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My name is Alex (And that's my username on the new Marriland Forums). My first username was TorterraOats, which was used for a very long time. Then it was FirelordAlex, since I love Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the Fire Nation specifically. It was then Genos, the character from One Punch Man. Right now, it's Ardent because I feel that word describes me well and looks nice.

I play League of Legends and Overwatch a lot, Minecraft every now and again, and some other things when I feel like it. I enjoy graphic design and spriting, and have done it a lot on the forums. I have been on these forums for a very long time, and love giving back as a mod! If we used to be friends on the forums and have drifted apart, or you just want to talk, feel free to message me! I might not get back right away, but I will once I see it! I really miss the old people from these forums, and I love getting in touch with them! I also enjoy making new friends.

Junior Moderator from November 14th, 2014 until September 2nd, 2015!
Global Moderator 
from January 3rd, 2016 until July 10th, 2017!
Advisory since January 6th, 2018!

Skype: tonishajr
League of Legends Username: Momentary


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