Plasma Frigate (White 2)

Plasma Frigate

When you arrive, you'll see the boat, but then Hugh will show up from behind you. Suddenly, everything will go dark, leaving you thinking it was a trap! Turns out it was just Marlon, who managed to jump aboard and brought out the boarding plank for you to climb on. After some talking, he'll head off, leaving you and Hugh free to board the Plasma Frigate.

Once you're aboard, you'll have to fight a Team Plasma Grunt. He uses a Watchog L46 and a Garbodor L46. The two Grunts will run off to the south afterwards, while Hugh leaves off to the north in search of Zinzolin instead.

Follow Hugh to the north and he'll head inside. There's two Plasma Grunts in there that you'll have to team up against. The male Grunt has a Golbat L46 and a Drapion L46, while the female Grunt has a Seviper L46 and Garbodor L46. Hugh leads with his fully-evolved starter Pokemon at level 50, which should be great, unless you started with Oshawott (then it will be a Serperior and will be the victim of super effective attacks). He'll replace his Pokemon with other Pokemon on his team if his starter gets knocked out, making this an easy fight.

After beating them, they'll scurry off, but then, depending on what game you're playing, you'll have to deal with a different puzzle.

Plasma Frigate (White 2)

Before Hugh runs off, he tells you that you need a password in order to lower the force field and gain access back there. You'll also need the Plasma Card in order to even input it, too, so you'll have to the southern part of the ship in search of it. Before going too far, keep in mind that there's a Revive on the northern part of the ship, while there's TM67 (Retaliate) down on the southeastern part of the ship.

Head to the southern part of the ship and then down the stairs. Hugh will be down there, along with some Team Plasma Grunts. Hugh will run off afterwards in search of the Purrloin, while the Grunt you were talking to won't actually battle you. The two running around on the sides will battle you, though. The one on the left has a Scraggy L45, a Krokorok L45, and a Golbat L45. The one on the right uses a Scrafty L47 instead.

There are a total of six rooms you can enter here; three on the left side, three on the right side.

  • The top-left room has a Plasma Grunt with a Weezing L47. He'll tell you the first letter of the password.
  • The top-right room has a Plasma Grunt with a Drapion L47. She'll tell you that it's of a Pokemon that is part-Dragon-type, but that's it.
  • The middle-left and bottom-left room is some kind of dining room and kitchen.
    • There's a Electrizer in there waiting for you, which you can give to an Electabuzz and trade it to evolve it into Electivire.
    • The Grunt in the top-left corner will show you a picture of both Zekrom and Reshiram (which count them as being seen in your Pokedex).
    • The Plasma Grunt in the middle of the tables will fight you, and she uses a Pawniard L45, a Pawniard L45, and yet another Pawniard L45. She'll give you the Plasma Card after you beat her, which is required in order to input the password.
    • There's another Plasma Grunt that will battle you, down by the Baker, and he uses a Garbodor L47. After beating him, he'll tell you the secondary type of the Pokemon in the password.
  • The middle-right room has two Plasma Grunts in it, although they won't battle you. Instead, they'll tell you that you can use the bed there to rest and heal up your Pokemon. Uhhh, that's a little awkward, but don't worry, nothing bad happens if you sleep there, so you might as well take the opportunity to heal.
  • The bottom-right room has two Plasma Grunts in it, and these ones do fight you. The first has a Whirlipede L46 and a Watchog L46. He'll give you a hint after you beat him. The second Plasma Grunt uses a Krokorok L46 and a Raticate L46. After beating him, he'll tell you the color of the Pokemon of the password, if it's a Pokemon.

The most important thing you need to do is go to the kitchen in the middle/bottom-left and fight the Plasma Grunt in the middle to receive the Plasma Card. That will let you input the password in the room with the force fields.

Passwords to the Plasma Frigate

I'm jumping ahead here, but that's because a lot of people have problems with entering the password needed for the Plasma Frigate. You have to input a password after getting the Plasma Card. It'll always be one of the following:

  • 2202
  • 7707
  • 9909
  • Reshiram (case insensitive)
  • Zekrom (case insensitive)

The above passwords work in the INTERNATIONAL versions of the games, so if you bought it in your local language in your country, you should be just fine.

Plasma Frigate (Both Versions)

Once you've disarmed the barrier, you can head over to the teleporter, which leads you up to a room with Zinzolin and another Plasma Grunt. He'll introduce you to the Pokemon, Kyurem, which he's managed to catch inside of a gigantic cage! That's what caused the ice missiles back in Opelucid City.

After a little more discussion, Hugh shows up and teams up with you to take on Zinzolin and the Plasma Grunt!

Boss Fight
Team Plasma
Team Plasma Zinzolin $10800
Cryogonal Cryogonal   Ice Lv. 48
Cryogonal Cryogonal   Ice Lv. 48
Weavile Weavile Male Dark / Ice Lv. 50
Team Plasma
Team Plasma Grunt  
Liepard Liepard Male Dark Lv. 45
Scolipede Scolipede Male Bug / Poison Lv. 45
Watchog Watchog Male Normal Lv. 45

Hugh will use the same Pokemon he used earlier, meaning he's packing his fully-evolved starter. If you started with Oshawott, his Serperior will probably get knocked out pretty quickly, so use that time to focus on taking out Zinzolin and the Grunt's Pokemon, knowing that Hugh will likely replace it with a much more useful Simisear afterwards.

Once you've beaten them, you two will exchange words, but then the Shadow Triad will appear teleport you away, leaving you to watch the Plasma Frigate fly off! Yikes!

You and Hugh will be left on the beach, though Cheren will show up afterwards and tell you that he saw it head over towards the Giant Chasm. You can find the way in there from Route 22, which you visited earlier.

Well, now it's time for you to make your return to Route 22 and then head into the Giant Chasm at the very back of the route!