Nacrene City

Nacrene City

Nacrene City hasn't changed too much since the days of Black and White, although there are a few things in town to make visiting worth your while. But let's start with Café Warehouse, which is the first building you'll find upon entering. Inside, you can talk to the maid and she'll give you a free Soda Pop on Wednesdays. That's unfortunately it, though.

Further to the east you'll find the Nacrene Museum. It's no longer a Gym, but you can go inside of it to meet with Lenora, a former Gym Leader.

Uxie in Hiding!

Uxie SpriteIf you've already visited the Heart Cave on Route 20 (requires Surf and Waterfall) and observed Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie there, you'll be able to encounter the legendary Pokemon Uxie just outside of the Nacrene Museum.

It won't be visible right away, but take a few steps around the exterior of the museum and it will appear, ready for you to battle it. It's a Psychic-type and at level 68, so pick it up if you want it.

Inside of the museum, you'll run into Hawes. He'll talk for a little bit before his wife, Lenora, shows up and introduces herself, but not before asking which fossil you'd rather have. Yes, she cuts straight to the point!

You can choose between the Cover Fossil (top option) or the Plume Fossil (middle option). You are able to get only one of these fossils, so you'll need to trade for the other one. You can also just decline by saying no (you'll get another chance the next time you talk to Lenora). Regardless, Lenora will give you the fossil of your choice (if you chose to accept one) and will then head off to the basement. Hawes will show you around, showing you a few different sites. One of the things he shows you is a collection of meteorites that are said to have a connection to Deoxys. You can use them to change the form of your Deoxys. He also shows you a replica of the Light Stone.

You can talk to the receptionist on the right to revive one of your fossils, including the one you just got. You'll need to have room in your party, as well as a fossil to exchange, but she'll revive any fossil of your choice to its corresponding Pokemon, fresh at level 25.

Fossilize me, Cap'n!

Tirtouga SpriteReviving fossils is a good way to get some of the rarer Pokemon. While you are forced to pick between the Cover Fossil and the Plume Fossil, there are plenty of other fossils available in the game if you talk to the Worker in the basement of Twist Mountain. He'll give you one once per day when you talk to him, although he won't give you either the Cover Fossil or Plume Fossil, so keep that in mind for your decision.

What do the fossils turn into? Here's a list!

  • Helix Fossil turns into the Rock/Water-type Omanyte.
  • Dome Fossil turns into the Rock/Water-type Kabuto.
  • Old Amber turns into the Rock/Flying-type Aerodactyl.
  • Root Fossil turns into the Rock/Grass-type Lileep.
  • Claw Fossil turns into the Rock/Bug-type Anorith.
  • Skull Fossil turns into the Rock-type Cranidos.
  • Armor Fossil turns into the Rock/Steel-type Shieldon.
  • Cover Fossil turns into the Rock/Water-type Tirtouga.
  • Plume Fossil turns into the Rock/Flying-type Archen.

In the back of the museum, you'll find a library, which served as the Gym in the old games. The stairs lead down to Lenora's room, where you can talk to her again.

South of the museum is the Pokemon Center. The first house to the west of it has a guy who will sell you all of the X items, although since you can buy them on Shopping Mall Nine, it isn't quite as exciting as it was in the original games. However, what is exciting is that this house also contains the final Move Tutor, who will teach your Pokemon moves in exchange for Green Shards!

Cost Move Type Power Acc.% Category PP Target
Worry Seed Grass -- 100% Status 10 One Nearby
Gastro Acid Poison -- 100% Status 10 One Nearby
Helping Hand Normal -- -- Status 20 A Nearby Ally
After You Normal -- -- Status 15 One Nearby
Magic Room Psychic -- -- Status 10 Whole Field
Wonder Room Psychic -- -- Status 10 Whole Field
Spite Ghost -- 100% Status 10 One Nearby
Recycle Normal -- -- Status 10 Self
Trick Psychic -- 100% Status 10 One Nearby
Stealth Rock Rock -- -- Status 20 Foe's Field
Outrage Dragon 120 100% Physical 10 Random Foe
Endeavor Normal varies 100% Physical 5 One Nearby
Sleep Talk Normal -- -- Status 10 Self
Skill Swap Psychic -- -- Status 10 One Nearby
Snatch Dark -- -- Status 10 Self

The house adjacent to it has nothing overly exciting in it, but keep heading west to find a hidden PP Up on the train tracks.

The first house you can enter to the east of the Pokemon Center has a girl in there that will see how much effort your lead Pokemon has put in, which is useful to determine whether or not your Pokemon has maxed out its Effort Values or EVs.

The house just past that is Loblolly's Studio, where she will give you exclusive items for the Pokemon Dream World provided you have performed a Game Sync and have registered on

Well, that's all there is to do in Nacrene City, so make your way onto the southeast part of town to reach Route 3!