Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den (Surfing)
Wild Pokemon Type(s) Level Range: Rarity %
Magikarp Magikarp Water Lv. 5 ~ 20
EXP: 14 ~ 57
Dratini Dratini Dragon Lv. 5 ~ 15
EXP: 47 ~ 143
Dragon's Den (Fishing)
Wild Pokemon Type(s) Rod(s): Old Good Super
Magikarp Magikarp Water Old RodGood RodSuper Rod 100%
Dratini Dratini Dragon Good RodSuper Rod   4%
Dragonair Dragonair Dragon Super Rod     4%
Trainers at Dragon's Den
Ace Trainer Ace Trainer Kobe $2220
Dragonair Dragonair M Dragon Lv. 37
1,141 EXP
Ace Trainer Ace Trainer Piper $2100
Horsea Horsea F Water Lv. 33
586 EXP
Horsea Horsea F Water Lv. 33
586 EXP
Seadra Seadra F Water Lv. 35
1,162 EXP
Twins Twins Clea & Gil $1120
Dratini Dratini F Dragon Lv. 35
502 EXP
Dratini Dratini F Dragon Lv. 35
502 EXP
Items at Dragon's Den
Calcium Calcium
Just to the east of the first Ace Trainer you need to fight.
Max Elixir Max Elixir
Right next to Twins Clea & Gil on the western side of the den.
Dragon Fang Dragon Fang
Just off to the east of the shrine in the middle of the den, then north a bit, up on a hill.

There's a few Trainers for you to fight down here, but none of them should be that difficult compared to what you've just fought.

You'll need to cross the whirlpool in order to get to the entrance of the building, which is where you have to take the test thing. Cross the whirlpool and then, before entering the building, keep going east and you'll find the Dragon Fang, which powers up Dragon-type attacks.


If you want to make sure that you get a Dratini that knows ExtremeSpeed, save your game before entering the shrine! You will be forced into the test as soon as you enter without an opportunity to save, and if you get one question wrong, your Dratini will just be a normal Dratini instead.

Inside the building, talk to the elder there and you'll need to answer some questions in order to pass his test. If you answer incorrectly, the elder will cough and look a bit disappointed, and force you to retake the question. That's nice, but you don't want to do that, because then your Dratini will be less cool! Yeah, you heard me. You can get a Dratini after taking the test.

But, you see, if you answer all of the questions correctly without messing them up, the Dratini he gives you will have ExtremeSpeed, a pretty nice move that always goes first. Otherwise, it'll just be a normal Dratini.

Get yourself the ExtremeSpeed Dratini!

The test that the elder gives you should be fairly intuitive as long as you show a little bit of heart and think of what the nicest, most team-oriented answers are. But if you'd really like to get that Dratini without any fuss, here are the correct answers to the questions he asks you:

  1. What are Pokemon to you?
    Friend or Ally
  2. What helps you to win battles?
  3. What kind of Trainer do you wish to battle?
  4. What is most important for raising Pokemon?
  5. Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. Which is more important?

That should result in him giving you the ExtremeSpeed Dratini. Awesome! As long as he didn't cough and glance off to the side at any point, that means you'll have gotten it. Otherwise, reset (assuming you saved before taking the test) and try again.

You can get your Dratini as soon as Clair has given you TM59 (Dragon Pulse) on your way out of the Dragon's Den — after she gives it to you, come back and talk to the elder with an empty spot in your team.

After passing the quiz, Clair will come down and will give you the Rising Badge, which makes it so no traded Pokemon will disobey you, regardless of its level.

Items at Dragon's Den
Rising Badge Rising Badge
Allows your Pokemon to use Waterfall outside of battle to scale waterfalls. Also ensures that all traded Pokemon will obey you.
TM59 (Dragon Pulse) TM59 (Dragon Pulse)
Received from Clair on your way out of the Dragon's Den.

On your way out of the Dragon's Den, Clair will show up again to give you TM59 (Dragon Pulse), a powerful 90-power Dragon-type attack. If any of your Pokemon can learn it, I recommend teaching it to that Pokemon (or the one with the highest Sp. Atk if more than one can learn it). You'll really appreciate it later on. Clair will then tell you that you need to head east of New Bark Town, on to Route 27 in Kanto, if you want to get to the Pokemon League and take on the Elite Four.

Sounds like a plan! Make your way out of the Dragon's Den and, after you leave, you'll receive a call from Prof. Elm telling you he has something for you in New Bark Town. You know where to go now! New Bark Town!