Wifi Trading (5th Gen)

Looking to trade online for some Pokémon to help complete your collection or just give you an edge? Or perhaps you're looking to trade away some of your own Pokémon. This forum is for any quick trades! Remember to use tags to help filter posts.
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Trade Shops (5th Gen)

Do you have a LOT of things to trade? Are you planning on doing more than a quick trade here and there? Or perhaps you want to see a wide variety. This forum is for any detailed trade "shops," which should have listings of Pokémon available for trade.
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Giveaways and Services (5th Gen)

Looking for freebie pokemon? Or maybe some services such as cloning, eving, evolution trading, etc. Well this is the place to look for all that.
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How to Avoid Getting Traded Hacks or Scammed >>
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Pokemon Quick Trade Thread V2 >>
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How to Avoid Getting Scammed or Traded Hacks >>
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~Trader Talk: Questions and General Chatting thread~ >>
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~EV Training Guide~ >>
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Regenerator Alomomola >>
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i have 5 iv eevee with wish yawn store power and curse i just need a powersave to shinify >>
by zenomegadante
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Give and receive help before the wifi shutdown. >>
by Polo997n
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Looking for Skitty, giving tepig >>
by Dragonite153
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free (free meaning give me a pkm you don't want) legendary(s) (non gen 6) >>
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dex filler VULLABY & BUNEARY >>
by yorrrr
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Female Eevee with the Hidden Ability. >>
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Meloetta, Keldeo, VGC Larvitar, Movie Pichu and Custom RNG's >>
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In search of dream world females >>
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