Cianwood Gym

Cianwood Gym

Trainers at Cianwood Gym
Black Belt Black Belt Yoshi $648
Hitmonlee Hitmonlee M Fighting Lv. 27
804 EXP
Black Belt Black Belt Nob $600
Machop Machop M Fighting Lv. 25
400 EXP
Machoke Machoke M Fighting Lv. 27
844 EXP
Black Belt Black Belt Lao $648
Hitmonchan Hitmonchan M Fighting Lv. 27
810 EXP
Black Belt Black Belt Lung $600
Mankey Mankey M Fighting Lv. 23
364 EXP
Mankey Mankey M Fighting Lv. 23
364 EXP
Primeape Primeape M Fighting Lv. 25
798 EXP

This is fortunately a pretty easy Gym puzzle-wise, and it shouldn't prove to be too challenging challenge-wise, either. There's a bit of a diversity in the Gym's Fighting-type Pokemon, but they're all still Fighting-types, so they're weak to Flying- and Psychic-type attacks. Remember the TM you got for Pluck along the way? On Route 40? It can help give you some flapping fighting power against these Pokemon.

Remember that Bug-, Poison-, Psychic-, and Flying-type Pokemon are all resistant to Fighting-type attacks and Ghost-type Pokemon are immune altogether! Bringing in something like a Haunter or Gengar could really mess with the Trainers in here. Normal/Flying-type Pokemon, such as Pidgeotto and Noctowl, do not get the benefit of being resistant as they are also part-Normal-type, but they'll still inflict more damage with their Flying-type attacks.

To get through the Gym the easy way, just climb the stairs on the left-hand side, fight the two Black Belts (you might be able to get by fighting just one if you're quick!), then leave the Gym. Come back in (after healing if you'd like), climb back up to the second Black Belt on that side, and he will no longer be blocking the path to the valve.

The hard way just involves staying in the Gym and smashing all of the Trainers. That's what you want to do, right? Just start with the left side of the room first, but then make your way to the right side so you can cross the bridge and sneak around the Trainer who moved to press the valve. Then just talk to Chuck, who will no longer be distracted by the waterfall.

I can't figure out how to fight the Gym Leader!

It isn't the most obvious thing in the world, but you will need to press A while facing that red dial up on the left side of that bridge. Yeah, right by that copper thing. Just press A against it. That's all there is to it.

Boss Fight
Leader Leader Chuck $3720
Primeape Primeape M Fighting Lv. 29
925 EXP
Poliwrath Poliwrath M Water / Fighting Lv. 31
1,228 EXP

Chuck's Primeape shouldn't be too hard. It's fast and hits fairly hard, but it has rather weak defensees. Try and take it out quickly if you're able. It does have Focus Punch and it may try hit you with it, but if you keep striking and don't try set up against it, you should break its focus and stop it from using Focus Punch. Watch out, though, because it does have Rock Slide that will hit any of your Flying-type Pokemon fairly hard!

His Poliwrath is a bit sturdier, but it also has a weakness to Grass- and Electric-type attacks due to it being part-Water-type. One move that you need to watch out for is Focus Punch, which forces it to attack last, but if you don't damage it (or disable it by putting it to sleep or something), it will do a TON of damage to you, so you want to be striking it at all times to make sure Focus Punch always fails. It can use Hypnosis to put you to sleep, which it will then follow up with Focus Punch, so be very careful, because there's no way to get around that once you're hit with Hypnosis! It also has Surf, which won't be super strong thanks to Poliwrath's comparatively low Sp. Atk, but it will still do some decent damage.

Items at Cianwood Gym
TM01 (Focus Punch) TM01 (Focus Punch)
Received from Chuck after beating him.
Storm Badge Storm Badge
Allows your Pokemon to use Fly outside of battle to fly to any city or important location you've been to. Also ensures that traded Pokemon up to level 50 will obey you.
HM02 (Fly) HM02 (Fly)
Given to you by Chuck's wife after beating Chuck and leaving the Gym.

After beating him, he'll give you the Storm Badge, which lets you use Fly outside of battle. He'll also give you TM01 (Focus Punch), that rather deadly move that inflicts huge damage if the foe doesn't damage you in that turn. Personally you may find that it's a bit too troublesome for in-game purposes, but it can be a really good move for online or competitive play.

As soon as you leave the Gym, Chuck's wife will notice you beat him and will give you HM02 (Fly) for your troubles. Sweet! Now you can use that to fly back to Olivine City to save poor Amphy!