World Tournament

Pokemon World Tournament

The Pokemon World Tournament (abbreviated as PWT) is a new area south of Driftveil City where the best battlers in the world will eventually come to battle. But there's a lot of other helpful stuff for you around here, too!

The Reminder Girl can be found in a stall in the southwest part of the PWT. She will offer to reteach any move your Pokemon can learn by leveling up (up to its current level) in exchange for a Heart Scale. This can be very handy for starter Pokemon among others, as a lot of fully evolved Pokemon learn moves at level 1, meaning this is the only way to obtain them.

The Move Deleter is found directly to the right of her. He will delete any of your Pokemon's moves, including HM moves. This is the only way you can get rid of those pesky HM moves like Cut, so be sure to make use of his services if you find your HM moves lacking (particularly Strength, since it was pretty decent when you got it, but Return should be stronger now).

The guy in the stall just above the Reminder Girl and the Move Deleter will determine what type one of your Pokemon's Hidden Power is if you talk to him and choose a Pokemon to show him. This is pretty handy, although Hidden Power costs BP in order to get, so it may not be relevant to you.

Head just to the east of them and you'll run into Hugh and Clay. Clay will show you two the Pokemon World Tournament and then he will lead you inside. Inside, you'll see Cheren's already there. He explains that it's an 8-person, single-elimination tournament and that there are a total of 3 rounds because of it. After saying some stuff, Cheren will head over to register, as will Hugh.

Before entering, take this opportunity to check out the different stalls. The one on the left sells TMs for BP, while the one on the right sells items for BP. These are exactly the same prizes offered in the Gear Station, so don't feel like there's anything new and exciting here.

Head outside really quick, though, because there's a few other things you can do before you enter the tournament. Just to the east of the tournament are two more stalls as well as a Worker. The Worker will give you the Rocky Helmet when you talk to him, which, when held, hits the foe for 1/6 their maximum HP in damage. Not too bad, particularly for slower Pokemon!

The old man in the stall on the left will teach your fully evolved starter Pokemon its ultimate move — that means Frenzy Plant for Serperior, Blast Burn for Emboar, and Hydro Cannon for Samurott. Also, fully evolved starters from other regions can learn these moves as well, should you happen to have one or get one later on (in other words, trade for one). I typically don't recommend these moves, as they require a turn to recharge afterwards (they're essentially elemental Hyper Beams), but since you get these early enough in the game, that 150 power hits enormously hard and you can just switch out afterwards. At level 36, when your starter Pokemon reach their top form, you can consider teaching these, particularly to Emboar, since it doesn't get Flamethrower until level 43. Don't get too comfortable with the attacks, but at least you have access to them early enough to get at least some use out of them.

The person in the stall on the right will teach your starter Pokemon (well, any evolution form of any starter Pokemon) either Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge, or Water Pledge, depending on its type. These moves are fairly weak on their own, but when used with the other Pledge moves in a Double or Triple Battle, they gain a lot of power and have a variety of effects. It's unlikely you'll have more than one starter, though, to do this, unless you did some trading. As with the other Move Tutor (the elemental Hyper Beam one), any region's starters are eligible.

Just north of all of that are some vending machines and trash cans. There's a Zinc hiding in the trash up there.

Now, head due south from the Pokemon World Tournament building until you reach the docks. When it branches off, head west and pick up the PP Up sitting there.

Alright, that should be everything there is to do before taking on the Pokemon World Tournament, so go back inside and talk to the receptionist wearing green.

Rules for the World Tournament

The Pokemon World Tournament's rules reflect the rules you have to abide by in the Battle Subway. This means the following:

  • You can use only 3 Pokemon and must select them in order.
  • The 1st Pokemon you choose will be your lead Pokemon in all of the battles.
  • You cannot use items from your bag and can only use held items.
  • You do not get to switch your Pokemon after you knock out an enemy Pokemon.

Those rules may seem a little daunting, but thankfully the levels of the Pokemon you have to fight in there aren't too high.

All of the Trainers you have to battle in there use Pokemon at level 25, so you should have more than enough of a level advantage against them (for this entry, your levels are not lowered).

Go ahead and select the first two options, then choose the three Pokemon on your team you wish to enter. After you've selected them, hit Confirm on the bottom (it's over to the left of Cancel, which is in the bottom-right corner) and you'll enter the tournament!

As you can see from the matchups, Hugh, Cheren, and even Colress are entering the tournament. In fact, you need to fight against Hugh in the first round!

Boss Fight
(if you picked Snivy)
Pignite Pignite Male Fire / Fighting Lv. 25
Simipour Simipour Male Water Lv. 25
Tranquill Tranquill Male Normal / Flying Lv. 25
  (if you picked Tepig)
Dewott Dewott Male Water Lv. 25
Simisage Simisage Male Grass Lv. 25
Tranquill Tranquill Male Normal / Flying Lv. 25
  (if you picked Oshawott)
Servine Servine Male Grass Lv. 25
Simisear Simisear Male Fire Lv. 25
Tranquill Tranquill Male Normal / Flying Lv. 25

Your levels should be far higher than his, which should make this fight relatively easy. Keep in mind that he leads with his starter, so you shouldn't lead with yours, or should switch out immediately.

After beating him, you'll see the results of the rest of the tournament. You'll see that your next fight is going to be against the Gym Leader, Cheren! (Oddly enough, he goes by the title "PKMN Trainer" in the fight.) Don't worry, your Pokemon are fully healed from the previous fight.

Boss Fight
PKMN Trainer
PKMN Trainer Cheren  
Stoutland Stoutland Male Normal Lv. 25
Watchog Watchog Male Normal Lv. 25
Cinccino Cinccino Male Normal Lv. 25

He leads with his Stoutland. Next he'll send out Watchog, which will try to confuse and annoy you, so watch out. Lastly, he'll use a Cinccino, which can annoy you by hitting pretty hard with a variety of attacks, although it likes to start off with Work Up.

After beating him, you'll see that Colress made his way past his opponent (big surprise there) and he'll be the one you have to face in the final round!

Once you get to the final round, things get serious. You get a really awesome entrance (as does Colress), plus the battle scene and music are nothing shy of AMAZING! Honestly it's one of the best battle themes I've ever heard in a Pokemon game.

Boss Fight
PKMN Trainer
PKMN Trainer Colress  
Magneton Magneton   Electric / Steel Lv. 25
Elgyem Elgyem Male Psychic Lv. 25
Klink Klink   Steel Lv. 25

His Magneton likes to paralyze you right off the bat, and that can be rather annoying, since you can't just heal it with a Parlyz Heal. The rest of his team can give you trouble, but not as much as that Magneton.

After beating him, you'll be crowned the champion of the Driftveil Tournament! Awesome! For your victory, you'll even receive 1 BP, which you can save towards buying TMs or other neat items. Cheren and Clay will be waiting for you, and even Roxie stops by to say she'll enter sometime.

As you leave the building, Hugh and Cheren will come out to talk about you, but then a Team Plasma Grunt will run off! Oh no! Of course, before Hugh runs off to chase him, Colress exits the building and says some stuff before Hugh finally charges.

Head on south to the dock and board the boat — the Plasma Frigate!


Ready for more Tournament?

After you've taken down the Plasma Frigate, you'll be able to return to the Pokemon World Tournament and fight in one of several different styles.

The options are (after selecting the first option, to enter the tournament):

  • Driftveil Tournament
  • Rental Tournament
  • Mix Tournament
  • Download Tournament (won't work for now)

After selecting the tournament, you'll be able to choose which style you want to fight in:

  • Single Battle
  • Double Battle
  • Triple Battle
  • Rotation Battle

The Rental Tournament gives you six Pokemon to use at random, and you then choose three or four of them (depending on which battle style you're playing in; see below) to use throughout the tournament. The Mix Tournament allows you to use your own Pokemon, but before the battle begins, you and your opponent will exchange with each other one Pokemon from your team, so you'll get to choose one of your opponent's Pokemon to use while they'll take one of yours. You only swap for that battle, but you get to swap in each battle. It's kind of interesting.

This can be a decent way to earn BP if the Battle Subway takes too long for you, plus you get to fight against Gym Leaders, which can be pretty fun.