Azuriprom Signups Open! Wonderful Music, Movies, Fun Games, And More!

(Official Signup Thread Link)

Main Hosts:

Azurilland's first ever Azuriprom is now accepting signups through January 31st! While it is not required that you have a friendly date for the event, some events will require you find someone to buddy up with.

What is the Azurilland Prom?

The Azuriprom is a very large forum event made up of a wondrous variety of smaller activities — and it'll be taking over the forums for the month of February!

There will be a movie showing of 'Pokémon: The First Movie,' a casual tournament in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, a game of Everyone is Mafia, a Prom Dinner, and more!

Stop by and sign up, bring a date if you so desire, and have some fun!
Full details for all of the events are located in the official thread.



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