Mahogany Gym

Mahogany Gym

Trainers at Mahogany Gym
Skier Skier Diana $928
Jynx Jynx F Ice / Psychic Lv. 29
850 EXP
Boarder Boarder Patton $864
Swinub Swinub M Ice / Ground Lv. 27
450 EXP
Swinub Swinub M Ice / Ground Lv. 27
450 EXP
Boarder Boarder Deandre $800
Seel Seel M Water Lv. 25
535 EXP
Seel Seel M Water Lv. 25
535 EXP
Dewgong Dewgong M Water / Ice Lv. 26
979 EXP
Skier Skier Jill $928
Dewgong Dewgong F Water / Ice Lv. 29
1,093 EXP
Boarder Boarder Gerardo $800
Shellder Shellder M Water Lv. 25
519 EXP
Seel Seel M Water Lv. 25
535 EXP
Cloyster Cloyster M Water / Ice Lv. 26
1,131 EXP

Oh no, it's another one of those slip-n'-slide puzzles! This one has a bit of a twist, though, as you'll find out from the first room: when you slide onto a white snowball, it'll slide forward in the direction you hit it from. Plus, if it connects with any other white snowballs, they'll both freeze and stay totally solid, so they won't move when you hit them.

The first room is super easy and meant to be a beginner course. Just slide up to hit the snowball, then left, up, right, and then up to reach the door to the next room.

The second room's puzzle is even easier. Walk behind the Skier and hug the wall right behind her, then walk right to hit the snowball and freeze the two, right again, then north and you're in. Simple. What if you mess this one up? Just leave the room and go back inside.

For the third and final room, walk over to the left side of the room and slide to your right to hit the snowball into the other snowball, then slide up and fight the Trainer, slide right, down, left, up, right, up, right, up and fight the other Trainer, left, and then up to get to the Gym Leader, Pryce.

Boss Fight
Leader Leader Pryce $4080
Seel Seel M Water Lv. 30
642 EXP
Dewgong Dewgong M Water / Ice Lv. 32
1,206 EXP
Piloswine Piloswine M Ice / Ground Lv. 34
1,165 EXP

Unless you decided to take him on before Chuck or Jasmine, he shouldn't be overly difficult. Obviously he may be a bit challenging if you started with Chikorita or are using other sorts of Grass-, Ground-, or Flying-type Pokemon (or even a Dragon-type if you have one), but hopefully you have some solid Pokemon to take him out. Fire-types aren't as good as you'd think due to all of Pryce's Pokemon having attacks that are Super Effective against them (same with Rock-types), so Fighting-types are the way to go.

Items at Mahogany Gym
TM07 (Hail) TM07 (Hail)
Received from Pryce after beating him.
Glacier Badge Glacier Badge
Allows your Pokemon to use Whirlpool outside of battle to cross across whirlpools in the water.

After beating him, he'll give you the Glacier Badge, which lets you use Whirlpool outside of battle, and he'll also give you TM07, which contains Hail. How exciting. Why not Avalanche, you cheapo?! Don't worry, you'll get it before long.

Anyway, leave the Gym and you'll get a call from Prof. Elm. He tells you to turn your radio on on your Pokegear. Do so, and you'll find that all of the channels have been taken over by Team Rocket! They've taken over the Radio Tower and are broadcasting their message out to Giovanni, their missing leader.

Not good! Well, since the guy blocking your path east still won't move, you'd better take care of Team Rocket once again! Fly on over to Goldenrod after healing your Pokemon, pronto!