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Welcome to Azurilland's Game of the Month! We hope that you enjoy the games and participate in the fun.

What is Game of the Month?
On the fifth of every month, the hosts will release a new game for the community to complete.  These games include but are not limited to crosswords, word searches, and quizzes.  Games are themed around Pokémon or Azurilland itself.  All members who complete the month's game will be listed in next month's post.  Submitting the most correct answers in the shortest time will also be recognized.

Are there any rules?
Players must complete these games entirely on their own unless the game specifies that collaboration is allowed.  Research is allowed unless otherwise told.  You are also allowed to submit incomplete entries if you cannot solve everything.  Any other necessary clarifications will be listed in the game's description.

This Month's Game: Spooky Spotlight

NOTE:  Please send a screenshot of your entire screen when submitting your score to us.  You may update your high score throughout the month.

Shine your flashlight on Pokémon to get points and recharge your battery!  But beware – if you light up a ghost Pokémon, you'll drain your battery faster!

Click HERE to play Spooky Spotlight!

Author — Pokémon.com
The deadline to submit solutions is... November 4th
Submit your answers to...  Merushii and  Thundawave


Last Month's Results: Johto Pokédex Quiz
1. This Pokémon's fleece grows back in about a week.

2. Biting into one of this Pokémon's eggs will make you smile! 

3. This Pokémon is surrounded by a very hard shell. Only its eyes can be seen. 

4. This Pokémon's eyes are specially adapted to see in the dark while it flies on its two silent wings.

5. Long ago, the howls of this Pokémon were considered to be the call of the grim reaper.

6. This vicious Pokémon eats Pidgey eggs after driving them from their nests.

7. The tip of its feet are lined with tiny barbed claws that enable it to climb on ceilings and walls.

8. Its bright light illuminates the deep oceans.

9. If you stare at this Pokémon's antlers for too long, you will begin to lose control of your senses. 

10. Legend says the north wind blows where this Pokémon appears.
First to finish with the highest score —  Awesome_Typhlosion
All participants and scores — ~Kilza~ (10/10)


Want to submit your own idea?
If you wish to contribute a game of your own, you may do so by filling out the following form and sending it via Private Message to  Merushii and  Thundawave.  Please maintain a Pokémon or Azurilland theme when creating your game.

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