| July 2018 | Official Azurilland Tournament — Red, White, and Blue!


It's almost time for American Independance Day, and what better way to celebrate then to participate in a tournament with fellow Azurillanders? Battle using Pokémon that are Red, White, and Blue to claim your way to victory! The winner of the tournament claims a special in-game competitively bred Pokémon. Check the Official Thread for more information!

Tournament Rules
- Double elimination
- No Ubers allowed

- All Smogon tiers are in place 
- Only use Pokémon classified as Red, White, or Blue in the Pokédex
- You may change your team between rounds

Prize Pokémon
Braviary Braviary @ Leftovers 
Ability: Defiant 
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Atk / 252 SpD 
Careful Nature 
- Brave Bird 
- Bulk Up 
- Roost 
- Substitute


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