Aspertia City

Aspertia City

After you've beaten the game, you'll find yourself back where you started your adventure: in your bedroom in Aspertia City. As you leave your bedroom, your mom will approach you and will say that she's expecting a visitor. Not more than a moment later, a man appears and introduces himself as Professor Juniper! Cedric Juniper, that is — Professor Juniper's father. He'll then give you the upgrade to your Pokedex, enabling National Dex mode. From this point forward, all Pokedex #'s shown in your status screens and PC menus will be for the National Dex # instead of the Unova Dex #, although you can still see the Unova Dex #'s in your Pokedex if you shift between the modes. (Additionally, when you check out Amanita's PC after beating the game, you'll be rewarded with new box backgrounds you can use!)

He'll say some other stuff before leaving. Your mom will give you a present, though: two Max Revives!

Outside, you'll run into Hugh and his little sister, who thank you for helping return her Purrloin — well, Liepard now. She and Hugh tell you about a Zoroark that was spotted up on Victory Road. Hmm, very interesting.


A Heart Swarming Story!

Now that you've beaten Black 2 or White 2, you'll find that you can run into Pokemon Swarms on many of the routes or areas throughout Unova. If you visit any of the gates between routes and towns, pay attention to the scrolling text on the bulletin board: it'll tell you the location where there's a Pokemon outbreak!

The location always has the same Pokemon in it when there's a swarm there, but the location that there's a swarm in changes every day.

Here's a list of the areas and the swarming Pokemon you can run into if there's a Pokemon outbreak there:

  • Route 1: Farfetch'd
  • Route 3: Volbeat (Black 2) or Illumise (White 2)
  • Route 5: Natu
  • Route 6: Plusle (Black 2) or Minun (White 2)
  • Route 7: Furret
  • Route 8: Quagsire
  • Route 9: Swalot
  • Route 11: Masquerain
  • Route 12: Doduo
  • Route 13: Swellow
  • Route 15: Fearow
  • Route 16: Pineco
  • Route 18: Hoppip
  • Route 20: Sudowoodo (Black 2) or Mr. Mime (White 2)
  • Route 22: Ariados (Black 2) or Ledian (White 2)
  • Desert Resort: Hippowdon
  • Reversal Mountain (outer): Cacturne
  • Abundant Shrine: Slowpoke
  • Dreamyard: Hypno

There are a whole ton of things you can do at this point, but one thing you might want to do right away is return to Floccesy Town to fight a retired Pokemon League Champion. Don't worry, he isn't too tough, although will provide a nice challenge to get you fired up.