Lacunosa Town

Lacunosa Town

Shortly after entering, both Bianca and Professor Juniper will greet you. Juniper will take you to a house, where an older lady there will talk about the legend of Lacunosa Town and the Giant Chasm, explaining some stuff about it as well as a Pokemon over there. Hmm. Well anyway, Juniper and Bianca then head outside. Out there, they'll ask you about Reshiram/Zekrom (depending on your version). Just go ahead and say Yes, then they'll talk about how the Light/Dark Stone was used to revive them.

Anyway, Juniper then tells you to go talk to Drayden in Opelucid City, because he's bound to know more.

Alright, now you're free to explore Lacunosa Town. Head on up the stairs to the west and then north, before wrapping around to the east. You'll arrive at a lone house up there, but you can talk to the Clerk inside and he'll give you a Pecha Berry, plus there's a Metronome sitting in the house as well. It increases your Pokemon's attack's power each time that move is used consecutively in a battle. It's not so bad, but you're probably better off with an Expert Belt.

Now head back to the northwest corner of town, but head south instead. Down there, you'll find a Full Heal, then cross the bridge to the east and you'll wind up over at the Pokemon Center, which is probably where you were headed when Bianca and Juniper interrupted.

Inside the Pokemon Center, you can talk to the Psychic and she will tell you which Pokemon were in your party when you earned a certain Gym Badge. That's kind of handy. Additionally, there are three TMs for sale here for $70,000 apiece:

  • TM13 (Blizzard)
  • TM25 (Thunder)
  • TM38 (Fire Blast)

These are all powerful attacks (120 power!), but they tend to have low accuracy. Quite a few Pokemon can learn then, though. Blizzard in particular will be handy for your upcoming Gym Battle. Fire Blast is also nice because it has 85% accuracy as opposed to just 70% like the other to attacks, although it can't gain accuracy boosts from weather conditions. Remember: Hail raises Blizzard's accuracy to 100% while Rain Dance raises Thunder's accuracy to 100%. (Sunny Day does make Fire Blast 50% stronger, though!).

Now head west of the Pokemon Center and you'll find Hugh! He stops you and says some stuff about Team Plasma. Conveniently enough, Team Plasma shows up at that very moment — well, at least Zinzolin and a random Team Plasma Grunt do. Hugh will then step forward and sound tough, then ask you to help him out in the battle. Well, sure, go ahead and say Yes, then take these two on with Hugh by your side!

Boss Fight
Team Plasma
Team Plasma Zinzolin $9480
Cryogonal Cryogonal   Ice Lv. 42
Sneasel Sneasel Male Dark / Ice Lv. 44
Team Plasma
Team Plasma Grunt  
Golbat Golbat Male Poison / Flying Lv. 39
Garbodor Garbodor Male Poison Lv. 39

Hugh uses his fully evolved starter Pokemon at level 43, but will also substitute for his other two Pokemon (at level 41) if they get knocked out. He does pack a Hyper Potion of his own to heal, which is rather nice.

After beating them, they'll run off and Hugh will chase after them. Yikes! You should go on and heal up, then do the same — well, maybe at your own pace — on over to Route 12!