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If you have any questions about how to do things on the Azurilland Forums, you can ask here. Additionally, we like to hear your input regarding the Azurilland Forums, so this is where you can tell us what you like and what you don't like.
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How to Report Bugs / List of Known Bugs >>
by shhmew
15 3,525
Azurilland Frequently Asked Questions [Check Here First for Your Question and Ask Any Quick Questions Here] >>
by shhmew
995 45,309
How to Add Images to Your Post or Signature >>
by shhmew
10 2,433
How to Use BBCode >>
by Thundawave
40 8,258
Staff Feedback Thread >>
by bluejay100
207 14,389
Forum Language [What Does This Term/Acronym Mean?!] >>
by shhmew
31 5,357
Feedback from a Newer User >>
by Pemderp
2 123
The Future of Azurilland Plays >>
by seaturtle
8 350
Merge account request / how to recover old account when the link is broken? >> 5 200
Lost Account >> 1 133
User Input please do something about SOTM and MAC >>
by shhmew
28 941
We Should Add The Vessev Emote >>
by varhII
5 156
I need my info removed from an account I no longer have access to >>
by cakeaisle
1 136
Chess tourney >>
by Dawn Dratini
7 387
Competitive Battling — Interest and Where to Go from Here >>
by Merushii
20 684