Pokestar Studios

Pokestar Studios

Inside the Theater, you'll run into Roxie's dad, Pop Roxie, who wants to show you the debut of a new movie. Get ready to watch an interesting movie battle sort of thing!As soon as you enter the Pokestar Studios, you'll see the guy you saw earlier as well as another man. The other man is the guy's boss, Stu Deeoh. He says some stuff and then runs off to the studios. The guy from earlier then takes you along and shows you some of Pokestar Studios. The first stop is the Theater.

It's time for you to do something about that! You're taken over to the Studio, where you'll be able to rerecord the movie and star as an actor in it! Brycen, the Gym Leader from Icirrus City, pops out briefly to say hi, then heads back into the recording room.It starts off with Brycen-Man versus Riolu-Man (Roxie's dad). They end up fighting in a battle, although Riolu-Man's Riolu winds up losing in the end to the Vullaby, leaving the audience bored and confused.

Go ahead and talk to the guy right outside of the entrance. He'll ask if you want to take the challenge, if you need instructions, or if you want to cancel. Select the first option and then you'll be prompted to use either Rental Pokemon (first option) or your own Pokemon (second option), or to cancel. At this point, you're probably best using Rental Pokemon, since you will have to battle with them, although feel free to try use your own if you'd rather.

Regardless of the outcome of the fight, after the two scenes are over, you'll be asked whether or not to keep that scene and go to the Theater or not. If you say No, and then say Yes after that, you can retry the scene, but otherwise just say Yes the first time to see your work over at the Theater. Keep in mind you'll need to save your game first.You'll now have to face off against Brycen and his Pawniard L15. If you are using Rental Pokemon, you'll have a Riolu L13. Use Force Palm to KO the Pawniard. After that, he'll send out a Vullaby L13, but you'll exchange words and will be given a choice of what to say from two options. Choose the first option, and then you'll provoke the Vullaby into using Faint Attack instead of Air Slash, allowing your Riolu a chance to use Ice Punch and finish the fight.

Head back over to the Theater and talk to the receptionist to see your movie in action. Select it from the bottom screen and then enjoy the show! You'll be able to see the audience's reaction on the bottom screen.

After the show, as you try to leave, Stu Deeoh will show up and will then watch the show himself. Anyway, go ahead and leave, heading back to the harbor in Virbank City, which is in the southeastern part of town.