Blackthorn Gym

Blackthorn Gym

Trainers at Blackthorn Gym
Ace Trainer Ace Trainer Paulo $2100
Dratini Dratini M Dragon Lv. 35
502 EXP
Dratini Dratini M Dragon Lv. 35
502 EXP
Seadra Seadra M Water Lv. 35
1,162 EXP
Ace Trainer Ace Trainer Lola $2220
Dratini Dratini F Dragon Lv. 35
502 EXP
Dragonair Dragonair F Dragon Lv. 37
1,141 EXP
Ace Trainer Ace Trainer Cody $2220
Horsea Horsea M Water Lv. 35
622 EXP
Seadra Seadra M Water Lv. 37
1,228 EXP
Ace Trainer Ace Trainer Fran $2280
Seadra Seadra F Water Lv. 38
1,261 EXP
Ace Trainer Ace Trainer Mike $2280
Dragonair Dragonair M Dragon Lv. 38
1,171 EXP

All of the Trainers in here use either Dratini, Dragonair, Horsea, or Seadra. Dratini and Dragonair are really weak to Ice- and Dragon-type attacks, but since you are more likely to have Ice-type attacks than Dragon-type attacks, that leaves them with only one viable weakness. They're also resistant to Fire-, Water-, Grass-, and Electric-type attacks! The Horseas and Seadras aren't part Dragon-type, so just fry 'em with Electric- or Grass-type attacks.

Sliding Platform Solution

Getting through the Blackthorn Gym can be a little interesting. They really souped up the puzzle in here. Now you'll have to guide platforms over pools of lava by using buttons on them: left, right, and rotate (middle button). Rotating the platform will rotate it, whereas pressing left or right (which turn into up or down when rotated) will move the platform in that direction. You may not be able to rotate the platform if it would hit a wall or object, too.

Stuck trying to get through to the Gym Leader, Clair? Well here's how you can move the platform across the lava:

First Puzzle Second Puzzle
  1. Move the platform left.
  2. Rotate it twice (with the blue button).
  3. Move the platform right.
  1. Move the platform up once.
  2. Rotate it once.
  3. Move it to the right.
  4. Rotate it twice.
  5. Move it to the right.
Third Puzzle
  1. Move the platform left once.
  2. Rotate it once.
  3. Move it right once.
  4. Rotate it once.
  5. Move it up three times.
  6. Rotate it once.
  7. Move it right once.
  8. Rotate it once.
  9. Move it up twice.

Before taking on the third and final puzzle, you might want to go heal up your Pokemon, because your next fight will be against the Gym Leader, Clair.

After you've gotten through the puzzle, you'll be able to take on Clair for your final Gym Badge! Make sure you save your game before taking her on, because she may be a bit tricky.

Boss Fight
Leader Leader Clair $4920
Gyarados Gyarados F Water / Flying Lv. 38
1,741 EXP
Dragonair Dragonair F Dragon Lv. 38
1,171 EXP
Dragonair Dragonair F Dragon Lv. 38
1,171 EXP
Kingdra Kingdra F Water / Dragon Lv. 41
1,818 EXP

Clair's Pokemon can be a bit tricky to take down. She starts with Gyarados, which you should hopefully have some experience fighting, so you should hopefully know to zap it with an Electric-type attack and keep your Physical-based attackers away, because it has Intimidate. If Electric-type attacks are unavailable, try use Rock-type attacks, or just hit it with your strongest attacks that it isn't resistant to. It can use Dragon Rage, which will do a solid 40 damage to your Pokemon — a pretty hefty chunk!

Her two Dragonairs are a bit annoying due to their multiple resistances and few weaknesses, but they shouldn't be too difficult, either. They have diverse attacks and Dragon Pulse will do a lot of damage. Be sure to have Parlyz Heals or Full Heals in case they paralyze you with Thunder Wave.

Lastly is her Kingdra, which is strong and hits pretty hard. Dragon Pulse will do a lot of damage due to Kingdra's pretty high stats. Hydro Pump will, unfortunately, hit for even more damage if it hits, so be careful! Pokemon with high Sp. Def will handle Kingdra fairly well. It may use Smokescreen on you to try and lower your accuracy, so don't let it use that too many times or you should really switch your Pokemon. You'll probably love it when it uses Hyper Beam, though, because although it does a lot of damage, it will need a turn to recharge afterward, giving you a turn to get back on your feet as well.

Hopefully you don't have too much difficulty taking her out. Buying a few X Sp. Defs from the Goldenrod Dept. Store can help give your Pokemon that extra defense boost to take her on better.

After beating her... she won't give you ANYTHING! What's that all about? You'll need to go to the Dragon's Den to prove your worth, apparently, because beating her in battle wasn't enough. Sheesh!

So make your way out of the Gym by using the warp panel, heal up your Pokemon, and go into the cave behind the Gym — the Dragon's Den!