Seaside Cave

Seaside Cave

Seaside Cave 1F
Wild Pokemon Types Level(s) Rarity
Woobat Woobat Psychic / Flying Lv. 34 ~ 36 35%
Golduck Golduck Water Lv. 34 ~ 36 35%
Seel Seel Water Lv. 35 10%
Boldore Boldore Rock Lv. 35, 37 15%
Tynamo Tynamo Electric Lv. 37 5%
Shaking Grass / Swirling Dust Level(s) Rarity
Excadrill Excadrill Ground / Steel Lv. 34 ~ 37 100%
Surfing Types Level(s) Rarity
Frillish Frillish Water / Ghost Lv. 25 ~ 40 70%
Seel Seel Water Lv. 25 ~ 40 30%
Surfing (in surfacing fish) Level(s) Rarity
Seel Seel Water Lv. 25 ~ 40 60%
Jellicent Jellicent Water / Ghost Lv. 25 ~ 40 30%
Dewgong Dewgong Water / Ice Lv. 30 ~ 40 10%

Head south from the entrance to find a Battle Girl. She uses a Heracross L47. South of her, in that little pit, you can find a Full Restore exposed in the open. Now go back to the Battle Girl and then hop down the ledge to the PKMN Ranger, who uses a Vibrava L46 and a Gligar L46. She'll give you a Persim Berry after beating her. There's also a Blue Shard hidden nearby her.

You can now jump either to the east or to the south. Jumping south leads you to a Dive Ball and then down towards a bridge. There's another PKMN Ranger down there with an Onix L46 and a Lairon L46. He'll give you another Persim Berry after your win. South of him, you'll find a Black Belt with three Roggenrola. These guys were all blocking your path earlier if you tried to access the Seaside Cave from Undella Bay, but as you approach him, he'll challenge you to a fight. He's got a Roggenrola L44, a Roggenrola L44, a Roggenrola L44, and, you guessed it, a Roggenrola L44. After beating him, he'll head off and take his band of boulders with him, giving you quicker access into the Seaside Cave.

That's all there is down there, though, so you're going to need to go back to the entrance (by where the Battle Girl was) and jump down, but this time jump over to the east. Doing so leads you to a path that you can follow down to find some water as well as a Black Belt with a Scrafty L47. Use Surf to cross the water and pick up the Heart Scale on the little island, then head north. It's a long trek, but it'll take you right to where you need to go.

At the shore there, there's some stairs leading down to another floor, and then some steps leading up to a boulder-lookin' thing. Head up the steps and then north to the rock, which is hiding a Calcium. Assuming you've gotten the Colress MCHN from Colress on Route 22, you'll be able to use it on the thingy by pressing A on it. Doing so will reveal it to be a Crustle L42 that you have to defeat. You can leave out the exit, which will take you over to the Plasma Frigate, but I'd recommend continuing to explore the rest of the Seaside Cave by taking the stairs downstairs first.

Seaside Cave B1F

Seaside Cave B1F
Wild Pokemon Types Level(s) Rarity
Woobat Woobat Psychic / Flying Lv. 39 ~ 41 35%
Boldore Boldore Rock Lv. 39, 40, 42 35%
Golduck Golduck Water Lv. 40 20%
Eelektrik Eelektrik Electric Lv. 42 5%
Shuckle Shuckle Bug / Rock Lv. 41 5%
Shaking Grass / Swirling Dust Level(s) Rarity
Excadrill Excadrill Ground / Steel Lv. 39 ~ 42 100%

Down here, you're going to need a lot of Strength. Yup, that's right, you've gotta push boulders all around. You won't be able to move any of the boulders to the right just yet, so start by heading south and pushing the boulder there into the hole, although you may want to pick up the nearby Max Repel first.

Past that boulder is a Battle Girl with a Mienfoo L47. Alright, now the fun part. Push the first boulder into the hole to the left, then walk over and push the next one north into the hole. That will let you push the one above it forward one, but then you'll have to go around and push it to the side into the hole. Head inward and push the boulder south, then push the next boulder once to the right and twice north so it falls in the hole. Pick up the Rare Candy there, then push the next boulder north two and then right one.

Follow the path until you find another Black Belt. He uses a Gurdurr L47. After beating him, head up the nearby stairs to reach the first floor again.

Seaside Cave 1F

Climb up the steps nearby and you'll find TM06 (Toxic) sitting up by the rocks there. This can be a useful TM for some of your defensive Pokemon, because it afflicts the foe with a poison that grows stronger each turn.

Make sure you DO NOT JUMP DOWN THE LEDGE DIRECTLY TO THE SOUTH OF THE TECHNICAL MACHINE, otherwise you'll wind up all the way back at the very beginning! Instead, head back down the steps and hop down the ledge there so you'll be at the end, back by the Crustle.

Now head back to where that Crustle was and then exit out into the beach where the Plasma Frigate has anchored!

Frigate Woes!

Depending on whether you're playing Black 2 or White 2, your trip to the Plasma Frigate will change rather drastically, particularly after you've gotten inside of it. Because of this, make sure you're reading the appropriate section for your version!