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Hello everyone! Welcome to the seventh installment of the Azurilland Top Fives. This article we will be focusing on our top five baby Pokémon!

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Each entry on the list will feature Azurilland members who I believed best summarized what makes each baby Pokémon great.

I encourage you all to talk about your own favorite baby Pokémon. Not only this article, but in the main thread. With that being said, lets get on to the list.





Number Five : Tyrogue

-The Scuffle Pokémon-

General Overview:

✦ Tyrogue ties Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Hitmontop in a way that makes sense.
✦ Has one of the most unique evolution methods in the game.  You have to really work to make sure you get the right Pokémon when it evolves.
✦ Raising a Tyrogue, while difficult, is a rewarding experience.

✦ This cutie has a fighting spirit!


Community comments:

Quote from Awesome_Typhlosion: To me, Tyrogue is a representation of what Pokémon and their Trainers hold in common. It's not easy being a Tyrogue, because you have a small movepool full of nothing but weak Normal-type attacks alongside underwhelming stats. Then again, as a Trainer it's no easy feat to obtain or raise a Tyrogue; any fan of GSC can attest to this. Therefore, I find something rewarding and uplifting in using a Tyrogue, and that's what makes me love it. This little guy has spirit, and some cool evolutions.


Quote from Franciscosta: I have no idea how Game Freak has able to tie Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Hitmontop into one evolutionary family, but somehow they did it. Not only that, they managed to give it what's probably the most unique evolution method in the entire series! I really like Tyrogue, even if most people just glaze over it. It might not be the cutest baby Pokémon, but that doesn't mean it's not the best.



Number Four: Munchlax

-The Big Eater Pokémon-

General Overview:

✦ Just a very charming Pokémon with an adorable personality.
✦ Very useful in battle. Both in-game and competitive thanks to the lovely Evolite.
✦ May’s Munchlax is amazing and great comic relief
Look at it! Munchlax is so cute.

Community comments: 

Quote from GokeyPokey: It’s cute, it’s fat, and it’s one of May most reliable Pokémon. What’s not to love? Heck, it’s even a reliable fighter in game, too. With 135 HP, 85 attack, and 85 Special Defense, slap an Evolite on this eating machine, and you’ll be able to laugh off any Special attack out there. Granted, you’ll never be able to outspeed anything, even a Paralyzed foe, but that’s a small price to pay for incredible special bulk. The only downside? Good luck finding Munchlax in game.


Quote from Pendraflare:  The pre-evolution of everyone's favorite fat, gigantic lug, Munchlax does not quite live up to the reign of its successor, but what it does live up to is its name of "Big Eater". It was a surprise to see May catch one in the anime, where she put it to good use and it provided good comedic nature. Don't keep any food near it, though!


Number Three: Pichu

-The Tiny Mouse Pokémon-

Pichu  sprite from Black & White

General Overview:

✦ The animated shorts featuring the Pichu Brothers were cuteness overload.
✦ People did use Pichu in Smash Bros Melee even though the poor ‘mon does shock itself.  
✦ The other Pichu characters (Ukulele Pichu, Spiky-Eared Pichu, and Pikachu-Colored Pichu) were all very enjoyable.
✦ Cute cry and design.

Pichu Shiny sprite from Black & White

Community comments:

Quote from Shhmew: Pichu is the most classic baby Pokémon to me with how popular it is and all the attention it gets. It's been playable in Smash Bros, had a Spiky-Eared variation in Gen IV, and the ever-famous Pichu Brothers have always been so adorable and had me enamored with them since I was little. On top of that, Pichu is overall one of the most adorable and fun baby Pokémon to me, I just had to put it at the top of my list. What a cutie!!! Look at its Gen 2 sprites!! Look at it existing!!!!! wowie so cute.


Quote from bluejay100: Pichu - Maybe it's because I have used Pichu more than any other baby Pokémon if I include its appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee, but it really is a more adorable version of Pikachu. It's a shame that it hurts itself with a significant number of its moves, however. All of the distinct Pichu characters, especially the Spiky-Eared Pichu, are all difficult to dislike too.


Number Two: Budew

-The Bud Pokémon-

Budew  sprite from Black & White
General Overview:

✦ Design is cute, a very nice color scheme (both regular and shiny)  and has the most adorable little face.
✦ Evolution line is really useful and very popular. Gen IV really showed love to Roselia!
✦ A happy little rose-bud ready to kick some butt.
While a little bit hard to raise, it is worth the time and effort.



Community Comments:

Quote from Mazerakuh90: A sweet-faced rosebud with two small, rounded-tipped feet. I think it's extremely adorable... The green colour tonality of its body is beautifully bright and the motif under its face looks like some sort of bib. The two vines located on the top of its pretty figure will, with all the probabilities, bloom respectively into the red and blue rose characterizing its evolutions. It's curious however how Roselia got both a pre-evolution and an evolved form on Gen. IV.


Quote from Awesome_Typhlosion: Look at this cute little fellow; what's not to love? Budew has a pleasant color palette, stubby little legs, and even an apron. I think the bud is an especially nice touch, how when it's open, you can see the red and blue patches that will blossom into Roselia's flowers. And if Budew is shiny, those colors will be black and purple instead! Having access to this Pokémon early on in DPPt is another thing which makes it endearing. Since Budew is a Grass-type, it can be quite useful against the first Gym, earning its spot on a Trainer's team.



Number One: Togepi

-The Spike Ball Pokémon-

Togepi  sprite from Black & White
General Overview:
 The first baby Pokémon that many of us were exposed to thanks to Misty owning one in the anime.
✦ A grade-a cutie.
✦ Fun to use in both GSC and HGSS, though people preferred the Togepi in HGSS.

Metronome fun!!
The whole evolutionary line was enjoyable to use. 

Togepi Shiny sprite from Black & White
Community Comments:

 Quote from theDINOsaurus: 

Little eggshell bab!!! Togepi is a bab I’ve always been fond of. I always loved Misty’s Togepi in the anime, and it’s the first baby Pokémon I was really exposed to. I’ve used Togepi a lot because I played Crystal many many many many many times growing up and I’m sure a lot of it is just nostalgia but it’s still a favorite. Togetic is precious as well and was my favorite Pokemon for a while, actually! Using Metronome in-game can be a blast… literally.


Quote from Revan: 

Togepi may be  eggstremely rare in Pokémon GO (for me at least smh), but it was the first baby Pokémon that we ever saw and was extremely joyful except when Ash and Brock tried to say it should be their Pokémon. Although I haven’t used too many baby Pokémon consistently in main series games, I’ve used the Togepi that players hatch in Johto in nearly every playthrough of those games. In Generation II, however, it seems like my Togepi just wanted to bring a little destruction to the world because Metronome would frequently turn into Explosion. It was much easier to use it in Generation IV because of Extrasensory, and I won’t forget that my Level 11 Togepi took down Morty’s Gengar all by itself. Aside from being joyful, cute, and strong, Togepi also evolves into Togetic, who is also an amazing Pokémon and one of my favorite Pokémon that was introduced in Johto.


Thank you to everyone that participated. If you have any questions about how the list was determined, please do check out the main thread and feel free to make your own lists of your favorite baby Pokémon!




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