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Welcome to Azurilland's Game of the Month! We hope that you enjoy the games and participate in the fun.

What is Game of the Month?
On the fifth of every month, the hosts will release a new game for the community to complete.  These games include but are not limited to crosswords, word searches, and quizzes.  Games are themed around Pokémon or Azurilland itself.  All members who complete the month's game will be listed in next month's post.  Submitting the most correct answers in the shortest time will also be recognized.

Are there any rules?
Players must complete these games entirely on their own unless the game specifies that collaboration is allowed. Research is allowed unless otherwise told. You are also allowed to submit incomplete entries if you cannot solve everything. Any other necessary clarifications will be listed in the game's description.

This Month's Game: Pokémon.com Stats Hunting

Your goal is to determine which Pokémon each stat box represents. You will need to hunt for these stat boxes on Pokémon.com. You may do research on any other websites you wish with the given clues to come to your conclusion. If you think you know which Pokémon it is, use the search box in the Pokédex on Pokémon.com and see if the stat boxes match up!

If you have any questions, please ask! Click the spoiler to see the questions.

- Weaknesses are Fighting, Bug, and Fairy
- First stage Pokémon with one evolution
- The character Luke owns one of these in the anime
- This was the first Generation V Pokémon to be revealed

- This is a starter Pokémon
- It is able to sense the flow of water
- In Generation VII, it learns Bide at Level 17

- The character May owns one of these in the anime
- Weaknesses are Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel
- It was introduced in Generation IV

- This is a Pokémon that hunts by air
- It was introduced in Generation I

- This is a Legendary Pokémon with more than one form
- It lives in an alternate world

- This is a Bug/Flying-type
- It has different patterns based on the player's geographical location

- Its name contains two of the letter 'k'
- In Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, it can be found in the same location as Mimikyu
- In Pokémon Shuffle, it has the ability Block Smash

- Grabbing one of its tails could result in a 1,000-year long curse
- This Pokémon has a regional variant

- This is a final stage Pokémon
- The light it gives off is so strong that it can be seen from incredible distances

- This Pokémon is of the feline variety
- Its cute act is just that...an act! It makes off with its victim's items when they let their guard down


Author —  Merushii
Idea Submitted By — Mirage
The deadline to submit solutions is — August 4th
Submit your answers to —  Merushii and  Thundawave


Last Month's Results: Kanto City Crossword
First to finish with the highest score — LordLucas9182
All participants and scores — LordLucas9182 (10/10)
Revan (10/10)
 Screem (10/10)
Bones Barlow (10/10)
Awesome_Typhlosion (10/10)
~Kilza~ (10/10)
Cursebreaker (10/10)


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