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Welcome to Azurilland's Game of the Month! We hope that you enjoy the games and participate in the fun.

What is Game of the Month?
On the fifth of every month, the hosts will release a new game for the community to complete.  These games include but are not limited to crosswords, word searches, and quizzes.  Games are themed around Pokémon or Azurilland itself.  All members who complete the month's game will be listed in next month's post.  Submitting the most correct answers in the shortest time will also be recognized.

Are there any rules?
Players must complete these games entirely on their own unless the game specifies that collaboration is allowed.  Research is allowed unless otherwise told.  You are also allowed to submit incomplete entries if you cannot solve everything.  Any other necessary clarifications will be listed in the game's description.

This Month's Game: Generation 1 Quiz

Note:  Research is not allowed for this quiz.  Answer the questions with your best educated guesses.  Remember that incomplete submissions are permitted!

1. In what month of 1996 were the original Red and Green games released in Japan?

2. What level is Misty's Starmie in Red, Blue, and Yellow?

3. Which of the Legendary Bird trio is found on Victory Road?

4. How many copies of the original Yellow were sold worldwide (rounded to one significant figure)?

5. Critical hits were based on what stat?

6. Which move would cause you to kill yourself if used when you have 25% HP?

7. Which key item do you obtain by beating Giovanni in the Game Corner?

8. Name Lorelei's only Pokémon that isn't partially Water-type.

9. How many Pokémon (and thus how many slots of Missingno. exist) were cut from the original roster?

10. Where is the mysterious truck located?

11. Which character was originally designed to be a fightable trainer, but whose battle was cut before the release of the games?

12. Pinsir is not available in the wild in which of the three games?

13. On Route 18, which Pokémon can you trade a Slowbro for?

Author — Vayatir
The deadline to submit solutions is... April 4th
Submit your answers to...  Merushii and  Thundawave


Last Month's Results: Staff Member and Advisory Crossword
First to finish with the highest score —  Solar
All participants and scores — Aiedail (12/12)
 Bolin (12/12)
Dregran (12/12)
 GokeyPokey (12/12)
Pendraflare (12/12)
piplup17 (12/12)
Resolute (9/12)
Revan (12/12)
 Solar (12/12)


Want to submit your own idea?
If you wish to contribute a game of your own, you may do so by filling out the following form and sending it via Private Message to  Merushii and  Thundawave.  Please maintain a Pokémon or Azurilland theme when creating your game.

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