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Hello there! I am Ice_Dragon, more commonly known as Melvin on the forums and Skype. I currently study Computer Science in university, and I am interested in internet security and malware analysis. I hope to work in an antivirus firm (McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky) once I'm done with university. Either that, or I hope to work in Google someday. My interests and hobbies are aplenty, some of which include snooker, 8 ball pool, martial arts, Pokemon, Path of Exile, Battlefield 4, Halo, Call of Duty, Dead Space 3 and the Bioshock series. I listen to a variety of music too, from instrumental pieces by Explosions In The Sky to metal songs from We Came As Romans. I can also play the electric guitar, bass and a little bit of violin.

Two areas which have governed my life are my love for philosophy and science. These two pursuits are important because I find them useful in helping us understand the world. Also, it is only through these two fields where one can adequately separate the wheat from the chaff and the truth from obscurantism. I do have a fair bit of knowledge on politics and economics too, as I enjoy learning these subjects immensely; and would be more than happy to share and discuss my views.

I used to play Pokemon competitively back in 2009 during the 4th Generation era. I was representing Magician's Force back in the day and I won my first clan war against the Pirates Brigade in 2010. I've retired from competitive battling after the inception of the 5th Generation. I simply think that the new metagame, with all its complicating factors, would take up too much of my time to fully understand. As much I'd like to continue competitive battling (and I still enjoy doing so under an alias these days), the physical constraints of space and time offer me no such luxuries.

I first joined the Marriland Forums in November 2007, and I've had the great pleasure of serving the community in more ways than one. One of the first clans I joined was Blazers United. I was the co-leader of Blazers United from 2009 to 2010, and I've been leader from 2010 to present. Some of the other clubs/clans I've been a part of include the Trial and Error Clan (competitive battler), Divergent Club (co-leader) and Team Elm (co-leader). I also served as a Marriland mentor from May 2009, and I was promoted to Global Moderator in April 2013. :)
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