Relic Castle

Relic Castle

Relic Castle B6F
Wild Pokemon Types Level(s) Rarity
Yamask Yamask Ghost Lv. 27 ~ 30 40%
Sandile Sandile Ground / Dark Lv. 27 ~ 28 30%
Sandslash Sandslash Ground Lv. 28 ~ 29 20%
Krokorok Krokorok Ground / Dark Lv. 29 ~ 30 10%

From the starting room, head east twice and you'll find yourself just outside of Volcarona's chambers to the north. In this room, there's a hidden Sun Stone where the top door's path meets the side doors path (just use your Dowsing MCHN to find it). Be sure to pick that up.

Relic Castle (Volcarona's Chambers)
Wild Pokemon Types Level(s) Rarity
Baltoy Baltoy Ground / Psychic Lv. 27 ~ 30 100%

You can now head either north into Volcarona's chambers or to the east. Well, what are you waiting for? Head on north and then get ready to take on Volcarona! Make sure you save your game before fighting it, because it can be pretty darn hard to catch.

Relic Castle B6F
Volcarona Volcarona  Lv. 35  

Thankfully (I guess?), Volcarona is nowhere near the beast it once was in Black and White, due to its low level and lack of good moves right away. It is still tricky to catch and it's still great to have an opportunity to catch one 24 levels before it's even supposed to evolve.

Patience REALLY Pays Off

Volcarona SpriteLet's face it, while Volcarona has some nice stats and all, it doesn't learn any worthwhile moves for a long time. That severely hampers its usefulness! However, if you knock it out now, you'll be able to return to fight it after you've beaten the game at level 65 instead of level 35. At that point, it has much more useful moves, including Quiver Dance and Heat Wave, plus it's only five levels away from learning the awesome Bug Buzz.

Since there are a lot of tough fights for you after beating the game and since training a Volcarona up 30 levels is pretty much a big waste of time when you could do it without any hassle, I strongly recommend you don't catch this Volcarona until after you've beaten the game, then come back for it pretty much immediately afterwards. If you do that, Volcarona will easily receive a 5-star rating thanks to its Quiver Dance, Heat Wave, and access to Bug Buzz.

Now, go back to the room just outside of Volcarona's chambers and then head east. Keep going until you find a huge pile of sand with an Ultra Ball on top. That's all there is to do down here, yup.