Castelia City

Castelia City

As soon as you arrive, Hugh will give you his Xtransceiver number, then head off to search around for Team Plasma. You'll be free to explore the city, though.

Walk out from the dock and you'll be approached by a strange clown who will give you a free Bicycle. Very nice! Now you can ride around much quicker. This is very helpful for accumulating steps to raise your Pokemon's happiness; most notably for Riolu, Azurill, or Swadloon.

Clownin' Around Castelia!

Throughout Castelia City, you can find several more of the Rally Clowns. One of them is in the Passerby Analytics HQ, one is in the first floor of the Battle Company, one is in the gate to Route 4, and one is in the gate to Skyarrow Bridge.

If you talk to all of the clowns and then go back to talk to the one that gave you the Bicycle, he'll give you a Rare Candy for your efforts. Cool! Remember to be on the lookout for them while you explore Castelia City!

Now, Castelia City is a very big city, so it's important to note that there are six main areas to it; I'll cover each one of them in a separate sub-section:

  • The outside of the city and the docks, where you are now.
  • The western street of the city, where the Gym is: this is called Gym Street.
  • The center-western alley of the city: this is called Narrow Street.
  • The center-eastern street of the city: this is called Mode Street.
  • The eastern street of the city, where the Game Freak building is: this is called Castelia Street.
  • The back part of the city, including the park area: this is called Central Plaza.

Feel free to explore them in whatever order you want, but I'll cover the sites in the order they're listed there.

Castelia City: Outside of the City / Docks

This is where you first arrive, quite obviously; in fact, you're placed directly in front of the path leading to the center-eastern street in the city.

  • There's a Pokemon Center just to the east of where you start. Inside of it is a person blocking the counter, and she basically reminds you to register your location using the Geo Net (that globe thingy in the second floor of the Pokemon Center). Talk to her and she'll get out of your way.
  • The building just to the west of where you start (to the west of the Pokemon Center) is the Battle Company. As soon as you enter it, the Janitor will give you the incredibly useful Exp. Share item, which you can hold to share the EXP earned with your Pokemon, even if they weren't involved in the battle. It makes training very easy.
    • On the first floor, talk to the girl with blue hair and she'll ask you which Pokemon you started with. You don't have to tell her the truth, though. She'll give you an item that boosts the attacks of that Pokemon's type by 20%: the Miracle Seed if you answer Snivy (first option); the Mystic Water if you answer Oshawott (second option); or the Charcoal if you answer Tepig (third option). You do get all three of these items later in the game, but you happen to get the Charcoal really soon and the Miracle Seed not too far away, either, so the Mystic Water is probably the best choice, although it doesn't hurt having the extra power sooner than later.
    • The 47th floor has a few Trainers for you to battle. The first is a Clerk ♂. He uses a Growlithe L16. He'll give you two Quick Balls after beating him; Quick Balls are nice because they have a very high catch rate if used on the first turn, even before weakening a Pokemon. The second Clerk ♂, by the TV, has a Pidove L17. The Clerk ♂ in the middle of the room uses a Marill L16; he'll give you 5 Timer Balls after you beat him, which are handy and gain effectiveness after every turn, up to 10 turns (where it caps at being 4.0x as effective as a Poke Ball). The Clerk ♀ nearby has a Budew L16 on her team, which may be mildly annoying thanks to its Poison Point ability. There's a Guard Spec. right near here, too. Finally, the Scientist in the other corner of the room gives you a Scope Lens, which raises the Pokemon's critical hit rate by one stage, resulting in it getting more critical hits. This is great for something like Pidove, whose Super Luck and Air Cutter combination would benefit from that.
    • The 55th floor doesn't have as many Trainers, but it does have some stuff, still. There's an Ether on the left, and then you can head over to the table on the right side of the room to fight a School Kid who uses an Eevee L17 and a Herdier L17. The Herdier is particularly challenging as it can hit very hard with Tackle or Bite. However, it gives a ton of EXP when you defeat it. That's all there is to do up here, though.
  • The building in the far west of the outside area is the Passerby Analytics HQ, which is a place where you can fill out surveys, which is nice when playing with other players, plus it adds to some dialogue later on.
  • The pier on the far west end, the Liberty Pier, will take you to the Liberty Garden. However, it's empty; there's not even any items or anything for you to get there, not to mention no Victini.
  • On Unity Pier, which is the second pier from the left, you can talk to a lady there to receive a Destiny Knot, which afflicts any Pokemon that affects yours with Attract or Cute Charm with the same infatuation if held by the Pokemon. You can also take a boat here to the Unity Tower, which is neat to see if you do a lot of trading or interacting with people online, because it shows you where they're all from.
  • The middle pier, which is where you started, is known as the Prime Pier.
  • The pier just to the right of the Pokemon Center is the Cruise Dock. For $1000, you can ride the Royal Unova in the evening (time varies by season, but you'll notice it is sunset out) and battle the Trainers aboard as quickly as you can in order to earn prizes. These Trainers vary by day, as does the reward you get when you beat them, but thankfully it is available before beating the game in Black 2 and White 2.
  • There's another pier to the very far east, although there's nothing to do there for the time being (you'll be back here later, though).
  • Make sure you enter the gate to the Skyarrow Bridge! While the bridge itself is currently closed, you can talk to the lady at the entrance to receive a Quick Claw, which, when held, gives your Pokemon a chance to strike first even if it would normally not. It's perfect on slower Pokemon to give them a chance to hit first where they wouldn't otherwise be able to.

Castelia City: Gym Street (Western-most Street)

  • The Gym is being blocked by Clyde. If you talk to him, he'll say that the Gym Leader is out of the Gym, although then Iris, the previous Gym Leader of Opelucid City (in Black 2), shows up and talks for a bit about how Team Plasma attacked two years ago. She then runs off to meet you by the Pokemon Center (after which you can follow her from the Pokemon Center over to the empty dock). You need to talk to Clyde in order to proceed, so make sure you do this.
  • Inside of the building across from the Gym, you'll find the Name Rater on the bottom floor. You can also talk to the Lass right by the Name Rater and she'll give your Pokemon a Massage, which will raise its happiness (this is very handy for Riolu, Azurill, or Swadloon at this point!). You can do this once per day.
    • The 2nd floor of the building talks a lot about Medals.
    • The 3rd floor of the building houses Amanita and Fennel. Talking to Amanita will change the name of the PC system from "Someone's PC" to "Amanita's PC." She also explains several features of the box system. You can talk to Fennel and she'll give you an explanation on using Game Sync to synchronize your game with the online website, the Pokemon Global Link. Lastly, the assistant will explain more about the Game Sync process as well as the Pokemon Dream World.
    • After beating the game, you can come back here and receive a free Eevee with a Hidden Ability. When it evolves, it will have the appropriate evolution's Hidden Ability as well.

Castelia City: Narrow Street (Center-west Alley)

  • As soon as you run by it, you'll be stopped by a guy who will give you TM70 (Flash). This move lowers the accuracy of the target if you use it in battle, but more importantly, it lights up certain dark areas in the game if you use it outside of battle.
  • The Cafe here isn't too impressive, but if you talk to the bartender, he'll give you a Moomoo Milk, which heals a staggering 100 HP when used.
    • If you have the event Pokemon Meloetta, you can take it here to have it change form. As of writing this guide, the only Meloetta event was held in Japan only and wasn't available over Wi-Fi.
  • The Studio Castelia is an art gallery that shows off various Pokemon art. You can talk to a guy in there and he'll ask to see a certain type of Pokemon. If you show him a Pokemon of that type, he'll reward you with one of five basic berries that heal status conditions. The type he wishes to see resets each day, and you can show him one only once per day.
  • In all of the seasons except for winter, you can buy Casteliacones from the stand on the left-hand side of the street. They cost only $100 apiece, and you can buy either one or twelve each day. When used as an item, it heals all status conditions, making it a very cheap Full Heal; however, even more importantly, you can sell these for $2000 apiece once you get to Nimbasa City. Definitely buy a dozen of them each day if you can, because it'll net you a profit of $22,800, which is a pretty decent sum of cash. Or you can always use them to heal your Pokemon's conditions.
  • The first building on the right is the Game Freak HQ. Go up to the 22nd floor and you can talk to some of the Game Freak crew. There's a Revive hanging out in the bottom left corner of the room.
    • Two of the people at the table will battle you if you talk to them. The bald one is Game Freak Nishino, who uses a Clefairy L16 with Leftovers (sadly, you cannot keep it after the battle if you steal it with Thief; that only works on wild Pokemon). The other chap nearby is Game Freak Morimoto, who thankfully uses a much weaker team than he did in the original Black and White, since you can battle him before getting the National Dex now. He's got a Pansage L14, a Panpour L14, and a Pansear L14.
  • The other building, on the left, has nothing exciting on the first floor, but there's a Guitarist on the 11th floor that will give you TM44 (Rest) if you talk to her. You're typically better off just using your own healing items in-game rather than using an attack, because they aren't that expensive and you get plenty of money throughout the game, but being a TM, you can always teach it and then get rid of it after using it if you need a quick nap.

Castelia City: Central Plaza (northern part of the city)

  • The old man in the Central Plaza, by the fountain, will grant you a Funfest Mission entitled "Search for the First Berry!" (Japanese), which is a special mission that can be accessed in the Entralink. You can get there by using the Wireless feature of your C-Gear and selecting Entralink, and then you can take on the mission by talking to the tree thing in the middle.
    • In this mission, you have 3 minutes to run around Castelia City and pick up berries. All you need to do is run on over to the glittery patches. You only need to get 5 berries in order to clear the mission, although getting more will give you a bonus in the form of Dream Orbs, which can be used to activate Pass Powers (which can also be activated in the Entralink). You get to keep the berries you pick up, so it's pretty nice.
  • While you're here, you may want to consider buying some Fresh Water or Lemonade from the various vending machines you see out and about. Fresh Water costs $200 and heals 50 HP, making it far more cost-effective than a Super Potion (which costs $700 and heals the same amount), while Lemonade costs $350 and heals 80 HP and may make a better option, although if your Pokemon don't have that much yet, you can save a few bucks and stick with the Fresh Water for now.
  • The first building on the right in the northern part of Castelia has a guy blocking the entrance to the elevator. Take it up to the 47th floor and you'll find a whole bunch of people up there, some of which speak in foreign languages.
    • The girl with the glasses on the left side of the room gives you TM45 (Attract) if you talk to her.
  • The second building on the right has a Scientist on the 1st floor that will give you an Eviolite if you've seen at least 40 different Pokemon. If you're just visiting, you probably won't have enough, but you'll be seeing plenty more soon. The Eviolite is a great held item that raises your Pokemon's Defense and Special Defense by 50% if it is still capable of evolving. If it has no further evolutions, or doesn't evolve it all, it has no use, but that's still an amazing item for early on in the game like this when your Pokemon aren't fully evolved yet.
    • The 47th floor has a guy that will tell you about the different Gym Badges, plus there's also a Charcoal sitting on the floor there, which boosts the power of your Pokemon's Fire-type attacks by 20% if held (see why I suggested not answering Tepig earlier?).
  • The building on the left side of this northern area has an old man that will give you an Amulet Coin if you talk to him, which, when held, doubles the amount of prize money you earn when winning a fight. It's very nice for getting a whole ton of extra cash throughout the game, and if you've got nothing better to put on your Pokemon, you might as well slap that on there. There's nothing noteworthy upstairs in this building, though; it appears as though Mr. Lock from the previous games has moved elsewhere.
  • If you want, you can actually check out Route 4 early by leaving through that northern gate. Even if you don't want to, though, you might as well at least stop by there, because Bianca will show up and give you the Dowsing MCHN key item, which you can use and it helps you find hidden items. It's a great item to have set as a favorite so you can turn it on by pressing Y (you just press Y while you're selecting it in the item screen to assign it to your favorites) because you can find a whole ton of hidden items this way.

When you're over there, she'll point out an entrance into the Castelia Sewers. Hugh will show up and ask if you found Team Plasma; regardless of what you say, he'll run off into the sewers in search of them. Whenever you're ready, head on in after him!

Alright, as you can see, there's a LOT to do in Castelia City! You're free to do pretty much whatever of it you want, though, but what you absolutely need to do in order to proceed with the plot is talk to Clyde outside of the Castelia Gym, in the west part of town. Then follow Iris from the Pokemon Center over to the eastern-most dock.