The Azurilland Theatrical Company - Summer Play || Open Casting Call!


The Azurilland Theatrical Company is BACK and calling for open auditions for their first ever play! All members of Azurilland are invited to participate in this large production, where you can try your hand at voice acting and learn a bit about performance art!

The company has successfully complete two previous musical projects, and this time they're looking to expand their repertoire and create something bigger, more dramatic, and more fun! Don't be shy about joining in! 


How to Sign Up:
-Fill out the form and post in the thread
-Prepare your audition 
-Submit your audition audio files to  Solar


The audition period will last until June 7th, and you have full freedom over the content you submit! The play will be announced after auditions have closed. Head over to the official thread for more information!

Good luck to everyone who auditions, and get hyped for the next exciting installment from forum's drama troupe! 

Past Productions
The Lion King
Thread | YouTube
Beauty and the Beast
Thread | YouTube


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