Shopping Mall Nine

Shopping Mall Nine

On the first floor of the Mall, there's a lady on the west side that will apparently buy a Hyper Potion from you for $1200, and then, if you talk to her again afterwards, she'll give you an Energy Root in return, which your Pokemon by the same amount (200), but lowers its happiness by a lot afterwards.

Talk to the Maid nearby and she'll battle you, using her Minccino L43. The shop nearby her sells all sorts of healing items and repels, including Max Potions for $2500 (rip-off), but no Full Restores, sadly.

Upstairs from that person, you'll find another shop, though this one sells all sorts of Poke Balls. This includes Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls, but also has things like Dusk Balls, Quick Balls, and Timer Balls. They also sell mail. This is a good place to stop if you need to buy a particular variety of Poke Ball and can't remember where to buy it.

On the western part of the top floor, you'll find two people selling stuff. The person on the left sells all of the vitamins for $9800 apiece, which permanently raise a Pokemon's stats. They're a bit pricey, though. The person on the right sells the much more affordable X Items, such as X Attack, X Defend, and so on, all for less than $1000 apiece. Stocking up on X Items is really handy, because it can turn any fight into a winnable fight if you use them and healing items properly.

These are the order they're sold in (which matters since you're playing on a Japanese version):

  • X Speed for $350
  • X Attack for $500
  • X Defend for $550
  • Guard Spec. for $700
  • Dire Hit for $650
  • X Accuracy for $950
  • X Special for $350
  • X Sp. Def for $350

The Waiter over to the right will fight you when you talk to him. He uses a Liepard L43.

Now go further to the right and then down the stairs to the middle floor. The person there sells two TMs: TM15 (Hyper Beam) and TM68 (Giga Impact). Each of these TMs cost $90,000 (ouch!) and have a staggering 150 power, but force the user to recharge afterwards. That can mean it'll hit huge, but it averages out to 75 power a turn if you don't switch out afterwards (which you can only do if you deliver the finishing hit with it; otherwise you'll be stuck recharging and vulnerable). Hyper Beam is Special-based while Giga Impact is Physical-based.

Lastly, the room just below it has a Poke Doll inside of it, which has the same use as a Poke Toy (it just looks cuter, like a Clefairy!). Once you get a Rotom, though, you can come here to change its form by searching the cardboard boxes in the back.

Alright, that's all there is to see and do here at the mall!