[October 2018] Azurilland Top Fives: Top Five Ghost Pokémon



Hello everyone! Welcome to the eighth installment of the Azurilland Top Fives. This article we will be focusing on our top five ghost Pokémon!

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Each entry on the list will feature Azurilland members whom I believed best summarized what makes each ghost Pokémon great.

I encourage you all to talk about your own favorite ghost Pokémon. Not only this article, but in the main thread. With that being said, let's get on to the list. 

Number Five: Mismagius

-The Magical Pokémon-

General Overview:

✦ Beautiful, elegant design.
✦ Has the stats to make it a strong team member.
✦ Levitate makes Mismagius completely immune to three types.

✦ Pleasant cry and wonderful animations.

Community comments:

Quote from Mazerakuh90: Just to start off, I have always been a huge lover of Misdreavus since the Jotho days; so, in the exact moment I discovered this later was getting an evolution on Gen. IV, I couldn't help but remember myself getting extremely impatient to put my hands on it. Mismagius looks unusually elegant and beautiful for being a Ghost Type, plus its wizard-like aspect reminds me how much I'm obsessed with this kind of stuff. I also find interesting and fascinating those three red jewels on the upper part of its robe-like body. Its stats are pretty well-balanced along with a wide movepool; and, by having Levitate as its ability, it becomes immune to three Types under normal battle conditions - not bad at all. Its in-game cry is really pleasant to hear as well. This gothic ghost is anyway, in all of its refinement, my absolute favourite Pokémon belonging to this Type.

Quote from Thundawave: I love this spoop. Though I couldn't use Mismagius in my Pearl team because of diversity issues, I immediately jumped at the chance when it was available in Sun/Moon. The elegant, flowy design initially attracted me, and it had stats to back it up - and those two factors combined make it my second-favorite Pokémon of all time. Even though its cry is supposed to torment people, it seems as though GameFreak decided to use one of the rarer cries that would bring happiness instead, heh. Once I had evolved my Misdreavus into this beast, I was wrecking things. Levitate as an ability backs up Mismagius nicely, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it could learn a wide variety of TMs. Everything about it just fits so well together.


Number Three (tie): Aegislash

-The Royal Sword Pokémon-

General Overview:

✦ Has an effective 650 base stat total because of its Stance Change ability. 
✦ Executes the shield and sword theme well.
✦ Unique typing and fun to use.
Can function as both an offensive and defensive Pokémon.

Community comments: 

Quote from Pendraflare: Now here's a Pokémon that got good recognition quickly! There aren't many Pokemon like it in the sense - being able to have an effective 650 base stats thanks to Stance Change allowing it to change forms at will, and having a variety of moves for the situations it needs them in. It even got banned from Smogon OU in XY, and had another short stint in SM but got the boot there, too. It's a good fit of the shield and sword theme, and while it did earn the banning it got, it's fun to use in both ends.

Quote from DazeTheGamer: Aegislash is a very special Pokémon. It has a near unique typing shared only by its pre-evolutions and a signature ability which allows it to change stats on the fly in the heat of battle. Its wonderful signature move King’s Shield puts a damper on any physical attacker.

Number Three (tie): Mimikyu

-The Disguise Pokémon-

General Overview:

✦ Interesting lore about wanting to be as popular and loved as Pikachu.
✦ Spooky, challenging trial in the Gen VII games.  
✦ Disguise is a useful ability that makes Mimikyu fun to use.
✦ Cute design.

Community comments:

Quote from Penelope: This was a no brainer. Ever since I listened to the Mimikyu song for the first time, I knew this Pokémon would be one of my favorites. I think the concept is neat and really does make the Pokémon very loved in the community. I used this Pokémon for my first Sun/Moon play-through and it was a blast to use. It is currently one of my most favorite Pokémon ever and the cutest of all spoops. <3

Quote from theDINOsaurus: Mimikyu has one of the coolest concepts of any ghost Pokémon. It hides under a cloth to claim some of the love directed toward the Pokemon mascot because that’s all it really wants - love. Its trial is easily the sp00piest one in the Gen 7 games, and it’s a blast to use on a team. Disguise is a unique and incredibly useful ability that makes Mimikyu an absolute pleasure to use in battle. Mimikyu’s desire to be loved seems to have made it one of the most adored Pokémon introduced in Alola, even if we may never see what it looks like under that disguise.

Number One (tie): Gengar

-The Shadow Pokémon-

General Overview:

✦ It brings back nostalgic feelings as the original ghost type of Gen I.
✦ Good typing and vast movepool.
✦ Its appearance in Mystery Dungeon gave people more appreciation for the Pokémon.
Mega Gengar looks dangerous and is well-known for its trapping capabilities.

Community Comments:

Quote from Mazerakuh90: The classic Ghost Type Pokémon of Kanto. It's strong, quick and still interesting in all of its simplicity. It has one of the most "let's say acceptable" Gen. I sprites, though I think its best one still remains the Silver's. I'm pretty sure Ghost/Poison feels a bit overpowered as a type combination since Gen. VI and its mega evolved form looks indeed pretty dangerous... The thing I like the most about Mega Gengar is how its whole body appears to be sinking on the floor/ground.

Quote from Pendraflare: The original Ghost-type all the way from Generation I, Gengar is iconic. Having been a Pokemon that's been widely regarded in the top tier in competitive battling for a vast majority of the existence of the metagame, that's a factor too. But the spooky Ghost-type is not one that's treated lightly, with its vast move capabilities. While it was good back in the early days, the DS era gave it special STAB and made it twice as brutal, and then the 3DS era gave it a Mega form known for its infamous trapping capabilities. That and an epic shiny. Even if the regular shiny can't say the same!


Number One (tie): Chandelure

-The Luring Pokémon-

Togepi  sprite from Black & White
General Overview:
 Its Special Attack is through the roof for a non-legendary.
✦ Gorgeous, eerie design. Everything about it is mesmerizing.
✦ Pokédex entry is interesting and fitting.

✦ More than just a lamp - well-executed all around.

Community Comments:

Quote from Pendraflare: Ah yes, Chandelure. Tied with Vikavolt for the highest Special Attack of any Pokemon without anything fancy going for it, this is a Pokémon that you know means business as soon as you see it. I'm sure when you first played BW you were amazed by the sheer power that Shauntal's had when you battled her in the Elite Four, right? Even that aside, the eerie design it has and its cry are mesmerizing, and it's always been a Pokémon that I have liked using and it has appealed to me even from the beginning. Don't let it burn your Pokémon, though - its flames can burn their spirit and leave them lost!!! That aside, the massive strength it backs and a crazy design and a vibe that is distinctly its own easily make for my favorite Ghost-type of them all.

Quote from Thundawave: Chandelure is my favorite Pokémon, and it was love at first sight - which is saying something since I didn't care for fire types at the time. I remember going through the list of Pokémon before BW released and noticing Chandelure's outrageous Special Attack. Not to mention its gorgeous design - the mix of eerie and elegant backed up by the fitting swinging animation make it absolutely mesmerizing. Its Pokédex entry is equally so. Furthermore, it has a wide movepool to cover for weaknesses and obliterate the enemy. I didn't care that I had to baby a Litwick for a quarter of my White playthrough to get it to evolve - this Pokémon was going to be mine, and I was going to use it. Chandelure is more than just a lamp - it's a lamp that burns you with a fiery passion.

Thank you to everyone who participated! If you have any questions about how the list was determined, please check out the main thread and feel free to make your own lists of your favorite ghost Pokémon!



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