December's Monthly Spriting Contest — The Finale

Monthly Spriting Contest — The Finale


The Monthly Spriting Contest — an event in which users submit original sprites according to a theme to be judged by other users — has run since 2010. This will be its final month. In January, it will be replaced by a new contest: The Monthly Drawing Contest!

With that said, our final Monthly Spriting Contest will be accepting entries until December 21st. The final theme is 'time of day recolors'. Recolor any Pokémon so that it represents a certain time of the day (morning, afternoon, evening, night). Visit the official entry phase thread for more details.

Get creative and have fun! Join us in celebrating one final MSC, and the dawn of a new contest!

Farewell, MSC!
Special thanks to:
-Klave and Amethysttiger for keeping the contest going since 2010
-Christopher_Robin for reviving the contest in 2013
-Shhmew for running the contest alongside Scrafty
-Bijou and Merushii for subbing in when the hosts weren't around
-The participants and the voters!


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