The Azurilland Theatrical Company Presents: Beauty and the Beast! || Premiere February 25th at 6:00PM EST ||

Save the date! The Azurilland Theatrical Company has completed production of Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast', and YOU are invited to attend the exclusive premiere!

The forum musical is a collaboration of talented performers from all over the forum. It features immersive actors, enchanting singers, and mesmerizing musicians. Directed by  Solar, they have all worked tirelessly to put on an amazing show, and they can't wait to show all of you what they've done! The final product will be released on YouTube, but a special premiere night will be held on February 25th — and all Azurilland users are invited to attend!

Beauty and the Beast, as presented by the Azurilland Theatrical Company
Showing Time: February 25th, 6:00PM EST / UTC -2:00
Showing LocationSolar's room Opening Time: 5:50PM EST

The room will appear locked, please submit your name in order to enter the room. Be aware that there is a limit of 25 users that can be in the room.


Cast of Beauty and the Beast, as presented by the Azurilland Theatrical Company:
Belle - QueenMerfairy
The Beast - Bones Barlow
Gaston - Spartan
Mrs. Potts - SarasaKat
✧ Lumière - Solar
Cogsworth - Bolin

Le Fou - I H S A A N
Maurice - Awesome_Typhlosion
Madame de Garderobe - Thundawave
Maestro Cadenza - Aiedail
Plumette - Bijou
Chip - theDINOsaurus
Monsieur D'Arque - Silver
Violin - bluejay100


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