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My name is Alex. My first username was TorterraOats, which was used for a very long time. Then it was FirelordAlex, since I love Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the Fire Nation specifically. It was then Genos, the character from One Punch Man. Right now, it's Ardent because I feel that word describes me well and looks nice.

I play League of Legends and Overwatch a lot, Minecraft every now and again, and some other things when I feel like it. I enjoy graphic design and spriting, and have done it a lot on the forums. I have been on these forums for a very long time, and love giving back as a mod! If we used to be friends on the forums and have drifted apart, or you just want to talk, feel free to message me! I might not get back right away, but I will once I see it! I really miss the old people from these forums, and I love getting in touch with them! I also enjoy making new friends.

Junior Moderator from November 14th, 2014 until September 2nd, 2015!
Global Moderator 
from January 3rd, 2016 until July 10th, 2017!

Skype: tonishajr
League of Legends Username: Momentary


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