Nimbasa City

Nimbasa City

Ah, good old Nimbasa City. As soon as you arrive, head on west to the Pokemon Center. However, you'll see some commotion outside of the Gear Station. You should heal up your Pokemon first, since there's a battle in store.

While you're in the Pokemon Center, talk to the Gentleman to receive an astonishing 10 Red Shards! You can use these when you get to Driftveil City to exchange them for moves at the Move Tutor there, so they're definitely good things to have around. Additionally, the bottom counter of the Poke Mart sells some TMs.

  • TM73 (Thunder Wave) for $10000
  • TM74 (Gyro Ball) for $10000
  • TM16 (Light Screen) for $30000
  • TM33 (Reflect) for $30000

They've gotten rid of Frustration and Return, since you get those earlier in the game, but they've also gotten rid of Safeguard compared to the original Black and White. Ah well. Thunder Wave is great for paralyzing the foes, plus a lot of Pokemon can learn it; Light Screen and Reflect are both great moves for reducing the damage your team receives over time, and work particularly well on defensive or speedy Pokemon. If you started with Snivy, you may want to consider putting one or both on it, in conjunction with the Light Clay.

Anyway, go back over to the Gear Station and talk to the hero of the opposite gender as your player character. He/she'll talk about the Gear Station and how the Subway Bosses want to fight in a Double Battle, so go ahead and say Yes if you're ready to fight!

Boss Fight
Subway Boss
Subway Boss Ingo $5200
Boldore Boldore Male Rock Lv. 26
Subway Boss
Subway Boss Emmet  
Gurdurr Gurdurr Male Fighting Lv. 26

Your partner (Rosa if you're playing as a boy, Nate if you're playing as a girl) in battle will have either a Dewott L25 (if you started with Snivy), a Servine L25 (if you started with Tepig), or a Pignite L25 (if you started with Oshawott). It shouldn't be too tough of a fight. After beating them, they'll head on into the Gear Station, then your partner will give you the Vs. Recorder key item before running off.

Gear Station

In the Gear Station, you can find various subway lines. These are basically the same as the old Battle Subway lines in the Gear Station of Black and White, plus you can take the brown-colored line to go to Anville Town if you want.

As far as prizes go, here's a list of the prizes available at the Gear Station. Keep in mind you need BP (Battle Points) in order to purchase them, and you earn them by fighting in the Battle Subway or, later on, the Pokemon World Tournament.

The person on the left sells the following TMs:

  • TM17 (Protect) for 6 BP
  • TM20 (Safeguard) for 6 BP
  • TM32 (Double Team) for 6 BP
  • TM59 (Incinerate) for 6 BP
  • TM31 (Brick Break) for 12 BP
  • TM79 (Frost Breath) for 12 BP
  • TM89 (U-Turn) for 12 BP
  • TM10 (Hidden Power) for 18 BP
  • TM23 (Smack Down) for 18 BP
  • TM48 (Round) for 18 BP
  • TM75 (Swords Dance) for 18 BP
  • TM18 (Swagger) for 18 BP
  • TM88 (Pluck) for 18 BP
  • TM34 (Sludge Wave) for 24 BP
  • TM51 (Ally Switch) for 24 BP
  • TM60 (Quash) for 24 BP
  • TM64 (Explosion) for 24 BP
  • TM77 (Psych Up) for 24 BP

The person on the right sells the following items:

  • Protein for 1 BP
  • Calcium for 1 BP
  • Iron for 1 BP
  • Zinc for 1 BP
  • Carbos for 1 BP
  • HP Up for 1 BP
  • Fire Stone for 3 BP
  • ThunderStone for 3 BP
  • Water Stone for 3 BP
  • Leaf Stone for 3 BP
  • Scope Lens for 8 BP
  • Wide Lens for 8 BP
  • Muscle Band for 8 BP
  • Wise Glasses for 8 BP
  • Razor Claw for 8 BP
  • Razor Fang for 8 BP
  • Binding Band for 8 BP
  • BrightPowder for 12 BP
  • Focus Band for 12 BP
  • Zoom Lens for 12 BP
  • Iron Ball for 12 BP
  • Air Balloon for 12 BP
  • Power Bracer for 16 BP
  • Power Belt for 16 BP
  • Power Lens for 16 BP
  • Power Band for 16 BP
  • Power Anklet for 16 BP
  • Power Weight for 16 BP
  • Toxic Orb for 16 BP
  • Flame Orb for 16 BP
  • White Herb for 16 BP
  • Power Herb for 16 BP
  • Absorb Bulb for 16 BP
  • Cell Battery for 16 BP
  • Red Card for 16 BP
  • Eject Button for 16 BP
  • Choice Band for 24 BP
  • Choice Specs for 24 BP
  • Choice Scarf for 24 BP
  • Focus Sash for 24 BP
  • Life Orb for 24 BP
  • Rare Candy for 24 BP

While some of the items may seem to cost a lot, they are MUCH less expensive than in the original Black and White. You may be able to take on some of the Multi Battle (Orange) trains and use Rosa or Nate as your partner, because their Pokemon will be disproportionately strong compared to yours and the foes, making battles relatively easy. You'll get 3 BP each time you beat 7 Trainers in a row, although if you can go for 21 straight victories, you'll get 10 BP on the last one.

Nimbasa City

On the northern side of town, you can find the Small Court (northwest) and the Big Stadium (northern), followed by the Musical Hall on the northeast side of town. The Small Court and Big Stadium both have a variety of Trainers you can fight every day at various times, although there may be some times that they aren't available to battle due to them being in the middle of a game.The house to the left of the Pokemon Center has a lady exit the door and then block it. If you sneak between that building and the Pokemon Center from the other side and press A two steps away from the sign (use your Dowsing MCHN), you can find a Thunderstone, which can evolve your Eevee or, later on, a Tynamo. Very nice! The house directly above the Pokemon Center has a lady inside that will determine how happy your lead Pokemon is with you, while the Ace Trainer right near her will give you a Sun Stone if you talk to him. That can be used to evolve Sunkern, Petilil, or Cottonee. Then, go to second floor of the house next to that and talk to the Socialite and she'll give you a Soothe Bell if your lead Pokemon is at least moderately happy with you. That makes it so the holder's happiness raises much quicker and can be handy for Pokemon like Riolu or Golbat.

The Musical Hall is the same old mini-game from the original Black and White. As soon as you enter, the Owner will greet you and then give you the Prop Case. You'll then need to choose one of your Pokemon to dress up (similar to the old Black and White games), so choose one and then dress it up. You don't have to actually participate in the Musical if you don't want to, though. Now talk to the girl in the upper-right corner and she'll give you TM49 (Echo Voice), which does more damage if you use it repeatedly, although it's not really recommended.

Memory Link: The Musical Owner

Assuming you've performed the Memory Link with your Pokemon Black or Pokemon White version, you'll be greeted with a special Memory Link scene with the Musical Owner reminiscing about your old Trainer from the original games. You'll also receive all of your old musical props from your previous game afterwards.

You can talk to the Trainer outside of the ferris wheel to battle them and then take a ferris wheel ride with them afterwards. If you're playing as the boy character, you'll fight a Nursery Aide with a Swadloon L24, or a Hiker with a Boldore L24 if you're playing as a girl. This may change depending on the season or what point in the game you are, though, and you may be able to ride it again with them the next day.Head on over to the eastern part of town and you'll find it's changed a bit. Just to the south of the Pikachu and Pichu inflatables, you can find the Dropped Item. As soon as you pick it up, you'll receive a call on your Xtransceiver from someone with no picture. They introduce themselves as either Yancy (if you're playing as a boy) or Curtis (if you're playing as a girl) and basically say that they've lost their item, but strike up a conversation with you as well. They'll call you periodically throughout the game.

Anyway, the old Nimbasa Gym has been converted into an amusement park ride (didn't need to change anything in there, though) — the "Shining Jet Coaster" — but before you go inside, there's a Revive hiding in the trash bin right outside. Past that roller coaster place is the new Nimbasa Gym / Fashion Show, but it's blocked by Clyde saying you should check out the old Gym first. There's also a Parlyz Heal hiding behind the big Audino inflatable.

At this point, you need to enter the old Nimbasa Gym before you can enter the new one, so go on inside and get ready to fight a few Trainers.

Old Nimbasa Gym — the Shining Jet Coaster

Hop on in the coaster on the blue track (the purple one to the left is an exit and takes you nowhere now), then disembark on the other side. Press the blue switch then get back on the coaster to be taken to another area.

Now head north and press the yellow switch, then wait for the coaster to arrive. When you try to enter the coaster, a Rich Boy will pop out and battle you with his Blitzle L24. As with any Rich Boy or Lady (or Gentleman/Socialite), equipping your Amulet Coin before the battle is very helpful to rake in some extra cash.

Take the yellow track on over to another little platform and then hit the orange switch. Another Trainer will exit the coaster when you enter it; this time, it's a Lady, and she uses a Flaaffy L24, plus she gives you just as much money when you defeat her.

Head on that track and then talk to the model at the end and she'll give you a Parlyz Heal to rid your Pokemon of paralysis. In case you couldn't tell, that is a threat for this upcoming Gym.

Well, after talking to her, press the purple switch and then leave the Shining Jet Coaster place. At this point, you can either head straight for the Gym, or you can take a detour onto Route 16 or Route 5 to fight some extra Trainers and pick up some additional items (the have the same wild Pokemon). I recommend stopping by Route 16 at the very least beforehand.