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  • Same applies for the previous top. This is a very difficult list to make as I unfortunately can't include players like Barry Sanders and Walter Payton, as I barely remember seeing them as a kid, along with others I'm not thinking of.
  • Brett Favre with the Packers had some moments of all kinds during his playtime there. The departure was not pleasant but it did eventually end better as years went by.
    Brian Urlacher with the Bears for being a tough and intimidating NFC North rival with character that I respect. (2006 overrated my ass)
    Ladainian Tomlinson with the Chargers/Jets was a class act that I enjoyed watching when I could. It's a shame his departure with the Chargers didn't end well (I'm looking at you AJ Smith and Phillip Rivers :l ).
    Michael Strahan with the NY Giants for being entertaining to listen to when mic'd up or just around in general.
    Jerome Bettis with the Steelers for being...he's a teddy bear man. c:

  • Considering my family grew up mostly as Packer fans, I doubt it would be an NFC North rival. I have had cases of going with the Steelers as a teen so...I guess I'll say them.
  • No. There's been talk from Rodgers that he's, and I quote, "On the back nine of his career, but is just starting the back nine". Rodgers can only do so much and as long as they've got a head coach in McCarthy trying to make us believe that he's got faith that Defense Coordinator (Dom Capers) will bounce back like Mason Crosby (Kicker) did years ago. You can't put a DC and Kicker on the same level! Kickers kick-off, kick FGs and kick extra times. DCs command an entire defensive scheme (with assistance from separate coordinators in different fields) and he's never on the field sideline to all! Unless he proves me wrong, I don't expect it to happen with what's left in the Rodgers era.
  • This is a little tough as I want to say Super Star for SNES/Ultra DS for how much time I've invested into it in my life over the years but slowly Triple Deluxe has gotten up there. The worlds and locations just feel more Kirby to me and I enjoy (while being frustrated at some things in the game, screw you Pyribbit). I haven't played Return to Dreamland yet and haven't finished the main game of Planet Robobot but right now I'll say Triple Deluxe, despite not being done with Dedede Tour just yet.