Black Tower

Black Tower

There are a total of 10 areas in the Black Tower. You can't use items while you're inside (other than held items), or even go into your bag, but you do gain EXP and some money from each battle, making it a good place to train in. You won't be able to heal, but you don't have to clear all 10 areas in a row; once you've cleared one, you'll be taken outside, healed, and are then able to visit the next area or revisit a previous one.

The areas and Trainers inside are random, aside from the Boss Trainers, who remain the same every time. In each area, you need to track down the Gate Trainer, who will unlock the gate to the Boss Trainer, who you must fight in order to clear the area. You may also find a Nurse or Doctor to heal your Pokemon up if you can win against them, but keep in mind they will heal your Pokemon only once per trip through the area, so you should save their healing for a time when you need it.

Area 1

Boss Fight
  Boss Trainer $10600
Unfezant Unfezant Male Normal / Flying Lv. 53
Boldore Boldore Male Rock Lv. 53
Pawniard Pawniard Male Dark / Steel Lv. 53

Area 2

Boss Fight
  Boss Trainer $11200
Watchog Watchog Female Normal Lv. 56
Swoobat Swoobat Female Psychic / Flying Lv. 56
Basculin Basculin Female Water Lv. 56

Area 3

Boss Fight
  Boss Trainer $11800
Bouffalant Bouffalant Male Normal Lv. 59
Swanna Swanna Male Water / Flying Lv. 59
Scolipede Scolipede Male Bug / Poison Lv. 59

Area 4

Boss Fight
  Boss Trainer $12400
Gigalith Gigalith Female Rock Lv. 62
Seviper Seviper Female Poison Lv. 62
Durant Durant Female Bug / Steel Lv. 62

Area 5

Boss Fight
  Boss Trainer $13000
Bronzong Bronzong   Steel / Psychic Lv. 65
Kabutops Kabutops Male Rock / Water Lv. 65
Golurk Golurk   Ground / Ghost Lv. 65

Key to the City

After you've cleared Area 5, you'll receive the Tower Key that unlocks Black City. While this may not be important to you if you are playing Black 2, which is where you unlock the key in, it can be sent to a White 2 version using the Key System's Send & Receive Keys feature to grant them access to Black City and Black Tower, which are not normally accessible.

Area 6

Boss Fight
  Boss Trainer $13600
Porygon-Z Porygon-Z   Normal Lv. 68
Breloom Breloom Female Grass / Fighting Lv. 68
Armaldo Armaldo Male Rock / Bug Lv. 68

Area 7

Boss Fight
  Boss Trainer $14200
Gyarados Gyarados Male Water / Flying Lv. 71
Dusknoir Dusknoir Male Ghost Lv. 71
Weavile Weavile Male Dark / Ice Lv. 71

Area 8

Boss Fight
  Boss Trainer $14800
Infernape Infernape Male Fire / Fighting Lv. 74
Archeops Archeops Male Rock / Flying Lv. 74
Tornadus Tornadus Male Flying Lv. 74

Area 9

Boss Fight
  Boss Trainer $15400
Hydreigon Hydreigon Male Dark / Dragon Lv. 77
Articuno Articuno   Ice / Flying Lv. 77
Entei Entei   Fire Lv. 77

Area 10

Boss Fight
Boss Trainer
Boss Trainer Benga $16000
Latios Latios Male Dragon / Psychic Lv. 80
Garchomp Garchomp Male Dragon / Ground Lv. 80
Volcarona Volcarona Male Bug / Fire Lv. 80

After beating Benga, when you return to Area 10, the Boss Trainer is replaced.

Shiny Prize for Beating Benga

Shiny GibleAfter beating Benga in Area 10 of the Black Tower, you can return to Alder's House in Floccesy Town, where you'll be rewarded with a Shiny Gible for your victory.

Boss Fight
  Boss Trainer $16000
Suicune Suicune   Water Lv. 80
Heatran Heatran Female Fire / Steel Lv. 80
Latios Latios Male Dragon / Psychic Lv. 80