vs. Cynthia

vs. Cynthia

Cynthia is the Champion over in the Sinnoh region, but she likes to take vacations over in Unova. You'll find her waiting in Undella Town.

Undella Town

Cynthia can be found over in Caitlin's Villa, in the western part of Undella Town, after beating the game. It doesn't matter what season it is the first time you visit her, so don't worry, but make sure you've got a strong team before entering the house, because she is very challenging!

Boss Fight
PKMN Trainer
PKMN Trainer Cynthia $15600
Spiritomb Spiritomb Female Ghost / Dark Lv. 76
Milotic Milotic Female Water Lv. 76
Glaceon Glaceon Female Ice Lv. 76
Lucario Lucario Male Fighting / Steel Lv. 76
Togekiss Togekiss Male Normal / Flying Lv. 76
Garchomp Garchomp Female Dragon / Ground Lv. 78

Her team is varied and has very little in the way of shared weaknesses, making her a challenging Trainer indeed!

After beating her the first time, you can challenge her again each day, but only during the spring months; even though she's around the villa in the summer, she won't battle you.