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Hey there!

I've been on these forums since November 2011, and I still enjoy my time here. Pokemon is a big part of my life. I first played Platinum in 2011, being obsessed with Pokemon for years prior. It was so good to finally have my own copy of the game. I still remember waiting to see the end of Marriland's Pokemon Diamond Adventure, and the Pokedex on

I dove into Competitive Battling in late 2013, because of the all the complex mechanics. Generation 5 was ending and I had no idea what I was doing. I enjoy creating anti-meta teams. With X and Y introducing new mechanics, Generation 6 was a fresh start for me, where I could hope to catch up with some of the veterans on here. After ORAS came out, I grew less fond of competitive battling. Generation 7 re-sparked my passion, with the Ultra Beasts and altered mechanics. Though nowadays, I'm a relic of my former self, battling only for fun.

I enjoy writing and forum roleplaying; creating characters and scenarios is my passion. Making a statement about society or an issue close to my heart is something I enjoy doing through my writing. I adore a good story with developed characters, so I'm into novels, anime, manga, TV and film.

My favourite thing at the moment is the Overwatch League. I could gush for hours about why I love the idea of it and how much I enjoy being a viewer. I am very passionate about the game and the players.

I'm currently studying at university, with less than a year left in my undergraduate degree.

I used to be a Staff member when this site was the Marriland Forums. I was around for the transition and helped develop the team and the site for our new direction. Since then, I've stepped down to focus on other aspects of my life, though recently I've returned as an Advisory member. I truly believe that the forums are in good hands.

If you have any questions about the Azurilland Forums, please send me a PM and get a conversation going. I'm free to chat about anything else too!

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Username History:
TerryD -> Terry_Karzahni (2012)
Terry_Karzahni -> Volkner (2013)
Volkner -> Dregran (2016)

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Global Moderator (2013-2014; 2015)
Sectional Moderator: Competitive Battling (2015)
Contributor (2016-2017)
Advisory (2018-current)

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Azurilland Awards:
2015: Coolest Member
2016: Best Competitive Battler, Biggest Ego, Best New Username

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☄ The Space-Time Rift ☄: Co-leader
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Cacnea Compound
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The Drive-In! ★
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