The Azurilland Awards 2016 — The Results Are In!

Azurilland's community has spoken; the results for this year's Azurilland Awards are in!

Thank you for voting, and congratulations to our winners! Please visit the official thread here to chat about this year's event. Have a wonderful 2017!

Best Avatar Best Signature Best Profile Nicest Member Funniest Member
Bossvelt Thundawave Shhmew Merushii Bossvelt
Most Helpful Member Biggest Drama Funniest Quote Coolest Member Best Graphic Designer
Shhmew #FeelTheVolt/#MakeAzurillandGreatAgain Scrafty Vayatir Thundawave
Best Spriter Favorite Staff Member Favorite Azuricast Guest Most Missed Member Best Returning Member
Ardent Thundawave Aiedail Flower Cleb
Best Topic Best Roleplayer Best Roleplay Most Intelligent Member Best Photo Album Picture
Forum Crushes Aiedail Soulmates bluejay100 Thundawave
Hottest Debate Best G&OR Game Best Mafia Player Biggest News Story Best Topic Creator
Pro-life v. Pro-choice Epic Rap Battles of Azurilland Vayatir Pokémon Sun and Moon Flower
Best Member Who Joined in 2016 Most Likely to Brighten Your Day Most Talented Writer Most Likely to Become a Millionaire Most Likely to Take Over the World
Meloetta Merushii Aiedail bluejay100 Vayatir
Biggest Ego Best Friends Best Competitive Battler Best New Username Best Fad
Meloetta and Dregran Ardent and Vayatir Dregran Volkner -> Dregran Badges




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