Floccesy Ranch

Floccesy Ranch

Floccesy Ranch
Wild Pokemon Types Level(s) Rarity
Lillipup Lillipup Normal Lv. 4 ~ 7 40%
Azurill Azurill Normal Lv. 5 20%
Patrat Patrat Normal Lv. 5 10%
Mareep Mareep Electric Lv. 5 10%
Psyduck Psyduck Water Lv. 5 10%
Pidove Pidove Normal / Flying Lv. 7 5%
Riolu Riolu Fighting Lv. 5, 7 5%

Right near the entrance is a patch of grass for you to check out. There's a variety of new Pokemon available there.

Go over to the break in the fence just above the patch of grass and you'll finally find Hugh. He'll challenge you to a battle immediately, though, so watch out!

Boss Fight
(if you picked Snivy)
Tepig Tepig Male Fire Lv. 8
   (if you picked Tepig)
Oshawott Oshawott Male Water Lv. 8
(if you picked Oshawott)
Snivy Snivy Male Grass Lv. 8

After beating him, you'll give him the extra Town Map. Then two PKMN Breeders and a Herdier will show up. They're apparently the owners of the ranch. The girl gives you another Potion (just can't get enough of these, huh?), and then they ask if you can track down their other Herdier that has gone missing. Hugh runs off in search for it right away.Avoid using your starter Pokemon's elemental attack against his Pokemon, because he'll just resist the attack; instead, stick to Tackle, or use some of your other Pokemon. Using Tail Whip or Leer at the beginning of the battle can be helpful, too, as can healing with a Potion if you get below 50% of your HP.

At this point, you can talk with the girl PKMN Breeder and she'll heal up your Pokemon, saving you a trip to the Pokemon Center.

Go inside of the fenced-in area until you see Hugh. At this point, you can either head north or over west and through another fence. North is where you want to go if you want to find the Herdier, but heading west will present you with some more Trainers and some items, so I'll start by covering that area for you.

Over to the west and then south, there's a Lass ready to challenge you to a battle. She has two Pokemon on her team: a Purrloin L6 and a Sewaddle L6. To the northeast of her is a little two-block high patch of grass moving in towards a fence. Go there and at the end of it you can find a Poke Ball.

So, going back to the Lass, there's some Mareep dancing around to the east of her and then there's a ledge you can jump down to get back to the entrance of the Ranch. That's probably not where you're going to want to go unless you want to head back and pick up more items in Floccesy Town. That's about all the excitement there is over here, though, so head back over to where you saw Hugh.

Now, once you're back at Hugh, head north. Hugh will catch up to you and then run forward, wanting to find the Herdier himself. Walk a little further and he'll give you a Parlyz Heal. There's also a Janitor nearby that has a Lillipup L6 and a Mareep L6 on his team. The Mareep has the Static ability, so it may paralyze you; additionally, it has Thunder Wave, so chances are good you'll get paralyzed.

Heal up with your Parlyz Heal or head back to the lady that will heal you if you get paralyzed, then head east and fight the Youngster you see. He has a Patrat L6 and a Psyduck L6. Just south of him is an X Attack, which may come in handy in your upcoming Gym fight. Northeast of that Youngster is a path that takes you further into the forest.

Run a little further forward and Hugh will catch up with you. You'll also see an item nearby off to the east. It's another Potion. But what should really catch your attention is the Herdier by some trees, though it is being hounded by a member of Team Plasma! The Team Plasma Grunt asks if you know of Team Plasma and then explains how it's been two years since they were vanquished, but apparently they're staging some kind of resurgence. He tosses your first TM your way, TM21 (Frustration), which is a Normal-type attack that does more damage depending on how unhappy your Pokemon is with you. It'll do a fair amount of damage for newer Pokemon, but it should really only be taught early on, unless you treat your Pokemon very poorly. The Plasma Grunt runs off, leaving you with the Herdier. The owner shows up along with Hugh and then they both head off.

Now that you've saved the day, head on back to Floccesy Town. On your way, you'll be stopped by Alder, who wants you to show some kids how to battle, as well as teach you the importance of weaknesses and resistances. Follow him inside of the school thing and you'll have a chance to take on two kids. They'll use a Pansage, Panpour, or Pansear, depending on your starter; each is at level 9, and they will start with the one that your starter Pokemon is strong against (for instance, Panpour if you started with Snivy), and then the second kid use the one your starter Pokemon is weak against (for instance, Pansear if you started with Snivy). Alder will heal your Pokemon after each of the battles, so don't feel like you need to use anything to heal your Pokemon for the tougher of the two fights.

When you leave, you'll be greeted by a man who gives you a Medal Box, which is used to store medals that you earn. You can earn medals by doing various tasks or accomplishing certain things in the game — think of them like achievements. You can talk to him in any Pokemon Center you see him at to collect more medals based on your accomplishments.

Anyway, then Alder pops out and tells you that you should return to Aspertia City and take on the Gym so you can earn your Gym Badge. Sounds like a good idea! But don't miss out on getting the X Speed hiding to the side of the house first!

Pledge Grove

To the north of Alder's house, on the east side of his house, you can find a small series of woods called Pledge Grove. There's nothing overly amazing there — unless you bring the Pokemon Keldeo there, where it will learn the move Secret Sword which also transforms it into its Resolute Forme. Keldeo was available only on Pokemon Black and White prior to the games' release, so you have to had picked one up and then traded it over in order to do this.