Mafia (Anonymous Signups): ♢ Clarion My Wayward Son ♢

Mafia: Clarion My Wayward Son



Another game of Mafia has begun taking signups.  There are a few spots left, so be swift!
All signups must be in by Monday, July 17th, at 11:59PM EDT.

VERY IMPORTANT: This game of Mafia differs from most of those previous in that signups are anonymous. You must create a new Final Fantasy-themed account that begins with M_. (For example, M_Cloud or M_Antlion.)

* Citizen has been removed.
* Targets that have been blackmailed may only vote or unvote three times per day.

So What Is Mafia?

Mafia is a game in which two factions work to destroy the other: 'Town' and 'Mafia' (benign and evil neutrals are even thrown into the mix!). Each participating player is given a role; each of these roles is special, as they have the ability to influence how the game plays out according to the order of operations at Night.

During the Day, everyone talks within the official thread about what happened during the Night, how to move on, and whom to lynch.
During the Night, specific chats open up, and certain roles select a target to use their unique abilities on.

To read more about the game and sign up, please visit the official thread here. As mentioned, this version of the game is quite different — so please read up!

We hope you enjoy the game! Remember not to talk about Mafia outside of Mafia...



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