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Winner of OTP Hurt n' Heal V8 with Shhmew
Prom Queen 2018 with Bones Barlow

Hi, I'm Solar!

You may also remember by my old username I had for years, solarlunarxiii. I was a member of this forum for 10 years. Odds are that you are reading my profile in the future when this website has been permanently archived. This forum has meant a lot to me over the course of the decade I was privileged to be a part of it. I made friends, experienced love, suffered from stress, but most of all I cared for it with all of my heart. Years from now, I hope to open this site once again and look back on my past posts with a smile on my face. I experienced wonderful years on this site, and I hope that Solar reading this in the future will never forget it. 

But if you're not Solar, and perhaps you knew me once, I hope you are doing well. Even if we no longer speak, I hope you know I will keep whatever memories we experienced together in a special part of my heart.

Whatever name this community falls under--Marriland, Azurilland--it will always have the same name to me:

The Azurilland Theatrical Company

Favorite Pokémon

Arceus Vaporeon Arbok Ninetales Gloom Mothim Sylveon Tropius Silvally Glalie Ledian Gallade Altaria Growlithe Seviper Rapidash Pyroar Relicanth Incineroar Wailord Entei Seaking Persian Flareon Jolteon Umbreon Glaceon Leafeon Espeon Moltres Articuno Zapdos Suicune Jirachi Regice Milotic Skitty Primarina Spiritomb Jynx Cryogonal Sawsbuck Winter Staraptor Mamoswine Piplup Pachirisu Vespiquen Garchomp Mightyena Beautifly Weezing Ho-Oh Celebi Purugly Infernape Rayquaza Giratina Origin Victreebel Ludicolo Armaldo  Magearna 
Ponyta Cacnea Voltorb Koffing Ralts Chinchou 

Important things to remember:
1. You are special
2. You are loved
3. Arceus is not pronounced Ar-kee-us

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