Mistralton City

Mistralton City

Hurray, we're finally in Mistralton City! Go ahead and heal your Pokemon if you want, but as soon as you walk towards the northern part of town, you'll finally run into Professor Juniper! Yeah, that's right, for the first time in person, you get to meet her. She'll see how many Pokemon you caught and will then give you a very generous gift: A MASTER BALL! This catches any wild Pokemon without fail, but it's extremely rare, so don't use it on anything but hard-to-catch legendary Pokemon or Shiny Pokemon.

After a little more talking, Skyla will come on over. Professor Juniper will introduce her as the Gym Leader of Mistralton City. Anyway, Juniper then heads off over to the Celestial Tower, while Skyla returns to her Gym, but apparently has to get set up or something, so she recommends you go to the Celestial Tower. Sounds good, but let's check out the rest of the city first.

The Pokemon Center has some TMs for sale (each costs $50,000):

  • TM07 (Hail)
  • TM11 (Sunny Day)
  • TM18 (Rain Dance)
  • TM37 (Sandstorm)

These can come in handy for certain things...

  • Hail deals damage to all non-Ice-type Pokemon between turns, plus it gives Blizzard perfect accuracy. It also lowers the healing of Synthesis, Morning Sun, and Moonlight to just 1/4 of maximum HP.
  • Sunny Day increases the power of Fire-type attacks by 50%, lowers the power of Water-type attacks by 50%, makes it so you can use SolarBeam in one turn, reduces the accuracy of Thunder and Hurricane to 50%, and restores HP by 2/3 of maximum when using Synthesis, Morning Sun, or Moonlight. It also triggers the Chlorophyll ability to double Speed.
  • Rain Dance increases the power of Water-type attacks by 50%, lowers the power of Fire-type attacks by 50%, halves the damage dealt with SolarBeam, raises the accuracy of Thunder and Hurricane to 100%, and reduces the HP restored by Synthesis, Morning Sun, or Moonlight to just 1/4 of maximum HP. It also triggers the Swift Swim ability to double Speed.
  • Sandstorm deals damage to all active Pokemon between turns, except for Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-types, plus it also raises Rock-type Pokemon's Special Defense by 50% while active. It triggers abilities like Sand Force and Sand Rush (very handy for several Pokemon at this point). It also lowers the healing of Synthesis, Morning Sun, and Moonlight to just 1/4 of maximum HP.

Keep in mind that each of these lasts for only 5 turns, but it can make a nice difference nonetheless.

In the house next-door to the Pokemon Center, you'll find a lady who will give you an HP Up if you've gotten at least 10 TMs, then another if you've gotten at least 20 TMs. Apparently you can get more stuff from her as you get more TMs, too. There's also an Iron hiding in her trash can.

You can talk to the Youngster in the house just north of the Pokemon Center and he'll have a cool gift for you once you beat the Gym Leader.

In the Airport, talk to the woman to the left of the entrance and she'll give you a Sharp Beak, which raises the power of your Flying-type attacks by 20% when equipped. The Worker on the top-right wants to see either a Flying- or Psychic-type Pokemon and will give you a Net Ball if you have one in your party.

Over on the runway, you can find a Flying Gem between two of the planes just to the north. The Gym is also to the north, which you can take on right now if you want to. I'd recommend checking out the Celestial Tower first.

Go south, down the runway, although swing over to the right by one of the planes over there to pick up TM58 (Sky Drop), which is an interesting Flying-type attack that picks up the foe into the air and then drops them on the next turn, rendering both the user and the target invulnerable during that time.

There's a Backpacker on the runway that will give you the Funfest Mission Berry Size Crop (translation). There's also a PKMN Breeder at the southern end of the runway that will want to buy Mulch from you, which you can find in some of the Hidden Grottos on occasion. He'll buy the Gooey Mulch for $1000.

Down in the berry fields (White 2) or by the greenhouses (Black 2), you can find a Max Repel sitting there.

Anyway, that's all there is to do here for now, so head on over to the northeastern part of town to enter Route 7!