.
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    posted a message on Ask Me Anything: Dregran
    now that i actually understand OW here are some questions for u!

    favorite quick play/competitive game mode (assault, control, etc.) to play? what about in the arcade?

    do you remember your favorite loot box reward you've gotten?

    what's your favorite skin in the game? what's your favorite skin that you actually own?

    what's a character you aren't good with but would like to be?

    what character would you say you're best with? are they your favorite character to play? if not, who is your favorite character to play right now?

    out of the three roles (tank, dps, support), which one do you play the most? which one is your favorite to play?

    are there any characters in the game that you think need to be nerfed/buffed?

    if you were able to design the next hero for blizzard to add to the game, what would you add? if you want to, go into gender/ethnicity/backstory/etc. and then how the character would actually play in-game.

    what character do you think has the coolest backstory?

    most attractive hero? hmm

    most annoying hero to play against?

    favorite map to play on?

    what's your best play of the game?

    favorite memory/experience of the game?
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    posted a message on ♔ Quintessence ♔ Starry Skies, Starry Eyes ♔
    But How Can Azurilland Be Real If Our Lives Aren't Real?
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    posted a message on Azurilland Draft League - TO THE DRAFT
    Username: seaturtle
    Pokémon Showdown Name: Bubbacca
    Discord Name: Sea Turtle#0001
    Timezone: MDT (-6:00)
    Availability (in general): Uhh I have classes in the mornings until around noonish but I'm overall pretty free and can squeeze a battle in pretty much any time.
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    posted a message on What is the last thing you bought?
    i bought overwatch hmm
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    posted a message on ♫ ♬ What Are You Listening To? Version 4! ♩ ♪
    Quote from Cursebreaker »
    Love Story - Taylor Swift
    kaleb no joke i'm actually listening to the same song right now nanihmm
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    posted a message on The Happy Thread
    random smol thing, but just having someone to talk to means so much to me. it helps comfort me to know that no matter what happens, i'll always have people who care for me, and i'm never alone. ;u;
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    posted a message on Azurilland Plays: Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver
    Quote from ~Kilza~ »
    I didn't plan on beating the Elite Four Week 1
    based on previous experience, i seriously doubt this statement hmm
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    posted a message on ~*The Official Friendship Topic*~
    so i want to preface this by saying a few things... first of all, i'm not putting descriptions in this list cuz that makes these things super long and hard to write, so instead just like... dm me for what i think of you if you want to know i guess. it's just hard to put it all together and then not even know if half the people even end up reading that stuff J:

    also i gave everyone a song from my spotify playlist cuz i thought it would be kinda fun. the higher tiers have a lot more thought put into the songs cuz i know those people better, but i put some thought into every song choice! if you want an explanation for why i chose a specific song for you can ask about that as well (:

    best frens

    Cursebreaker | Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

    Dregran | The Reason - Hoobastank

    Karolina | Hey, Soul Sister - Train

    Paradox | Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

    shhmew | Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

    Solar | Scars To Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara

    close frens

    Bossvelt | Freaks - Timmy Trumpet

    I H S A A N | Some Nights - fun

    Light | Go-Getter Greg - Ludo

    Revan | Safe and Sound - Capital Cities

    SarasaKat | Girls on Trampolines - Ludo

    Spartan | Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men

    theDINOsaurus | Africa - Toto

    Wheegalure | Good Time - Owl City


    Bijou | A Million Dreams - Ziv Zaifman

    Bones_Barlow | Magic (feat. Rivers Cuomo) - B.o.B.

    Cleb | The Greatest Show - Hugh Jackman

    Erick1177 | Drive By - Train

    Merushii | Fight Song - Rachel Platten

    Nuuk | Glad You Came - The Wanted

    Rakan | Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

    SceptileShenanigans | Counting Stars - OneRepublic

    SuperBowserBros | 50 Ways to Say Goodbye - Train

    Thundawave | Viva la Vida - Coldplay

    cool dudes

    Azuviin | In My Blood - Shawn Mendes

    Chandelure | This Is Me - Keala Settle

    Diarkia124 | Everybody Talks - Neon Trees

    Flo | Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

    Gavin | Take On Me - a-ha

    Jim! | Let Her Go - Passenger

    Kansas | Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

    Mirage | She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

    Pendraflare | Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato

    Royale | I Lived - OneRepublic

    Vayatir | Titanium (feat. Sia) - David Guetta
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    posted a message on ☄ The Space-Time Rift v5 ☄ ~ Journeying for Internet Points ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    Quote from Dregran »
    Give everyone the same team and then do best of 3s. That would be chaotic.
    this is actually a fantastic idea that i think would be hella fun
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