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Hey there!

I've been on these forums since November 2011, and I still enjoy my time here. Pokemon is a big part of my life. I first played Platinum in 2011, being obsessed with Pokemon for years prior. It was so good to finally have my own copy of the game. I still remember waiting to see the end of Marriland's Pokemon Diamond Adventure, and the Pokedex on

I dove into Competitive Battling in late 2013, because of the all the complex mechanics. Generation 5 was ending and I had no idea what I was doing. I enjoy creating anti-meta teams. With X and Y introducing new mechanics, Generation 6 was a fresh start for me, where I could hope to catch up to some of the veterans on here. After ORAS came out, I grew less fond of competitive battling. Generation 7 re-sparked my passion, with the Ultra Beasts and altered mechanics.

I enjoy writing and forum role playing; creating characters and scenarios is my passion. I love to create characters that don't work well with others, and writing fractured dynamics. Making a statement about society or an issue close to my heart, is something I enjoy doing through my writing. I adore a good story with developed characters, so I'm into novels, anime, manga, TV and film.

I'm currently studying at university, enjoying classes about mathematics. I hope to complete my degree soon, though it will likely take me a little longer.

If you have any questions about the Azurilland Forums, please send me a PM and get a conversation going. I'm free to chat about anything else too!

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TerryD -> Terry_Karzahni (2012)
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